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Well, the bearded uncle did overreact to Haunted Hot Springs, but the truth is not what Li Yalin expected, it was his daughter who was haunted by a ghost at Haunted Hot Springs.

Of course, although the dramatic plot does not appear, this conversation makes the bearded uncle opened up. Under the watchful eyes of Li Yalin and several girls, he started to recite a lot of things. It is not known whether these people in the car as an audience to express his feelings, or simply want to give vent to the depression.

In any case, let’s listen to this bearded uncle’s experience first.

As Li Yalin previously thought, bearded uncle is indeed a Psychic ninja, and from a very old Psychic ninja group, Executing demon Ninjas.

According to Beard Uncle, Executing demon Ninjas has taken Exorcising Demons as its mission for generations, the legacy has been passed down for more than five hundred years. Although there is no way to compare with China’s power of thousands of years at every turn, it is also quite a strong Exorcising Demons organization in the district.

But with the great unification of the empire, the state began to conscript and plan all special abilities and Executing demon Ninjas internal, is also a result of the different differences.

Some people are willing to accept the Empire’s Enlistment and become a part of the Empire’s privileged organizations, but there are also some people who are not willing to do so, believing that although the subjugation of Exorcising Demons is the obligation of Executing demon Ninjas, it does not necessarily have to be restrained by the state.

This bearded uncle is the one who opposes the most.

When there is a clash of ideas, a collision is inevitable, and unfortunately, those who are willing to respond to the bearded uncle’s call are not in the majority, and many people cannot understand his ideas, even his daughter, who has expressed strong opposition to him.

In this case, the radical bearded uncle turned against the family of the orderly faction and left his home and his daughter, he wanted to prove in his own way that his choice was the right one.

Though the idea is good, the bearded uncle is soon taught to be a man by reality. After leaving the family, without the support of money, he can only make a living by running a restaurant and secretly taking some private jobs, which can barely make ends meet.

In bearded uncle’s account, he expresses his strong indignation at his daughter’s lack of understanding. He feels that he is right and is moving towards the right path in the future, and even if he is suffering now, he will eventually see the light in the future.

For these complaints, Li Yalin is coming quite speechless.

“I can understand your thoughts, but the problem is, you can’t force everyone else to think the same way as you, right? Just because you don’t like it, doesn’t mean others don’t either, right?”

After listening for some time, Li Yalin finally couldn’t listen any longer.

He had to admit that he could understand the bearded uncle’s idea, and in fact, if he was put in the other person’s position, he would probably make the same choice. As a matter of fact, he did not want to be tied down either, even if he would get a lot of benefits.

But like free and easy, does not mean that all people have the same idea as you. You do not like it, then it’s your choice, but if you have to force others to dislike the same as you, isn’t that sick?

“Furthermore, joining the national psychic organization is not a bad thing, you turn against your family because of this, and blame your daughter for not understanding you… But may I ask, did you try to understand your daughter’s thoughts?”

“You’re too arrogant to force your will on others, aren’t you?”

For Li Yalin, he didn’t think there was anything wrong with bearded uncle’s daughter, who wanted to be more professional and systematic in subduing demons under the leadership of the national spiritual organization Exorcising Demons, there was nothing wrong with that.

On the contrary, this bearded uncle does not want to be restrained, does not want to put a shackle on his body, then that is his choice. Why force others to think the same way as him?


Li Yalin said this series of retorts choked the bearded uncle. It is no wonder, just now he was talking a lot without a break, now suddenly refuted, he can’t find the words even if he wants to speak again to defend himself for a short time.

“Although your family affairs are not very suitable for me to get involved, but uncle… I can’t say that your philosophy is wrong, but your approach is absolutely wrong. There is a better way to handle the relationship with your family, but you chose the worst way.”

“Forget it, I won’t say anything else, you’d better think about it yourself.”

For this bearded uncle, Li Yalin does not want to talk too much to him. He has said his piece, and that’s enough, he is not a life coach, why should he bother with so many things?

“Could it be… I am really wrong?”

After Li Yalin’s remark, the bearded uncle in the cab always murmured these words in his mouth. Just as Li Yalin said, he did start to reflect on himself and think back on everything he had done before.

Was he really wrong?

Well, let’s leave it aside whether it’s wrong or not, pay attention to the road when driving!

The bearded uncle’s life experience is just a small episode of the trip to Haunted Hot Springs, after a bumpy ride, this tattered van finally arrives at the destination.

It was lucky that it didn’t stall halfway.

By the way, this is Haunted Hot Springs…

After getting off the car, Li Yalin saw the legendary Haunted Hot Springs, different from the imaginary haunted mansion, from the outside, this is a rather grand classical building, no wonder this was once a very popular hot spring hotel, indeed a bit impressive.

So… can they see the legendary ghost or not?

“Everyone waits for me in the car, I’ll go in to check it out first.”

When he first came to Haunted Hot Springs, Li Yalin didn’t know anything yet, so of course he had to go in and find out what was going on. But after all, it was a haunted house where there were rumors of ghosts wandering around, so it was really better for him to go in alone.

Oh yes, there is another person who can also join together.

“Uncle, do you want to join?”

Since the bearded uncle’s daughter is also living here, it is better to invite him, in case he also wants to meet his daughter.

“I don’t think so, otherwise things would get awkward.”

Hearing Li Yalin’s invitation, the bearded uncle’s expression moved slightly, but he quickly shrank his neck.

Just as he showed, although he wanted to go, but still wimped out.

Tsk… It’s really gutless.

“Forget it, I’ll go in by myself, Akane-ne you look after everyone for me, I’ll be right back.”

After clicking his tongue, Li Yalin also did not force the bearded uncle to accompany him, and turned to Kowata Akane and gave a word of advice, then walked into the Haunted Hot Springs gate.

The legendary Haunted Hot Springs? Let me have a look at it!

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