Cafe 521

“This is it.”

The journey wasn’t far and Li Yalin’s group soon arrived at the site of the incident, and through his cell phone, Merry informed him of the exact location. But the problem was that it looked completely unexceptional and no clues could even be found.
This makes it a pain in the ass.

“Has too much time passed…”

Although Li Yalin has the ability to deal with ghosts, he is only half-assed, neither a professional Psychic nor a famous detective. On this occasion, it is natural that he can’t figure out anything.

What can they do?

Subconsciously, Li Yalin’s gaze turned to Kowata Akane. There was no choice but to see if the older sister could have any good ideas.

“Humph! I’ll be the one to do it!”

Feeling Li Yalin’s gaze, Kowata Akane’s expression is very smug, but she did not take the opportunity to mock him but quickly took out a few things.

First, a magic array was drawn on the ground, and then four candles were lit in the four directions of the southeast and northwest, with her mouth chanting, supposedly chanting magecraft incantations.

This thing is called magecraft, although Li Yalin also touched, he has not proficient at all. He’s just an amateur, so figuring out some superficial things is already good. Therefore, he’s not very clear about what magecraft Kowata Akane actually intends to use.

What he needed to do now was to wait quietly for Kowata Akane to finish her spell.

Along with a series of incantations, the magic array around the candles quickly emerged from the white smoke. This is by no means the white smoke that ordinary candles can emit. Moreover, after a short time, the four white smoke quickly gathered together, drifting rapidly in the direction of a certain place.

“It’s that way!”

The next moment, Kowata Akane raised her hand and pointed in the direction of the white smoke, and Li Yalin saw this and also followed in a hurry.

“Is it tracking magecraft?”

Li Yalin didn’t forget to ask Kowata Akane as he followed the white smoke.

“Something like that, but it works pretty well for tracking anyway.”

Kowata Akane knew that Li Yalin’s interest in magecraft was not too great and that many things were half-understood, so she did not explain in detail, but just nodded her head and acknowledged the use of the white smoke.

“It’s really useful, it looks like I have to find time to learn magecraft seriously…”

Is magecraft useful?

The answer is certainly yes, although most of Kowata Akane’s magecraft is not very applicable to combat, in a sense, it is indispensable. At least with her magecraft, it will largely provide convenience to Li Yalin.

The reason why he did not deepen his research in magecraft is that Li Yalin was too busy. He spent all his free time on grinding skill level, and for magecraft, the most lacking is the accumulation of time, which led him to give up.

But now, he feels how he has to find time to study and learn it. Although there is no system help that to be proficient in a short period of time is not possible. But learn one more craft can be considered an extra point of skill. It’s really better to have more useful abilities.

Well, without further ado, after all the tracking, Li Yalin’s group soon arrived at the target location – a small restaurant in a very remote location.

“Right here?”

Standing in front of the restaurant, Li Yalin subconsciously raised his eyebrows. He was now completely sure that Gal-chan’s capture was definitely not the work of the Psionic Bureau, because if it was the Psionic Bureau, as an official organization, how could it hide in such a place?

“This is the right place, what should we do now?”

Looking at the restaurant in front of like Li Yalin, Kowata Akane is also a little speechless. Not to mention the location of the restaurant is very remote, the name of the restaurant… Ameno Restaurant, what kind of funny name is that?

Is this a restaurant or a dojo of some school?

Is that funny?

“What else can we do? Just go inside, but Amami-san, don’t go inside. Have Miss Merry and Hanako stay outside with you. If anything happens, I’ll come out and let you know immediately.”

Li Yalin shrugged his shoulders at Kowata Akane, then turned to Amami Hibiki. Although it was a small restaurant that looked like a place full of retort, no one knew what was going on inside. So for the safety of the girls, she had to wait outside.

“Well, please be careful.”

Amami Hibiki was very clear about Li Yalin’s concern, and she knew better than to cause trouble for him, who had taken great care of herself by bringing her here.

So in the next moment, she also bowed to Li Yalin and wished him from the bottom of her heart to come back safely.

“Don’t worry, you should also pay attention to the surrounding situation when you are outside. Leave this place immediately if anything really happens.”

After saying these reminder words to Amami Hibiki, Li Yalin turned back to Kowata Akane and nodded, finally reaching out to open the door of the restaurant.

Whether this was a dangerous place or not, he was going to break in today!



When they entered the restaurant, Li Yalin and Kowata Akane were greeted by a very gruff voice, and when they looked in the direction of the voice, it was a middle-aged man in his forties with a full beard.

This uncle’s head is wrapped in a turban, hanging half an apron in front of his body. He should be the owner of this restaurant, looking at this dress.


It’s really a cold restaurant…

Looking around, Li Yalin found that this restaurant had no customers. It was even more pathetic than the Rabbit House.

“Please sit down, what would you like to eat?”

Although the restaurant was very deserted, the middle-aged man who looked like the owner was very attentive, guiding Li Yalin and Kowata Akane to their seats and quickly handing them towels and ice water to clean their hands.

But… they are not here to eat!

“Are you the only one in this restaurant?”

After taking the towel and wiping his hands, Li Yalin didn’t start ordering as the owner had expected, but asked casually.

“Small business, it is enough with me alone.”

The bearded, middle-aged boss seemed cheerful and talkative and wasn’t bothered that Li Yalin didn’t order right away, instead he quickly answered his question.

Although the answer was a bit unexpected, it was exactly the answer Li Yalin wanted.

Just one person?

That’s great!

“By the way, I’d like to ask you something, have you seen a girl around 15-16 years old, dressed like a gyaru girl? She’s a friend of ours who just came to Tokyo a few days ago and got lost by accident.”

“If you’ve seen her, it would be great if you could tell us, boss!”

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