Cafe 524

“Eh? Who are you guys? What do you want to do with me?”

Finally, the bearded uncle, unable to overcome Li Yalin, took out a clay pot as quickly as possible and released Gal-chan, who had been sealed in it.

Gal-chan was in a dazed state after being released, not knowing what had happened, and her eyes were full of confusion.

“Aren’t you guys friends? You don’t know each other?”

The bearded uncle, who was distressed because the restaurant was burned, was full of stupified, knowing that Li Yalin had just said that Gal-chan was his friend so he came here, but now it seems that it doesn’t feel that way?

“You’re Gal-chan, right? I was asked by Amami Hibiki-san to come here to save you.”

Li Yalin did not intend to pay any attention to the bearded uncle’s surprise, and turned his eyes to Gal-chan, who stepped forward to give an explanation.

The girl is a typical Shibuya girl, with long blonde hair in a side ponytail and coffee-colored skin, which makes her look unlikable.

At least for Li Yalin, the aesthetic point of view of this kind of gyaru girl is that he can not appreciate at all. Even if a closer look, that Gal-chan also has more or less a cute point, and can be considered a bishoujo of more than 80 points if the gyaru girl costume is removed, but… it’s still not good enough.

“Are you a friend of Hibiki’s?”

Hearing her friend’s name, Gal-chan’s eyes finally lit up, but she reacted later.

“You can see me?”

Is this Gal-chan an airhead?

At this moment, Li Yalin really wanted tsukomi, but he and this Gal-chan only met for the first time, so after thinking about it, he finally held back.

“Anyway, my task is to bring you safely to Amami-san, Tokyo is dangerous and not suitable for a ghost like you to wander around, otherwise you will be taken by someone if you are not careful, such as… that ninja.”

Li Yalin didn’t want to talk too much, he explained his reason and also gave a brief introduction to Gal-chan, whether she would listen or not, but at least she had to understand who the good guys were, right?

“Did you catch me?”

Gal-chan, who had been trapped in the pottery jar, obviously didn’t know anything about how she had been captured and what had happened afterwards, but her expression changed immediately after she learned of the real culprit.

This is clearly to take revenge on the bearded uncle…

“Cough… I didn’t catch you… In fact, I’m trying to protect you…”

Faced with the ghost of himself caught, the bearded uncle can be described as quite awkward, subconsciously trying to explain, but the reason for his explanation is quite speechless.

He wanted to protect Gal-chan, so he captured her?

Could you have given a more implausible reason?

“Well, whatever the reason, he’s paid the price now, and you’re not hurt, so let’s end this matter.”

Li Yalin only came to rescue Gal-chan, and did not intend to make more trouble. It didn’t matter to him the reason why the bearded uncle captured Gal-chan, and he did not intend to ask more.

In fact, this is also because he has a good impression of the bearded uncle. Even after exchanging hands, he did not feel that the other party had any malice, so he intended to not make a big deal out of it.

Anyway, the person rescued, then it is okay.

“My price… But it’s really a big price…”

After hearing Li Yalin’s words, the bearded uncle suddenly revealed a helpless bitter smile. He really paid a lot of price, not to mention that the flames just burned up the restaurant, the chase with Li Yalin alone destroyed most of his carefully built organs.

So to speak, he really lost a lot this time…

“How can that be!”

The bearded uncle paid what price, Gal-chan is not at all clear. What she knows now is that she was bullied by this uncle, so she has to retaliate!

How dare he trap her!

This is not over!

“Alright! Do you really think you’re his opponent? If it wasn’t for me, you’d still be trapped in that jar right now!”

“Amami-san is still waiting for you outside, don’t waste my time!”

Seeing that Gal-chan had the intention to continue to trouble the bearded uncle, several black lines appeared on Li Yalin’s head.

The other party is definitely a Psychic ninja who is proficient in psychic energy and good at Ninjutsu!

Other than that, it’s easy to get hold of Gal-chan!

She’s clearly a weakling, can’t she know what she’s doing?


The cheeks of Gal-chan puffed up with displeasure when Li Yalin stopped her with a snort. But unfortunately, Li Yalin might still think it’s cute if it was a cute girl, but if it was this black-skinned gyaru…

Sorry, couldn’t find any cute points on her.

“Or, are you going to stay here?”

Li Yalin’s attitude remained cold in the face of Gal-chan’s unhappy expression. Rather, he had already turned around and stepped out of the restaurant, while Kowata Akane, after taking a deep look at Gal-chan, followed his lead.

“Hey, what’s wrong with you today? It’s not like your character to have that kind of attitude with a girl.”

As she followed Li Yalin, Kowata Akane asked in a surprised voice, she felt that there was something wrong with Li Yalin.

“This is normal, don’t you think I have to get close to that Gal-chan?”

Kowata Akane’s question made Li Yalin roll his eyes in disbelief. What she mean it’s not like his own character? This is my character, okay?

“You don’t like Gal-chan?”

When she saw Li Yalin rolled his eyes, Kowata Akane immediately reacted right away, since his attitude was cold, it means that Gal-chan is not his type.

“Do you like her?”

This time, Li Yalin didn’t retort, but just asked with a sidelong glance. Not to mention, Kowata Akane’s bronze skin is somewhat similar to Gal-chan’s, but Kowata Akane has a natural, healthy bronze color, which is completely different from Gal-chan’s Shibuya gyaru style.

The most important thing is that Kowata Akane’s face doesn’t have all that messy makeup, which is the point Li Yalin wants to make.

“So, Yalin, you don’t like dark-skinned girls.”

After hearing Li Yalin’s rhetorical question, Kowata Akane nodded thoughtfully, and then she spoke again.

“So… You don’t like me either?”

What the hell was she thinking?

Li Yalin didn’t understand why Kowata Akane would associate herself with his dislike for gyaru girls.

But at this moment, Li Yalin could not explain in detail, but after a moment of silence, he could only hold in a sentence.

“You’re not like her.”

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