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“Your daughter?”

The bearded ninja uncle’s statement was a bit more reliable, but Li Yalin remained skeptical about it.

Even if this uncle’s age, having a daughter is not an unusual thing, but the question is… is it really that simple that he can’t worry about Gal-chan because of his bad relationship with his daughter?

“Anyway, I am telling the truth, it’s up to you to believe it or not.”

Li Yalin that doubtful performance did not hide from ninja uncle, and because of this, that bearded uncle’s face is also somewhat discouraged.

He has said everything that should be said, then he could not do anything if he still did not believe it.

“You have a car to get us out of Tokyo?”

Although there is still some doubt in his mind, but Li Yalin did not directly refuse in the end. The first problem is that it is already late, it’s indeed more troublesome to take two girls plus three ghosts out of Tokyo.

Especially his next destination is Haunted Hot Springs. If casually find a cab, it is a concern whether the driver will pull this trip.

So now there is a ready-made laborer, why not use it?

As for the bearded uncle will be playing any petty thoughts, Li Yalin is not afraid. After the previous encounter, he has explored what the uncle is capable of. Even if he wants to do something halfway, he is confident that he will not let the other side get away with it.

“Well, it’s this old buddy of mine, don’t look at it very worn out, but it’s very sturdy!”

Seeing Li Yalin finally loose, the bearded uncle is also raised some interest, turned to a van not far away, very excited to pat the front of the car.

“It’s really worn out…”

The old buddy in the bearded uncle’s mouth… Li Yalin deeply doubted whether this car had passed the annual audit or not, and whether it could continue to be on the road.

In case the car goes off halfway, it will be really a big of embarrassment.

“Hehe, young man, you do not say the words so directly…”

Li Yalin’s outspokenness obviously makes bearded uncle is very awkward, obviously has a skill, but open such a shabby small restaurant, but also drive a battered iron car, mixed to this extent, is also considered to be enough extreme.

However, the conversation between the two amused the girls around. Especially the bearded uncle’s expression, which looked really funny. Even Gal-chan, who had been hostile to the uncle, finally failed to keep her face taut.

“Forget it, get in the car. Troubling you this time can also be considered as your amends.”

For that bearded uncle’s awkwardness, Li Yalin didn’t even care about it. Seeing that it’s really late in the day, the most important thing is to get everyone out of the city quickly.

He did not hesitate to get into the van, and then waved to a few girls, but the bearded uncle was cooled off outside the car.

“Make amends… How it looks like it was my fault…”

The bearded uncle was not satisfied with Li Yalin’s statement. But after muttering a bit, he did not retort, but pulled the door open and sat in the cab.

“Tell me the destination. Since you have already made plans to leave Tokyo, I guess you have figured out where to go next, right?”

In the driver’s seat, the bearded uncle skillfully turned the key to start the car, and only after the car started up did he turn his attention to Li Yalin, who was sitting in the passenger seat.

“Haunted Hot Springs, I don’t know if you know that place.”

Nodding gently, Li Yalin told the bearded uncle of his chosen destination, after all, it was a system task that he was sure to complete.

“Hmm? Haunted Hot Springs?”

After hearing this name from Li Yalin, the bearded uncle was very obviously stunned, and even his hand holding the steering wheel couldn’t help but tremble a few times, as if those words had poked a painful spot.

“What? Is there any problem there?”

The bearded uncle’s unusual reaction naturally fell into Li Yalin’s eyes, which he was quite surprised.

Could it be that this bearded uncle also has some special relationship with Haunted Hot Springs?

“No… Nothing, everyone sit tight and fasten your seat belts, we’ll be leaving soon.”

Faced with Li Yalin’s question, the bearded uncle did not give an answer, but only turned his head to Amami Hibiki and Kowata Akane, said a word of advice to the two girls, and then stepped on the gas to drive the car.

It was clear that the bearded uncle knew the route to Haunted Hot Springs very well, but because of this, it aroused Li Yalin’s curiosity.

Although he is not interested in men’s experiences, but the journey is also a bit boring, it is good to talk a little gossip to alleviate the boredom.

“I heard there are ghosts haunting Haunted Hot Springs, I wonder if it’s true?”

Sitting in the passenger seat, Li Yalin opened his mouth in a self-talking tone. But because of his words, the bearded uncle, whose hand was driving the car, trembled again.

Hey, there really is a problem.

“Uncle, although you are a ninja, you seem to be very familiar with ghosts, so that means … I think you are a Psychic ninja? Then do you also know the ghosts of Haunted Hot Springs?”

Seeing the bearded uncle’s shakiness, Li Yalin added more fire to the situation.

It seemed that this was starting to get interesting.

“Eh? Is there a ghost in Haunted Hot Springs too?”

Li Yalin’s comment not only swayed the bearded uncle, but also aroused Amami Hibiki’s interest and made her poke her head out.

Not only Amami Hibiki, but also Gal-chan and Merry, the ghosts, also turned their eyes to the bearded uncle who was driving.

“This… sigh, you guys are right, there are indeed ghosts in Haunted Hot Springs.”

Being watched by so many people, the bearded uncle suddenly felt the pressure, now, he could not help but sigh and admit Li Yalin’s words.

There are ghosts in Haunted Hot Springs!

“So… the ghost in Haunted Hot Springs… is it someone you know, uncle?”

Li Yalin’s curiosity grew even more when he saw bearded uncle admits. Could it be that the ghost of Haunted Hot Springs… is actually bearded uncle’s daughter?

If that was the case, then it was understandable that this uncle had taken Gal-chan.

“Not really, I don’t know that ghost, but that ghost… is my daughter’s friend.”

“My daughter also lives in Haunted Hot Springs, but our relationship between father and daughter is not very good, that’s why I’m torn. Don’t put any bloody plots on me!”

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