Cafe 522

For Kowata Akane’s tracking magecraft, Li Yalin is still very confident that since the white smoke is aimed directly at this small restaurant, Gal-chan must be in this restaurant.

Now the question arises, who actually took Gal-chan?

The answer to this has been very obvious since the restaurant is only the bearded boss, the target is naturally locked him.

As for what Li Yalin said at this moment, it was not so much a test, but a direct show of their cards to the other side that they were here to find Gal-chan, that’s all!

“Hmm? A girl dressed like a gyaru girl? I’m sorry, sir, but I haven’t seen any girls like that.”

Li Yalin’s words obviously made the bearded Beard uncle stunned. Although he quickly gathered his emotions and shook his head with a smile on his face, in reality, his reaction betrayed him!

“That’s really strange, I was told that that friend of mine used to come to this restaurant. Isn’t it too strange for you to say you haven’t seen her, boss?”

Seeing the reaction of the bearded uncle, Li Yalin had made it clear that the other party was lying to him, which further confirmed to him that Gal-chan was captured by the uncle in front of him.

After clarifying this point, what should they do next?

Well, if this uncle obediently hands her over then that’s it, but if he is not…

Then apologies, this little restaurant is going to stage a full-scale martial arts!

While talking, Li Yalin narrowed his eyes and stared at the bearded uncle on the other side. Although he had an Ordinary Mirror in place to shield his eyes, the gaze that penetrated the lens made the bearded uncle subconsciously take a half step back.

Don’t think that because Li Yalin enjoys a peaceful daily life, he’s really a weakling.

“Interesting… It seems that the two guests did not come to eat.”

After taking half a step back, the face of the bearded uncle did not show an expression of weakness or fear. On the contrary, he seemed very interested in the young man and woman in front of him.

Having said all that, there is no need to continue to cover up, is there?

“My friend… she’s in your hands, right? I hope you can return my friend to us so that we can avoid hurting each other.”

Standing up from his seat, Li Yalin spoke while being ready to strike.

Yes, this is his last persuasion, if the other party still does not behave, then he really does not need to be polite!

“Oh? And what if I refuse?”

Li Yalin’s hostile intent has been very obvious, but nevertheless, the opposite bearded uncle also do not know whether he is too confident in himself, or really do not know. At any rate, he is not put Li Yalin’s hostile intent in the eyes.

“Refused… It seems that normal communication is not feasible, although I would not like to use violence…”

Seeing this bearded uncle didn’t back down, Li Yalin is also having a headache, really can’t avoid fighting?

After pressing his temples, in the next moment, a gorgeous-looking longsword appeared in his hands instantly.

“Sorry… Can I have my friend back?”

Stone Sword in hand, in a flash, the tip of the sword has been placed at the throat of the bearded uncle. With a little force from Li Yalin, the sharp Stone Sword will immediately penetrate the throat of the opponent.

Although only 34 agility points are the lowest among all Li Yalin’s attributes, it is only compared to his other attributes. In fact, with 34 points of agility, Li Yalin’s speed can be said to be far beyond that of ordinary people.

The first time he struck, Kowata Akane only saw a flash of cold light, and then he had already restrained the bearded uncle on the opposite side.

As for how he did it, Kowata Akane couldn’t even see clearly!

“Interesting, to have such speed… are you an agility-enhanced powerhouse? Or a Chinese martial artist? But it doesn’t matter…”

The lightning strike, quickly locking the other party’s vital, but the bearded uncle’s expression remained unchanged, as if he did not feel the cold chill on his neck.

On the contrary, his face is still hung with a faint smile.

Is this calmness mocking him?

Although the situation seems clear, this bearded uncle behaved too calmly, so Li Yalin felt very unnatural.

He was really not afraid of his Stone Sword.

He felt he really didn’t dare to do it?

Something is not right!

If it was a normal situation, Li Yalin would not have been so decisive in stabbing out the Stone Sword in his hand. But he was feeling something at this moment, and subconsciously, with a strong wrist, the sharp tip of the sword stabbed straight at bearded uncle’s throat.

However… as soon as the sword tip stabbing out, a light bang came, followed by a white smoke, and then the opposite bearded uncle had disappeared without a trace!

To be more precise, the moment the bearded uncle disappeared, a stake appeared, replacing his position, this is… Ninjutsu?


Li Yalin subconsciously said the truth because the scene looked too familiar, this was definitely the Substitution in Ninjutsu!

The bearded uncle… he’s a ninja.

“Very impressive, to know that this is Ninjutsu. But boy, this is not an ordinary Substitution, but my Ameno style Executing demon Ninjutsu Secret Art — Substitution!”

Li Yalin’s words just fell, the bearded uncle’s voice soon followed. It was very strange that the bearded uncle’s voice came from all directions, as if there were countless of him, surrounded Li Yalin and Kowata Akane.

“So much talk… isn’t it still Substitution? What’s the use of pretending to be mysterious!”

Hearing the voice of the bearded uncle, Li Yalin subconsciously tsukomi. But while he tsukomi, his movements did not stop.

Did he really think he can’t find where he’s hiding?

“Get the hell out!”

His figure disappeared in an instant, and when Li Yalin reappeared, he was already kicking a table in the restaurant.

The moment the table was kicked away, the figure of the bearded uncle appeared in front of him and Kowata Akane.

That’s right! The bearded uncle was hiding under the table. But he used some kind of illusion, so no one could find him!

“How did you find me?”

Apparently, the bearded uncle didn’t expect to be exposed, and when Li Yalin kicked away the table he was hiding behind, he had a dazed look on his face.

“Do you really think you can hide from me with your lame hiding?”

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