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“Eh… I think… it doesn’t matter if it’s a reality or a photo, it feels the same…”

Li Yalin is also helpless as he sees the flame burning on her eyes. Especially Suzu-chan’s mother’s question is difficult for him to answer.

Which one is handsome in reality or in photos? It seemed like the answer was like he was trying to impress the madam, so how could he say that?

But in the face of Suzu-chan’s mother’s expectant expression, he couldn’t refuse to respond, so he could only subconsciously scratch his cheek and make a perfunctory remark.

“Feel the same? Which means Yalin-sama is always handsome at all times? I knew that was the case!”

When she heard Li Yalin’s perfunctory answer, Suzu-chan’s mother was a bit dissatisfied at first, but soon she made a fist with her left hand and clapped her right palm, giving another meaning to the answer.

It’s all the same, that means they are all handsome! Our Yalin-sama is the most handsome one!

When he first met Suzu-chan’s mother and saw this beautiful madam’s fangirl look, Li Yalin really had the urge to leave.

Otherwise, if this goes on, once it’s revealed, he won’t be able to leave even if he wants to!

“Yeah, I guess so, that… it’s getting late, so I won’t bother you anymore.”

With his mind made up, and without waiting for Suzu-chan’s mother to say anything else, Li Yalin stood up and intended to leave.

But just as he stood up, Suzu-chan’s mother came forward and put her arm around him again, with the intention of not letting him leave.

“Why are you leaving? You finally came to our house, so Li-kun, why don’t you stay for dinner and have a taste of my cooking?”

What the hell!

Don’t hug me like that even if you want me to stay!

“Sorry auntie, my family is still waiting for me to go back and cook, so uh… shall we make an appointment next time?”

Although Suzu-chan’s mother was persistent, Li Yalin knew that it was not a good idea to stay here for long, so he had to retreat.

This time, he had brought out his family, so he didn’t believe Suzu-chan’s mother would still be so stubborn and insist on him staying!

“This… sigh, what a bummer, it’s so hard to meet Suzu-chan’s boyfriend… never mind, so Li-kun, promise to come back to our house next time.”

“Definitely, I’ll come back next time.”

Speaking up to this point, Suzu-chan’s mother could not insist anymore, and there was no point in forcing him to stay, so she could only sigh and let go of her arm in frustration.

However, even though she gave up on him staying, she still made a deal with Li Yalin, as if she had identified him.

What else can Li Yalin say about this? Other than being perfunctory about it, what else can we do?

But when will he have a chance to come again, Li Yalin believes… there’s absolutely no chance of that.

“Bye! Have a good trip!”

Although her personality is in some respects incomprehensible, Suzu-chan’s mother is a very nice person. She personally escorted Li Yalin to the door and waved goodbye before returning to the house with Suzu-chan.

Li Yalin couldn’t help but feel relieved to get rid of such a difficult and beautiful madam, because he could never have imagined that such a situation would arise when he sent Suzu-chan home.

He wondered how Suzu-chan was doing now, knowing that Hanako’s presence, combined with the knowledge of the ghost and youkai, had cast a huge shadow over her.

Although Suzu-chan’s mother’s nonsense just now seemed to lighten the mood, can Suzu-chan really recover after this lighter mood?

Not necessarily.

In fact, Li Yalin’s fears were not without reason. Just after he left Hagimura’s house, Suzu-chan, whose expression was still calm, suddenly lowered her head, and no one knew what she was thinking at the moment.

The most crucial thing is that when looked at closely, one can faintly notice that her shoulders are trembling slightly.

With that previous experience, it is simply impossible to forget immediately!

“Oops! I almost forgot! I didn’t ask Li-kun’s name yet!”

Suzu-chan’s mother apparently didn’t notice her daughter’s emotional problem, she was still absorbed in the fact that her daughter had a boyfriend.

Especially after closing the door, she immediately seemed to think of something, her face immediately showed a look of remorse.

After talking for so long, she didn’t even ask her daughter’s boyfriend’s name.

“Suzu-chan, what’s your boyfriend’s name?”

Since she hadn’t asked earlier, it was the same to ask her daughter, so soon Suzu-chan’s mother also turned her attention to her daughter.


As she was not in a good mood at the moment, Suzu-chan lost a great sense of security with Li Yalin’s departure, so she didn’t hear the question she just asked.

“I mean, what is Li-kun’s name?”

Seeing that her daughter was so distracted, Suzu-chan’s mother immediately repeated the question a bit irritably. But probably because of her tone of voice and Suzu-chan’s dull mood at the moment, a reply that surprised both mother and daughter came next.

“You haven’t figured it out yet? You’re obviously a fan of his, but you don’t recognize him when you see him, what kind of fan are you?”

Subconsciously, Suzu-chan opened her mouth with some annoyance, but just after she said that, she immediately came to her senses and covered her mouth.

Not good!

What did she just say?

“Eh? Suzu-chan, you mean… hold on! Li-kun… he’s a student at Eiryou High School, and his last name is Li, which is not common in the district, and so… he’s Yalin-sama?”

Suzu-chan’s mother is usually an air-headed person, but at the critical moment, her brain is so smart that Suzu-chan jumped to her feet!

She’s not usually so smart, so how come she’s so precise at this time?

Wait a minute! Now is not the time to tsukomi!


“Wow!!! It’s really Yalin-sama! That was Yalin-sama’s disguise, wasn’t it? No way! I’ll get Yalin-sama back immediately!”

Suzu-chan’s mother was really a man of action, and before Suzu-chan could explain any further, she rushed out of the house in a frenzy.

How are you going to catch up with him when he has already gone far away?

As she watched her mother rush out of the house, Suzu-chan subconsciously reached out her hand, but before she could stop her, she found that her mother’s figure had disappeared without a trace.

Can’t catch her…

Although Suzu-chan shrugged her shoulders helplessly at the sight, she didn’t think she could catch up with Li Yalin by going out like this, but…

“No! I’m not enough on my own, Poe! Smell Yalin-sama’s used teacup and come with me!”


Not enough people, so she is going to bring her dog along?

Don’t take things too far!

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