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As a legendary haunted house, Haunted Hot Springs is not as dilapidated as expected, which is indeed very surprising to Li Yalin, but what he did not expect is that such a haunted house is still inhabited by many residents.

“Eeh? You mean… you are planning to rent a room in Haunted Hot Springs?”

The person standing in front of Li Yalin at this moment is a young girl with a small figure, who looks about 12 or 13 years old.

She was the manager of Haunted Hot Springs and was in charge of the operation of Haunted Hot Springs.

When Li Yalin first entered Haunted Hot Springs, the manager girl quickly appeared in front of him, and after some communication, the small manager girl was also quite excited.

It seems like Haunted Hot Springs is in desperate need of tenants.

“Yes, I do want to rent a few rooms in Haunted Hot Springs, but I’m not staying here, I just want to accommodate some friends.”

After arriving at Haunted Hot Springs, Li Yalin had pretty much figured out the system’s intentions, and while it was not an ideal place to live in the suburbs, where there was no one around for miles, it would be a great place to stay if the guests were ghosts!

If Merry, Hanako and Gal-chan could stay at Haunted Hot Springs as residents, not only would they find a place to stay, but it would also be easy for Amami Hibiki to see them again.

In this case, Li Yalin naturally also took advantage of the situation and was ready to rent a few rooms here.

Not to mention… when this manager girl appeared, he had already found something, and this, too, was the real reason why he decided to let Merry stay at Haunted Hot Springs.

“Oh? There are several tenants? That’s great!”

At first, the manager thought that Li Yalin was the only one renting the room, but the surprise came out of nowhere: the next tenants at Haunted Hot Springs were not just one person, but several.

The fact that she hadn’t seen any new guests in a long time made her even more excited.

“But… I need to explain in advance that my friends are a little different from ordinary people, which I must tell you in advance, Miss manager.”

As the young girl in front of him clapped her hands and brought a blush to her face, obviously excited about the new residents, Li Yalin spoke again, causing the other party to blink.

Not like ordinary people?

What does that mean?

“My friends… They are not human, but ghosts.”

Yes, in front of the manager of Haunted Hot Springs, Li Yalin bluntly stated Gal-chan and the others’ identities.

As for why he said that, it was simply because this young manager, who seemed to be young, was not an ordinary person either!

“Eh? A ghost?”

As soon as Li Yalin said this, the beautiful eyes of Miss manager on the other side were immediately widened.

“This is not something unusual, right? Shall we say… This Haunted Hot Springs is already inhabited by ghosts, isn’t it? So a few more ghosts would be fine, right?”

The manager, who was small in stature, was surprised by Li Yalin’s words, but Li Yalin himself, who said those words, was very calm.

And while responding in this way, his gaze was also turned to the ceiling.

“For example, isn’t there a ghost overhearing our conversation?”

“Huh??? You can see Yuuna?”

Well, this time Miss manager was even more shocked.

Yes, when Li Yalin met with this manager, he already sensed that something was wrong, and with a glance out of the corner of his eye, he found a ghost girl floating on the ceiling wearing a white yukata with a light blue pattern and a red feather weave.

The ghost girl, who was floating on the ceiling, was looking at Li Yalin with a curious face.

It was a bit uncomfortable to be stared at by such a gaze, but Li Yalin did not intend to reveal the bottom of the ghost girl until he had made it clear.

As for now, since the conversation has been opened up, the ghost girl can naturally come out to meet, always floating on the ceiling… it’s also too rude, isn’t it?

“You can see me?”

Li Yalin’s sentence not only let his opposite Miss manager surprised, but even the ghost girl is floating on the ceiling is also a big surprise.

The next moment, she suddenly floated in front of Li Yalin, a lovely face curiously looking up and down, as if she was being seen for the first time.

“Such a beautiful ghost lady, even if I want to ignore it is also impossible, right?”

Faced with the ghost girl’s curious expression, Li Yalin shrugged his shoulders somewhat speechlessly, but it seems that it was because of his words that the ghost girl was acting even more surprised.

“You can see my face?”

The ghost is real, but not everyone can see the ghost, and even if the person with sixth sense can see the ghost, it is not always possible to really see the full face of the ghost.

For ordinary people with a little bit of sixth sense, they see the appearance of the ghost is very blurred, perhaps only see some white shadow, or only a pale face. In fact, many of the horror legends about the ghost was passed out by those half-assed spiritual sense physique. As a matter of fact, they are not real Psychic, not possible to enter the psychic circle, and do not know the truth about the world.

They just saw what they thought they saw, and spread what they saw, and over time, the legend of the ghost began to prevail. But what they saw, was not the true face of the ghost!

In this case, it is no wonder that the ghost girl reacted so excitedly, perhaps what she had seen before then were mostly those half-assed with only a slight sixth sense.

“I can see very clearly, after all, in a sense, I am also considered half Psychic.”

Li Yalin’s ability to see ghosts does not come from spiritual sense, but simply from a strong spiritual power. After all, ghosts are another kind of spiritual manifestation, and most of those Psychic people are also those with abundant spiritual power.

It can be said that people with strong spiritual power are more able to see ghosts, and Amami Hibiki, who has been able to see ghosts since childhood, shows that she was born with strong spiritual power, but unfortunately she did not realize this, and also does not use this power.

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