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Li Yalin was still a bit confused until he returned home. Not because Suzu-chan’s mother, who is a fan, was exaggerating, but because he felt at a loss because of Suzu-chan’s relationship in the middle.

Otherwise, he would be happy to have such a young and beautiful beauty to love, so how could he avoid it?

So… after he leaves, will Suzu-chan really communicate with her mother as well as he expects?

Of course she would!

“Mom, you’re too much today, you’ve scared Li-kun.”

After Li Yalin left, Suzu-chan also felt that she must talk to her mother. Li Yalin is her classmate and work partner, and they are intertwined.

But the fact that there is a mother in the middle makes her feel very difficult, especially when it comes to the intimate actions that make her blush.

“Eh? I think I’m restraining myself. It’s the first time I’m meeting Yalin-sama after all, and I’m trying very hard to make a good impression on him, okay?”

Although she heard her daughter’s complaint, Suzu-chan’s mother didn’t even look up, she was looking happily at the photos on her phone, all of which were her and Li Yalin.

“And you call that restraint? My goodness, how bad can you be if you are not restrained? Don’t forget, you have a husband and a daughter!”

Suzu-chan couldn’t help but slap her own head when she heard her mother’s rambling reply. What would she be like if she didn’t restrain herself?

Did she think about her feelings and her father’s feelings when she did that?

“Ah? Do I have a husband? Hmm… I think I do have a husband, but it doesn’t matter if I have a husband who is not at home every day, I just want Yalin-sama.”

Suzu-chan’s mother still didn’t raise her eyes to her daughter, and she didn’t even react to her daughter’s husband for a while.

But even if she did, she didn’t care at all.

“Dad is not home every day because he is working abroad!”

Suzu-chan’s mother’s words almost made Suzu-chan furious. It was obvious that her father was working hard to support the family, but her mother was too much of a pain in the ass!

If dad had heard that, he would have cried out!

“Cih, God knows what he’s doing… Let’s not talk about that. Suzu-chan, are you really dating Yalin-sama?”

Suzu-chan’s mother suddenly felt very uninterested in bringing up the subject of her husband as her heart was all about Li Yalin at the moment.

However, Suzu-chan’s mother finally put down her cell phone, but the moment she did, she reached forward and dragged Suzu-chan into her arms.

She had previously thought that Li Yalin and her daughter were a couple, and was convinced of that, but now she is bringing the subject up again.

“We are really just ordinary classmates, not dating!”

Suzu-chan is actually very jumpy about the topic of whether she is dating or not. She knows that it is hard to change her mother’s opinion once she has decided, so she is doing her best to deny it now.

She just hopes that her mother will believe her and not make any more misunderstandings.

“So it’s true that you’re not dating… okay, I see.”

Suzu-chan thought that if she didn’t repeat this explanation for three to five days, her mother wouldn’t believe her, but she didn’t expect to see her mother nodding her head just this once.


This is… she agreed with her words?

She was so serious before, but now she’s…

“Hehe, since Suzu-chan, you’re not dating Yalin-sama, that means there’s hope for me too, so I’ll be Suzu-chan’s rival in love from today!”

“Hah? Love rival? Aren’t you already married to dad?”

“What does that matter? I don’t care anyway.”

“But I do!”

Such a conversation was going on in the Hagimura household, and it was predictable that Suzu-chan would not be afraid tonight, for something else was deeply troubling her now.

How can she change her mother’s mind?

In recent times, Suzu-chan is likely to have a headache for a while…

Li Yalin is unaware of what is going on in Hagimura’s house, and when he returns home, he is busy feeding the Queen and talking to the girls about what he saw today.

After learning that there were ghosts in Tokyo and that Psychic had appeared, the girls were naturally surprised.

Cocoa, in particular, had no idea that the transfer student who had been making a lot of noise today was actually a Psychic!

Yes, Cocoa was aware of the rumors about Ousai Academy, but she didn’t really care too much about them, she just listened to them as gossip.

After all, Ousai Academy has a lot of rumors about this kind of thing, and a while ago the student council even debunked the seven most unbelievable events in the school, all of which are just made-up urban legends.

Not to mention that after spending a long time in the coffee shop, she knew a lot of things by ear, and was aware of the regulations issued by the Psionic Bureau that there could be no ghosts or youkai in Tokyo.

As it turned out, when Li Yalin announced that it was true, the little one jumped up and down!

Onii-chan actually came to her school today and investigated Hanako, the ghost doll in the toilet at the school?

Why didn’t onii-chan inform her in advance of such an interesting event?

At this moment, Cocoa can say that she is very upset, the Hanako in the toilet, she also wants to see it.

But unfortunately, Hanako will be leaving soon, and if she wants to see the ghost again, she doesn’t know if she will have that chance, and it’s impossible to ask onii-chan now.

The only way is to become friends with Amami Hibiki-san, and with her, she may be able to see the ghost with her own eyes in the future!

After learning a series of news from Li Yalin, Cocoa’s heart was already racing. She could say that she had seen a lot of things, but she had never been able to see the ghost, so now that she had the chance, she didn’t want to miss it.

Li Yalin definitely doesn’t know what Cocoa is thinking at the moment. What’s more, he doesn’t have time to observe his imouto’s reaction now.

He received a message from Amami Hibiki shortly after he got home.

And… it was also a message asking for help!

Something’s wrong!

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