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Suzu-chan’s mom… what can he say, she’s too formidable.

Sitting on the couch in the living room at Hagimura’s house again, Li Yalin felt he’s so unlucky.

Anyone who is walking home and is suddenly chased by a beautiful madam holding a big dog and jumping on him, screaming his name, would be in a bad mood, right?

Luckiest of all, the fact that this is not noticed by others is really a blessing…


It’s good that no one else found out, but it’s embarrassing that Suzu-chan’s mother found out his identity after all, isn’t it?

He obviously managed to escape but he got caught again… damn it! He should just take a cab instead of walking home!

“That… auntie…”

Sitting on the couch at Hagimura’s house, Li Yalin is under a lot of pressure. It’s no wonder that Suzu-chan’s mother was sitting across him with her hands on her cheeks, staring at him with a fascinated look on her face.

Especially when she was in front of her own daughter, it was a really weird feeling.

“Yes! Yalin-sama! What’s your order?”

Li Yalin opened his mouth subconsciously, but Suzu-chan’s mother stood up in a flash, looking like a soldier ready to go to war.

Since she knew his true identity, this beautiful madam’s attitude had become more and more exaggerated.

“Cough, it’s nothing, I just feel… it makes me a little uncomfortable when you look at me like that.”

What should he say to Suzu-chan’s mother at a time like this?

After pondering for a long time, Li Yalin couldn’t come up with an answer, so he could only cough and rub his nose a little awkwardly.

Not being able to get away with this is definitely one of the things he regrets most today!

“That’s right, mom! You’re really too rude!”

Li Yalin can’t say anything, but Suzu-chan on the side finally couldn’t stand it anymore. The main reason why she didn’t say anything just now was because she was afraid that her mother would react this way. But as a result, she had a momentary slip of the tongue and directly leaked Li Yalin’s identity and it became like this now. She is also regretful in her heart now.

“I can’t help it, I was too excited! By the way, Yalin-sama, can you take off your glasses? It’s the request of my life! Please!”

At last, Suzu-chan’s mother got her senses back after her daughter reminded her to stop staring at Li Yalin.

But then she put her hands together with a pleading expression on her face. Naturally, she wanted Li Yalin to take off his glasses and reveal his true face.

If her request is not granted, she might not be able to die in peace…

Being a fan to this extent is also enough to make people speechless.

“Ugh… okay, I’m just an ordinary person, there’s really nothing to see.”

After Suzu-chan’s mother said that, Li Yalin knew that he must take off his glasses. But while he took off his glasses, he also gently reminded that he only hoped that the pretty madam in front of him could keep her composure.

Unfortunately, despite his good intentions, the reminder really didn’t help. Because the moment he took off his glasses, a high-pitched scream was heard throughout the Hagimura house.

“Ah!!! It’s Yalin-sama! It’s the real Yalin-sama!

My goodness, this scream, if one didn’t know the situation, one would really wonder if there was some kind of murder in the Hagimura house. Isn’t it too exaggerated?

But the real exaggeration was still to come, because the next moment, Suzu-chan’s mother jumped into Li Yalin’s arms!

“Great! Now I can die happily now!”

Oh my god… she really wants to die!

Suzu-chan’s mother had already turned into a fangirl and jumped into Li Yalin’s arms regardless. But as the person in question, Li Yalin was dumbfounded, not daring to move at all with his arms open for fear of being misunderstood by Suzu-chan on the side.

After all, his relationship with Suzu-chan is not bad at all, but now it is Suzu-chan’s mother who is jumping into his arms, so the scene is awkward.

“Mom, that’s enough! Stop it!”

For Suzu-chan’s mother’s overreaction, Li Yalin could only think of himself as a blockhead and did not dare to move. Suzu-chan was the only one who could really break the current situation.

In fact, thanks to Suzu-chan’s presence, she was able to stop her mother from going on a rampage. But even so, it was not easy to get her mother back to normal in a short time.

What do fans usually do when they meet an idol?

It’s simple, two sets of autographs and photos, and if can talk a little is already a great satisfaction.

Unfortunately, this was not enough to satisfy Suzu-chan’s mother, and if it wasn’t for Li Yalin thinking hard and escaping from the ‘tiger’s den’ with Suzu-chan’s cooperation, he would really have been staying overnight at Hagimura’s house today.

But even after ‘escaping’ from Hagimura’s house, the cold sweat on Li Yalin’s head was still not stopped. He was even thinking that if he didn’t have to, he should never go to Suzu-chan’s house easily again, otherwise it would be really easy to go in and hard to leave!

Suzu-chan’s mother… it’s better to meet her less often!

But the problem is… can he really do that with Suzu-chan’s mother?

Before leaving Hagimura’s house, he made a few promises with the help of Suzu-chan. For example, he would come back to play again when he had the chance, he would not miss the appointment, he made a promise to hook up with Suzu-chan. He used all kinds of tricks to make Suzu-chan’s mother let go of him.

So after he made up his mind not to keep his promise to go back to Hagimura’s house, Suzu-chan’s mother might not have gone out to ‘invite’ him in person?

Obviously, that was impossible. But right now, Li Yalin didn’t think about it at all. He was thanking God that he was able to leave the Hagimura house, so after sighing in front of the Hagimura house, he immediately looked for a cab and took one directly home.

He couldn’t make the same mistake like before, or God knows if that fangirl madam would come out of nowhere and drag him back to her house.

Just think about the character of that beautiful madam, this is really not without possibility, so it’s better to run first!

Hopefully, Suzu-chan will be able to talk to her mother after he leaves, because it’s a terrible feeling to be worshipped by your friend’s mother!

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