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“Wait a minute! I’ll also go with you!”

Seeing Cocoa’s disappointed look, Li Yalin was a little sorry. But he couldn’t help it, he really wasn’t going to play this time, he had to take it seriously.

However, just as he rejected Cocoa and was about to leave, he saw that Kowata Akane had picked up a broom and came to his side.

“Akane-ne you…”

Li Yalin was ready to fight alone this time, not expecting Kowata Akane to help out at all.

“I have friends over at the Psionic Bureau, I’ll join you, maybe I can help.”

When faced with Li Yalin, Kowata Akane ruffled her hair very elegantly. Looks like she intended to help from the beginning, but never said anything until Li Yalin went out.

Although usually always carefree, but when it really comes to the critical moment, this big sister is still unexpectedly reliable well.

“Good! Then let’s go together!”

The reason why he refused Cocoa was that Cocoa was just an ordinary little girl, but when it was Kowata Akane’s turn, Li Yalin couldn’t possibly refuse her.

After all, Kowata Akane is a famous young witch in the witch world. Not only is she strong, but she also has a wide range of friends, so she might be able to help out in some way.

Moreover, with a teammate, why try to be a lone wolf? Wouldn’t that be silly?

So Li Yalin and Kowata Akane went out together, not even using a cab, and took a broomstick directly to Amami’s apartment.

When they arrived at Amami’s house, they found Amami Hibiki waiting anxiously at home, and beside her was not only Hanako, whom they had seen in the toilet after school today, but also a girl with long hair, wearing a pink dress but her face was not visible.

Apparently, the girl whose face cannot be seen is also a ghost, and if Li Yalin remembers correctly, this should be the urban ghost story – Miss Merry of Merry’s phone.

Oh yes, almost forgot, in addition to Amami Hibiki and two ghost girls, there is also Amami Asahi in the hall with a pale face and a trembling body. Although the role of the father, this young and white-haired father is really too afraid of ghosts. Even though he knows that Hanako and Merry are his daughter’s friends, and are not any harmful evil spirits, but he is still too afraid.

Have to say, with his body keep on trembling, it feels like the role of Amami Hibiki’s parents is completely switched. He seems to be so timid that he fits in as a mother!

Okay, now is not the time to tsukomi these.

“Amami-san, can you tell me more about what happened?”

When he entered Amami’s house, the first thing Li Yalin had to do was to find out what had happened. After all, there was very little information in the SMS, so if he wanted to do anything, he had to hear from Amami Hibiki, the person in question.

“Li-kun… you’re finally here…”

Amami Hibiki was very grateful for Li Yalin’s arrival. Even though she did not know what he could do, his presence at this time was a great encouragement and comfort to her.

Although there is still a father at home, her father, who is scared of ghosts, is not really useful at this critical moment.

With Li Yalin’s reassurance, Amami Hibiki soon regained her composure, and after a short period of verbal tidying up, she then said everything she knew.

After the warning from Li Yalin’s group, Amami Hibiki finally made a choice. Although she was reluctant, she had to send everyone out of Tokyo as soon as possible for the sake of their safety.

In addition to Hanako and Merry, there was also a ghost named Gal-chan who came with her to Tokyo, Hanako and Merry were easier to find, but it was Gal-chan who had problems.

In fact, the news of Gal-chan’s capture was informed by Merry to Amami Hibiki. According to Merry, she saw Gal-chan suddenly being sucked away by a strange black wind, and then what happened is not known.

More importantly, when the black wind appeared, Merry felt an instinctive fear, as if the black wind was specifically designed to restrain the ghost.

In this case, even if Merry had the intention to rescue, she was powerless. In the end, she could only find Amami Hibiki and told her everything that happened at that time.

And Amami Hibiki is just an ordinary girl with a sixth sense and can not do anything about this kind of thing. In a hurry, she can only subconsciously send a message to Li Yalin for help, like clutching at straws.

The result was that Li Yalin actually came, and came so quickly!

“Black wind? It doesn’t seem to be the same as normal Psychic methods, nor does it seem like onmyouji.”

After listening to Amami Hibiki and Merry’s account of what happened, Kowata Akane frowned before Li Yalin could say anything.

Although she did not communicate much with those Psychic, she also knows a lot of Psychic methods, but she has not heard of any Psychic is using the black wind.

At least the Psychic and Onmyouji from the Psionic Bureau in Tokyo have no such ability and can restrain ghosts in an instant. Such strength cannot be an ordinary character, right?

“You mean… there is a possibility of someone else involved in this matter?”

Kowata Akane’s analysis, Li Yalin also frowned slightly. He thought he would only face the people from the Psionic Bureau, but now it seems… it doesn’t sound like it.

“I’m not sure I can say anything before I investigate, but I always feel that this should not have much to do with the Psionic Bureau.”

Hearing Li Yalin’s question, Kowata Akane shook her head. She couldn’t be sure of the truth now, but could only rely on her own feelings.

“In any case, let’s go to the scene first, otherwise we can’t analyze anything if we stay here.”

With a sigh, Li Yalin got up from the sofa. They would still be in the dark if they just keep on talking here. Instead of sitting and waiting, it would be better to go directly to the scene and investigate.

The most crucial thing is that he needs to at least know where Gal-chan is located, it’s useless to say anything if he can’t find her.

“That’s right! Then let’s go now!”

Li Yalin’s proposal was approved by Kowata Akane, but just as the two were about to leave, Amami Hibiki stood up too.

“Please take me with you!”


The sixth sense girl wants to go along too?

“Gal-chan is my friend, and I would like to do something for Gal-chan if I can!”

At this moment, Amami Hibiki’s expression was unusually serious, and she had clearly made up her mind!

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