Cafe 523

He has to admit that this bearded uncle’s hiding skills are quite good, ordinary people would have been fooled by his illusion.

But unfortunately, who is Li Yalin? He is the ancestor of sneaking and hiding! Master-level Stealth skill in hand, can he be fooled by that bearded uncle?

Of course the answer is no!

The moment the bearded uncle hid, Li Yalin had already discovered his position. Just because he’s a ninja doesn’t mean he’s good at it.

“Very impressive young man… But it’s not that easy for me to give up!”

The bearded uncle could not help but sigh when he felt Li Yalin’s scornful eyes, but even if his illusion was dismantled, he had no intention of just declaring defeat.

The ground where the bearded uncle was located suddenly turned up. The original location under the table actually had organs that existed, and the seemingly unusual restaurant was transformed into a ninja house. This floor organ was the tool used by the other party to escape.

“He wants to run!”

Seeing the bearded uncle using the mechanism to escape, Kowata Akane subconsciously exclaimed, but just as Kowata Akane exclaimed, Li Yalin also took action at the same time.

“He can’t get away!”

With a lightning strike, Li Yalin directly used Stone Sword to shatter the floor in front of him, and looking at the black hole under the floor, he leapt in without hesitation.

Want to run?

Can he run away?

Through that bearded uncle previously means, it can be concluded that the other party should be a ninja no doubt. Although this year’s ninja are mostly some fake, but this bearded uncle looks like the real deal.

But the problem is, whether that uncle is a real deal or not, he is today considered to see the nemesis. Because if nothing else, what Li Yalin is best at is to deal with opponents like ninja!

Ninja’s speed is fast, but can it be faster than Li Yalin?

Ninja is good at hiding, but can it hide from Li Yalin?

How could the bearded uncle run away when he couldn’t hide and couldn’t be fast?

“Hoo… what a tough boy…”

After some chasing, the bearded uncle finally jumped back into the restaurant through a certain mechanism, and behind him, it was Li Yalin who was following closely!

It is because of this chase, bearded uncle looks a little tired. After exhaling a few long breaths, he looked at Li Yalin again with a touch of helplessness in his gaze.

Obviously, he rarely meets such a difficult opponent, and today he really encountered a tough fight.

“Since you didn’t comply with the previous request, don’t blame me for not showing any mercy when we start fighting now.”

Truthfully, through the previous contact, Li Yalin does not feel that this bearded uncle is a bad guy. But not being a bad guy doesn’t mean that the two sides can get along peacefully. They are enemies when there is a conflict of purpose, no matter what kind of person, and there is nothing wrong with that!

Li Yalin never feels he should show mercy to his enemies, so…

Taste my move!


Raising his hand, Li Yalin sent out a basin-sized fireball from his hand without saying a single word of chant.

Since Flame was raised to the adept level, the power can be said to be greatly increased. Now being hit by this fireball, an ordinary person would be immediately turned into a human barbecue.

Of course, although the power of Flame is greatly increased, it does not mean that it can really kill the bearded uncle on the other side. In fact, Li Yalin’s purpose of using Flame is not to kill the enemy in the first place!

“Hey! That’s dangerous!”

With bearded uncle’s speed, he had no problem dodging the flame’s attack, and the very next moment the flame struck, he had already twisted his body and narrowly avoided the blow.

But even if he dodged the flame, the burning temperature in the air still made bearded uncle heart palpitations, subconsciously wiped the cold sweat at the corner of his forehead. When he faced Li Yalin again, the expression on his face had taken on a touch of resentment.

This is a deadly thing to be hit by!

“Tsk… did I miss? Then let’s do it again!”

Ignoring bearded uncle’s complaint, Li Yalin just pursed his lips and threw another flame.

Undoubtedly, the flame fell short again, and bearded uncle was still not hit.


“One more time!”

Without waiting for the bearded uncle to say anything else, a third flame appeared again, and after these three flames, the bearded uncle finally realized something.

“Wait! What are you doing? Are you going to burn down my store?”

Yes, the bearded uncle only now realized that the teenager’s goal was not in fact himself, those burning fireballs, not at all to cause injury!

His purpose… It was to ignite his own restaurant!

“Since you won’t give me back my friend, I’ll have to use my own means to let my friend out, I’m sorry, but you asked for it.”

Yes, that’s right, Li Yalin really did set the restaurant on fire, rather, he was going to let the little store burn to the ground!

Gal-chan has not appeared so far, it is very likely that she is trapped by some kind of psychic items. With the bearded uncle refused to hand her over, it is too much of a waste of time to rely on force to make him submit.

It is better to burn the restaurant directly, as it is now, then no matter what psionic items are, they will be useless after being destroyed.

After the psionic items that restrained Gal-chan are destroyed, she can naturally reappear. Anyway, the ghost is not afraid of fire, so such a simple and violent approach is undoubtedly the best choice.

“Hey! How can you do this! Wait a minute! Okay! I give in! I’ll give in! I’ll give you your friend back! You put out the fire! Or my restaurant will really burn down!”

Although as a ninja, and also a ninja who can deal with ghosts, the bearded uncle is obviously not an ordinary person, and theoretically would not be too concerned about money.

But in fact, the bearded uncle cared more about the restaurant than he thought, and when he understood Li Yalin’s intentions, he immediately waved his hands, indicating that he had given in and just wanted to put out the burning flame.

This was really a surprise to Li Yalin.

That’s all it took?

For real?

“Let my friend out first, and don’t try any tricks!”

Li Yalin would be too simple if he were to put out the fire immediately because of his opponent’s words, because he would not let the bearded uncle go so easily before Gal-chan showed up.

Want me to put out the fire without even seeing her?

In your dream.

“I won’t play tricks! I will let her go immediately, you put out the fire first!”

Seeing that Li Yalin still refused to agree, the bearded uncle was really anxious, how could this small restaurant be so important in his eyes?

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