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There are many ways to score in basketball, from long-range shooting, mid-range shooting, near-range shooting and dunking.

But the problem is that Li Yalin’s physical fitness simply can’t reach the dunk standard. So it’s totally impossible to put some dazzling action unless one day his physical fitness can reach the standard.

As for the near-shooting or layup. Although it is not impossible, but the members of the opposite basketball team can’t be trifled with. No matter how good Li Yalin’s skill is, he just one person after all. It is too much effort to break through the basket.

Therefore, it is better to make a three-pointer considering the overall situation. The fact prove him right.

It’s just… a successful shot will inevitably attract the opponent’s agro. Shooting wouldn’t be as easy as before.

“Two people go block him! Don’t give him time to shot!”

Look, he has just scored, and there already two people from the basketball club to block him. Looks like they also see him as an expert and want to block him with their strength.

Is it so exaggerated?

Li Yalin had just scored a three-pointer and now is the basketball team’s time to attack, he was surrounded by two people is enough to see the importance they attached to him.

In this case, he just lightly shakes his head, then he quickly ran in his own half.

Although Li Yalin’s speed is not fast, but he has the experience of a professional basketball player, naturally knowing the most logical way in how to run. So the next thing is a shocking scene!

Seeing Li Yalin miraculously got rid of the two markings, and then outflank the other team’s guard. Without waiting for the other side to react, he stretched out his hand and gently poked it, then grab the basketball into his own hand.

“Fight back!”

After successfully completing a beautiful steal, Li Yalin immediately organized a counterattack. He quickly dribble the ball through the half-court, and passed the ball to Haruka under the most precise timing.

With the crisp sound of hitting board, Haruka made a layup and scored 2 points for volleyball club.

Not even one minute after the start of the second quarter, the score has been shortened to 8 points.

You think two people can block me?

I’m not alone!

Seeing the score changed to 25:17, Li Yalin couldn’t help but raise a smile. Move towards Haruka and raise his hand to give her a soft high-five to celebrates.

Luckily, he have teammates like Haruka playing with him.

“Be careful not to throw this ball!”

Haruka scored successfully but also ushered in a counterattack from the basketball team. Li Yalin who successfully led the team to regain five points faintly became the core of the team now. And as the score got closer, the teammates who had already lost their fighting spirit also began to recover.

Seeing the raising morale, Li Yalin hurriedly told his teammates. Especially the disgusting ikemen, Li Yalin finally nodded seriously toward him.

Although he did not intend to have much contact with the disgusting ikemen, the strength of disgusting ikemen is still there. His presence is crucial especially at this critical moment of defense!

After all, even if Li Yalin and Haruka are good, it is impossible for two people to block the attack of five people, right?

Not only the disgusting ikemen, Li Yalin also needs the help of all teammates on the field, only working together with everyone that they can win this game!

“Defense! Defend this one ball with all your might!”

Outside the court, Hayami who saw the dawn of victory also shouted loudly.

She doesn’t care whether Li Yalin is a basketball novice or not. His two joint offenses with Haruka scored five points is enough to prove that they still has a chance to win this game.

So it is crucial to defend now!

They can’t let this ball in!

Li Yalin scored two goals in a row caused the basketball club players on the court to be uneasy. It should be a sure win game. Why the score inexplicably getting closer?

Where did that new guy come from?

Why is he so powerful?

Zone out on the court is definitely a taboo. How could they win the game if they couldn’t put their mind together?

Well, when the basketball club attacked, disgusting ikemen Hosaka made a contribution. Although he just stood in front of his opponent and waved his hands twice to interfere, he succeeded in causing the opponent to throw the ball.

Seeing the right opportunity, Li Yalin jumped forward and grabbed the rebound ball. He and Haruka immediately understood each other’s intentions simply by making an eyes contact.

Swift attack!

Quick pass to Haruka, Li Yalin then ran to the opponent’s three-point line and did not even give them a chance to double-team him. Under Haruka’s accurate pass, he successfully scored a three point!

Another three-pointer!

Only five points left!

What is this?

Is this a professional basketball game?

Even in professional basketball games, the three-point shooting percentage of those professional players is not so accurate? Two shots and two hits… 100% hit?

Along with the two three-pointers, the audience outside the court was boiling. Although the three-pointer was not as violent and direct as the dunk, it also gave a refreshing feeling, just like drinking cold drinks on the summer day!

That’s so thorough!

And what attracts everyone the most is not only Li Yalin’s high shooting percentage and standard handsome shooting posture. What really stirred everyone is his confidence after shooting.

Because after Li Yalin just took the shot, his body would also turn to his own half-court as the basketball entered the net, as if he had seen the ball entered.

Just like a real man never looked back at the explosion, it simply handsome!

If Li Yalin know the discussions outside the court, he will definitely show an innocent expression. He really is not deliberately pretending to be handsome. He is very clear that his opponent basketball club will also do a fast attack play. In order to prevent his defense line from being penetrated, he must return to the line of defense as soon as possible.

Otherwise, the score gap that was finally narrowed will expand again, and by then it was really powerless.

Everything is to win this game!

“We must stop him! We can’t let him shoot again!”

Li Yalin’s determination to win the game also shocked the basketball team on the opposite side. Somehow they scored eight points, which made them unable to believe their eyes, but this scene is real.

If it keep like this, when this quarter ended, let alone win, the proud steel line of defense of basketball club will collapse completely!

They must take back the rhythm!

Immediately block that person’s shot!

He must be stopped at any cost!

At this moment, Li Yalin has become a serious problem for the basketball team. All five people on the court regarded him as a strong enemy that must be stopped.

It’s just… does their blocking really work?

Can they stop Li Yalin’s attack?

Well, it’s actually very effective.

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