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“Eh? So I’m not the same as her, huh?”

When she got this answer from Li Yalin, Kowata Akane was a bit surprised, but at the same time, her eyes were squinted, and she couldn’t hide her smile.

Maybe she was satisfied with Li Yalin’s answer?

Unfortunately, this was the end of their conversation, because in a few moments, they had already walked out of the restaurant and met Amami Hibiki, who was waiting anxiously outside the restaurant.

“Li-kun… Are you guys okay?”

When she saw Li Yalin and Kowata Akane coming out of the restaurant, Amami Hibiki immediately rushed forward as fast as she could with a look of concern in her eyes.

Although she was worried about Gal-chan, she was also worried about Li Yalin and Kowata Akane’s well-being.

“The job is done, Gal-chan has been rescued.”

Li Yalin nodded with a smile at Amami Hibiki’s concerned expression, and with his words, Gal-chan quickly floated out of the restaurant.

Yes, Li Yalin and Kowata Akane are gone, even if she is not happy with the bearded uncle who took her, but what can she do?

She is only a low-level floating spirit, not long after becoming a ghost. At best, she can only possess a body, triggering the lowest level of spiritual phenomena, she can’t even cause that much damage.

If she can take on the form of an evil spirit, perhaps she can still think about revenge, but now…

She’d better know what to do with her time.


When she saw Gal-chan’s form, Amami Hibiki let out a cry of surprise, and without bothering to exchange pleasantries with Li Yalin, she immediately rushed to Gal-chan’s side.


At this moment, Gal-chan’s expression is also very excited, and darted forward and embraced Amami Hibiki tightly.

Of course, what needs to be reminded here is that Gal-chan as a ghost, itself is not physical, so the two embracing each other is only the appearance of an embrace, in fact, Amami Hibiki embracing the air.

Although this is a bit of a buzzkill, it is the truth.

“Thank you! Thank you so much!”

Amami Hibiki and Gal-chan hugged each other, and after the excitement, they naturally regained their composure. When the sixth sense girl turned her gaze to Li Yalin again, her beautiful eyes were filled with gratitude.

She was sincerely expressing her gratitude to Li Yalin and Kowata Akane because she knew that if it wasn’t for them, she wouldn’t be able to meet with Gal-chan again.

“It’s just a bit of work.”

When faced with Amami Hibiki’s thanks, Li Yalin waved his hand gently, with a very calm expression on his face.

Although being thanked by such a beautiful girl is a very good thing, but he should act like a gentleman.

“What we need to do now is to leave Tokyo immediately, it’s not too late, let’s get going.”

Li Yalin knew very well that for Gal-chan, Hanako and Merry, these ghosts, Tokyo is a dangerous place and should not stay long. Gal-chan is lucky that she ran into that Psychic ninja today, but if she met someone from the Psionic Bureau, it would be a tricky situation to solve.

So without further ado, it’s only fair to leave!

“You’re right, it’s time for you guys to leave. You’re strutting around Tokyo with three ghosts, it’s a miracle you haven’t been discovered yet.”

Just as Li Yalin intended to take everyone out of Tokyo, very suddenly, a resentful uncle’s voice sounded in everyone’s ears. Turning around, the bearded uncle who had his restaurant burned down was standing behind everyone with an unhappy face.

“Who is this…”

“Don’t go near him, Hibiki! He’s the one who caught me!”

Seeing this bearded uncle appear, Amami Hibiki is definitely unsure of the situation, but the Gal-chan beside her is different. When her enemy appears, she immediately bares her teeth, but unfortunately, as a ghost, she can’t bite even if she wants to.

“Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t mean any harm, I just saw a ghost wandering around and took her away on a whim. You should be glad that I saw her, otherwise she wouldn’t have been so lucky if it was someone else.”

Gal-chan bared her teeth, the bearded uncle face instantly showed awkward expression, after all, no matter what, he did take her away. But after scratching the back of his head, the uncle opened his mouth again to explain.

“So we ought to be grateful to you?”

The bearded uncle made an explanation, but Li Yalin obviously did not appreciate it. Even if his senses of the uncle are not bad, he knows he should not be a bad guy, but catching someone is catching someone, which is also true, right?

“That’s not necessary, in fact I just… Forget it, it feels like it’s useless for me to explain anything now. Anyway, you guys should go now, Tokyo is not the place where these ghosts should come, leaving here is the best option.”

Feeling Li Yalin’s eyes, the bearded uncle was even more embarrassed, so he waved his hand, did not continue to explain, but gave everyone such a piece of advice.

“In that case, then thank you for your advice.”

Looking at the bearded uncle for a moment, Li Yalin finally nodded his head. This should be the end of the matter, he also did not intend to have more dealings with this ninja uncle.

In fact, when he sent Hanako and Merry away from Tokyo, it will be very difficult to meet again. He would also not have much contact with Amami Hibiki, the sixth sense girl, in the future.

So everything will be over when his task is over, I guess.

“By the way, you guys are leaving Tokyo… Do you want me to give you a ride?”

Perhaps the bearded uncle also saw that Li Yalin didn’t want to talk to him at all, but for some reason, he should have turned around and left, but surprisingly, he started to talk again.

What’s going on?

“Give us a ride?”

In Li Yalin’s opinion, this bearded ninja uncle is really weird. There’s no free lunch, for him to be so attentive… could it be that he has a heart for Gal-chan?

Or maybe… he also targeted Hanako and Merry?

After all, even if Li Yalin has a good feeling about this uncle, who knows if he is a good person or not.

“Don’t get me wrong, I really want to help… Well, I’ll be honest with you, I also have a daughter about her age. But I have a poor relationship with my daughter, basically I don’t even see her, and when I see her… I think of my own daughter, and I always feel relieved…”

Seeing Li Yalin’s suspicious gaze, Uncle Ninja immediately raised his hand and shouted his innocence.

He is really not a bad person!

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