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“Um… Amami-san, you’d better stay at home. This time our enemy is unknown, and if we take you with us, I can’t say that I can guarantee your safety.”

Amami Hibiki suddenly proposed to go along, Li Yalin is also stunned as he did not expect this very gentle and classical-looking girl to have such courage.

But after being stunned, he politely refused the young girl in front of him. As he said, no one knows what will happen next and what kind of enemy they will have to face. Even if he is confident in his own strength, it does not mean that he can guarantee Amami Hibiki’s safety.

Before everything was clear, he did not want to take the risk with a girl.

Even if this girl… was not ordinary.

“Yes Hibiki, it’s too dangerous, you’d better stay at home.”

Li Yalin’s words have just fallen, Amami Asahi, who was still shivering on the side, also found the courage to open his mouth. Although this young white-haired father is quite unreliable, at the critical moment, the concern for his daughter still lets him forget the fear in his heart.

Of course, it would have been better if he could have spoken more eloquently at this point.

“No! Gal-chan came to Tokyo because of me, how can I face her parents again if something happens to her here?”

“Gal-chan is my friend, I must go to save her!”

Despite the persuasion of Li Yalin and Amami Asahi, it was clear that Amami Hibiki had no intention of changing her mind.

The friendship between her and Gal-chan was beyond the comprehension of others, and right at this moment, she felt it was her duty and obligation to bring Gal-chan back safely. Even though she did not know exactly what she could do, she was not willing to stay home and wait quietly anyway.

“You’re really…”

Amami Hibiki was so insistent, Li Yalin was also a bit helpless. He could feel that even if he left the girl behind now, she would definitely sneak up on him later.

Isn’t this a difficult thing to do?

While Li Yalin was stumped, his phone rang suddenly, subconsciously picked up the phone to receive the call, the voice coming from the receiver was Merry.

“I will help take care of Hibiki, at least with Hanako and I around, can guarantee her safety, you do not have to worry.”

Merry, the ghost girl, is really weird, obviously face to face, but she has to talk through the cell phone. Even what she said just now, was conveyed through the cell phone.

So this moment Li Yalin even received a call from Merry, did not feel strange, not only that, but he was a little relieved.

“I see, in that case, let’s get together.”

Merry and Hanako can help protect Amami Hibiki, Li Yalin is certainly a lot of relief. Since he does not have to worry about being distracted to take care of others at critical moments, the security of the sixth sense young girl can also be guaranteed.

“Great! Thank you Li-kun! Thank you Merry, Hanako! Thank you!”

Seeing Li Yalin finally give in, Amami Hibiki could not help but be overjoyed and was busy thanking everyone, but just as she bowed, her father beside her was unable to sit still.

“No! This is too dangerous! If Hibiki really wants to go, then I will go with you!”

Amami Asahi, despite his cowardice, is a really good father, and his ability to stand up for himself even when he is afraid at a critical moment is really impressive.

Unfortunately, even when he finally found the courage, it was of no use to Li Yalin.

“Amami-san has Miss Merry and Hanako to keep her safe, but no one can protect you if you go too.”


“No buts! To put it bluntly, Amami-san, none of us know what we’re going to face next, and if an accident does happen, you as an ordinary person will just be a burden to us.”

No matter how much courage Amami Asahi mustered, it would not change the fact that he was just a timid ordinary man.

When the time comes, his presence will become a burden to everyone!

“You know… That’s really unforgiving and hurts people’s pride, doesn’t it?”

In the end, Amami Asahi was unable to follow the group and stayed at home with his head down, waiting for news from everyone.

On the way to the target location, Kowata Akane couldn’t help but whisper in Li Yalin’s ear. After all, he’s not usually a mean person and saying that was a far cry from his previous image.

“What else can I do, if I politely refuse, that Amami-san will definitely continue to pester, do not underestimate the concern of a father for his daughter. We would not be able to leave the house if I am not being decisive at that time.”

After hearing Kowata Akane’s words, Li Yalin had a bitter smile, he didn’t like to be too harsh, but what could he do?

Moreover, he and Amami Hibiki are not a couple, not even friends. At best, they just met today, and Amami Asahi … has nothing to do with him.

He’s not his future father-in-law, what does it matter if he speaks harshly or not?

“You’re right, I really underestimated you.”

After hearing Li Yalin’s answer, Kowata Akane’s face looked surprised, as if she knew him for the first time.

In response, Li Yalin also returned a blank stare without hesitation.

“What? You really think I’m a good guy who can put up with anything?”

“No, no, I just think, that Amami-san is so beautiful, how can you not give her father a little face in front of her? If you don’t leave a good impression, how can you pursue a pretty girl in the future?”


Li Yalin threw out a blank stare, but he didn’t expect to get such a comment from Kowata Akane in return.

He and Amami Hibiki had just met today, okay! How come he’s now trying to woo her?

What kind of image does she have of him in her mind? Did she think he’s a scumbag who will go after someone as long as they’re pretty?

That’s so rude!

At this moment, Li Yalin had already tossed out the table in his mind, but with Amami Hibiki right next to him, he couldn’t debate this issue with Kowata Akane in a loud voice.

In the end, he could only glare at Kowata Akane.

I’ll take care of you when we get back!

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