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Before Li Yalin was still in tsukomi said, Amami Hibiki’s ghost friends were really lucky, roaming around the city for several days without being discovered by the Psionic Bureau, always feeling that the people of the Psionic Bureau were neglecting their duties and not taking their responsibilities at all.

As a result, he just tsukomi not long ago, and now something has happened. Looking at the SMS from Amami Hibiki, he felt a big headache.

The text on the message is not much, boiled down to a few words, Amami Hibiki’s friend is in trouble and was taken away by some unknown people.

Was it the people from the Psionic Bureau that did it?

Although the situation is unknown, but it feels that the possibility is very high.

Dang it, he doesn’t really want to deal with them…

But Li Yalin can’t ignore it either, for one thing, he can’t stand by and watch the friends of the sixth sense girl get caught, and for another, the system has unexpectedly issued a system task.

Daily task: Ghost rescue battle.
Task content: Successfully rescue Amami Hibiki’s friend and lead her friends to escape safely from Tokyo.
Task reward : System Lottery ×2.
Task tips: Special reminder, if you can bring the ghosts out of Tokyo and send them to Haunted Hot Springs at the same time, you can get an extra special reward.

The task name is fine, the task content is fine, and the task reward is very generous, but… what the hell are these task tips?

Haunted Hot Springs? What is that place?

Why does it feel like he have heard of it somewhere?

“What’s wrong with you? What happened?”

Li Yalin was holding his phone with a gloomy and uncertain expression on his face, which naturally quickly attracted the attention of the girls at home.

For example, Kowata Akane asked him curiously, as it is not common for him to change his expression like this.

“Something happened to Amami-san. Her friend was taken away, and I don’t know if it was the Psionic Bureau.”

Kowata Akane’s voice rang out, and Li Yalin, also back to his senses, shook his head, then sighed again.

“What? Taken away?”

Li Yalin had just finished speaking, and before Kowata Akane could speak again, the girls on the side surrounded him in a hurry, their faces full of concern.

How could the ghost, who had just been mentioned, have been caught?

“What are you going to do?”

Not to mention the concern of the girls, Kowata Akane’s brow is also wrinkled. The discovery of the ghost by the Psionic Bureau can be considered big or small, but the exact operation depends on the situation at the scene.

It’s okay if we are lucky, but if we are unlucky… that would be the worst possible outcome.

“What else can I do than to help, say Akane-ne, do you know a place called Haunted Hot Springs?”

Shaking his head, for Li Yalin, whether out of humanitarian concern or the system’s tasks, he could not sit idly by and do nothing, so help is a must.

But the Haunted Hot Springs that appeared on the system prompt still made him very concerned. Although it seemed to ring a bell, he really couldn’t remember where he had heard it before.

In this case, he could only seek assistance from the knowledgeable Kowata Akane.

“Haunted Hot Springs? I remember that seems to be… a closed down spa hotel? Rumor has it that there were sightings of ghosts there, but I haven’t been paying attention either.”

Hearing Li Yalin’s question, Kowata Akane tapped her cheek with her finger and thought for a moment before finally saying what she could think of.

“A hot spring inn?”

After getting this rather surprising news, Li Yalin was also slightly stunned. But soon after, he picked up his phone and searched the internet.

“Is there something wrong there?”

Not knowing why Li Yalin asked this question, Kowata Akane also very concerned, but to her question, Li Yalin answered rather perfunctorily.

“No, I think I heard about it before…”

While saying this, Li Yalin browsed the internet and found that Haunted Hot Springs… it was really a hot spring hotel, and it was once very famous until the body of a schoolgirl was found inside the hotel, and there were rumors of ghosts haunting the hotel, so the business of the hotel fell apart and it closed down soon.

However, after the closure of the hot springs hotel, Haunted Hot Springs was transformed into a building of apartments for rent. What is really amazing is that the rental price of Haunted Hot Springs apartments is a horrible 1,000 Japanese currency a month!

What is the concept of 1,000 Japanese currency? It’s just two bowls of ramen. Even though the location of Haunted Hot Springs is out of Tokyo, it’s a relatively remote suburb, but that price is too scary, right?

Of course, what’s make him want to tsukomi even more is that even at the amazing price of 1,000 Japanese currency a month, no one wants to live in a haunted apartment in the middle of nowhere, and now Li Yalin is even wondering if Haunted Hot Springs is a ruin.

But he doesn’t intend to know too much about what exactly is going on, as long as he knows that this place does exist and he can find out the exact location through the internet, that’s enough for him.

Knowing this, what’s the use of thinking too much?

“Okay, I’m going to find Amami-san now. I’ll be back later tonight, so don’t wait for me, just go to bed at the right time, okay?”

After checking the address of Haunted Hot Springs, Li Yalin put away his phone and planned to leave immediately.

Of course, before he left, he didn’t forget to remind the girls. Especially Chino and Cocoa, one of them is a worrywart and the other is a fun-loving one, so if he didn’t remind them, they wouldn’t be able to sleep.

“Um… onii-chan, you have to pay attention to safety.”

Hearing Li Yalin’s reminder, Chino nodded her head in a very understanding manner. Although she was indeed worried, she knew that onii-chan was going to do something serious, and she certainly couldn’t possibly object.

But when it was Cocoa’s turn…

“Onii-chan… can I come with you?”

Cocoa, unlike Chino, is too much of a fun loving girl. Especially when it comes to seeing the rumored ghosts, she wants to see them for herself.

Unfortunately, Li Yalin wasn’t going to play around this time. He wouldn’t have minded if it was normal, but this time…

“No! I don’t know if this operation will be dangerous, so Cocoa, you should stay home.”

With a very serious expression, Li Yalin denied Cocoa’s request. He couldn’t help it, he couldn’t accommodate his imouto now, and it was for her safety’s sake.

Being rejected so bluntly, Cocoa pout instinctively, but despite that, she did not insist. Because she knows very well in her own heart that it was for her own good.

But still… she’s a bit disappointed.

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