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Li Yalin swore that even if he and Suzu-chan were dating and came to Hagimura’s house as Suzu-chan’s boyfriend, he should never be so close to Suzu-chan’s mom, right?

They are so close to each other, are you asking questions? Or are you trying to make a scene?

Ma’am! You have a family! Pay attention to the impact, okay? Your daughter is still watching!

“Well… I’m just interested in reading and stuff…”

Li Yalin was obviously a little overwhelmed by Suzu-chan’s mother’s enthusiasm. Especially since the pretty madam was wearing a home dress that didn’t reveal anything, but was quite cool, he didn’t know where to put his eyes at such a distance.

Hey, hey!

Hagimura-san, don’t just stand there and watch! Hurry up and save the day!

“Mom! What are you doing? You’re too close to Li-kun! You’ll scare him!”

Fortunately, Suzu-chan finally noticed Li Yalin’s predicament and rushed over as fast as she could to pull his mother back who was still trying to get close to Li Yalin.

Suzu-chan is actually quite helpless to her own mother, not to mention she has her own daughter, but to a large extent, she is not as mature as she is.

At least under the sun, there is no mother who will fight with her daughter for the TV remote control and then pout, right? Her own mother, she’s the best!

And now, in front of Li-kun, her mother is still acting like a child, which is not only embarrassing but also in case Li-kun misunderstands her, how can she face him in the future?

“Oops, Suzu-chan is jealous, but don’t worry, Li-kun is not my type, so Suzu-chan doesn’t have to worry that mommy will steal your boyfriend.”

Suzu-chan’s mother had a playful smile on her face when she was pulled away by her daughter.

Well, she was teasing her daughter on purpose just to see her jealous look.

What the hell!

By the way, is it really okay for you to say such things in front of your daughter’s friends?

With this scene in front of him, Li Yalin felt that his brain was starting to hurt again.

It’s not a good place to stay, so he better finds an excuse to leave.

“Cih! You can have it then. If Li-kun is not your type, then who is your type?”

Li Yalin was thinking about how to escape from this place of trouble, but Suzu-chan looked very unhappy and grimaced.

Although Li Yalin was wearing glasses, the genius girl knew better than anyone about his actual situation.

Once he takes off his glasses, what would be revealed is the true face of the super popular idol that has taken the district and even thousands of girls throughout the empire by storm. Although it’s a bit of an exaggeration, it’s true.

As a follower of Amakusa Shino, Suzu-chan has naturally handled a lot of matters related to school idols, and she has a deep understanding of the popularity of Li Yalin’s group.

In fact, she is one of the witnesses of the Li Yalin group’s rise from fame to popularity, and because of this, she is very upset with her own mother’s words.

Even Li-kun is not your type?

How dare you say that in front of Li-kun’s fans?

“My type? That goes without saying! Of course it’s Yalin-sama! Isn’t that obvious!”

Suzu-chan who was upset with her mother subconsciously asked the question back. So, as a mother and a wife with a family, the most likely answer she would give would be Suzu-chan’s father.

After all, this is the most standard answer.

However, what neither Li Yalin nor Suzu-chan expected was that Suzu-chan’s mother would say something other than the standard answer, but instead it was an unexpected result.


Could it be Li Yalin?

“Suzu-chan, I’m telling you, Yalin-sama is fantastic! His songs are great, and he’s super handsome! Mom loves boys like that!”

As both Li Yalin and Suzu-chan’s jaws dropped, Suzu-chan’s mom like a switch had been flipped and she was all over the place.

“I know Suzu-chan is not interested in idols, but I’m telling you, Yalin-sama is not an ordinary idol, he’s definitely a once-in-a-millennium super idol. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a fan of his!”

“That’s right! Mom can show you my collection!”

While saying that, Suzu-chan’s mother mysteriously ran to her room, and soon she reappeared with a pile of Li Yalin’s peripherals.

A fan with Li Yalin’s picture on it, concert photos downloaded from the internet, and, most dramatically, a soap with Li Yalin’s cartoon head engraved on it!

Leaving aside the feelings of Suzu-chan, the genius girl, Li Yalin was completely dumbfounded. Especially after he saw the soap, his first thought was, would Suzu-chan’s mother use this soap to wash her face or take a bath?

If she did, why did it feel so awkward?

“If Suzu-chan likes it, I can give you some of this collection. Right… I’ll give you a picture of Yalin-sama, which I’ve spent a lot of money to get!”

It was totally unexpected that Suzu-chan’s mother was an ardent fan, and it was even weirder that she was a fan of his.

As he watched Suzu-chan’s mother recommending her daughter, Li Yalin felt restless, like a pin on the couch.

Director, can I request to leave immediately?

This scene is too shameful, I can’t watch it!

“No… no need!”

Suzu-chan didn’t expect her mother to have such a fangirl side, Li Yalin was fidgeting, but she was blushing to the point of burning and couldn’t listen to the whole thing.

She really wants to remind her mother loudly that your idol is sitting right next to you! And you just said he’s not your type!

But the question is, does she dare to say this?

No, of course she didn’t dare!

And yet…

“Oh yeah, I almost forgot, Yalin-sama goes to Eiryou High School. So Li-kun, you must have seen Yalin-sama too, right? Do you think he’s handsome too? Which one looks better in real life than in pictures?”

Suzu-chan was evasive and didn’t want to cater to her mother at all, which made Suzu-chan’s mother feel very disappointed.

Suzu-chan was too disrespectful when she had recommended so hard, right?

She was so upset that her eyes turned to Li Yalin, and it occurred to her that her daughter was not interested in idols, but her boyfriend was a student at the same school as Yalin-sama.

Since he was of the same school, would he be able to find out something about Yalin-sama?

At this moment, Suzu-chan’s mother’s face is full of expectation.

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