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“P-psychic? Then… Are you here to catch Yuuna?”

Nothing wrong with Li Yalin’s words, non-Psychic indeed can’t see the existence of ghosts. But he didn’t expect that his words would scare the ghost girl.

Probably in this girl’s mind, Psychic and catching ghosts are equated? So after hearing Li Yalin’s words, she subconsciously turn around to run away.

How scared was she of Psychic?

“Didn’t I tell you, I’m only half Psychic, the kind that can see ghosts but doesn’t deal with them, plus I have ghost friends who would be staying here, so how could I possibly come and catch you…”

The ghost girl’s reaction was really nonsensical, making Li Yalin also quite speechless.

What’s this all about?

“Eh? Is that so?”

Perhaps this ghost girl is an airhead, Li Yalin just give an explanation and she stopped her figure as if she accepted his explanation.

She is not afraid that he is a bad person, saying this is to deceive her and get her trust before getting her?

How come girls these days are so innocent?

“All in all, that’s the case. If there’s no problem on your side, Miss Manager, then I’ll let my friends in.”

Somewhat helplessly pressed his temples, Li Yalin also did not say anything more to the ghost girl, but turned his gaze to the petite manager.

What he needed to ask for now was this manager lady’s consent.

“Um… Personally, there is actually no problem… but if it is a ghost…”

According to Li Yalin’s idea, since Haunted Hot Springs is already inhabited by ghosts, plus the manager girl are not ordinary people, then it should not be a problem to let Merry and the others stay.

The result is that things have gone wrong at the critical point, and he knows that it is not that simple when he sees the hesitant expression of the manager girl.

“What? Haunted Hot Springs does not welcome ghosts?”

Li Yalin felt that this manager girl seems to have some unspeakable secrets, so that is to say, she does not have a problem, but others have a problem?

What the hell is going on here?

“No, no, you misunderstand, I don’t mean that I don’t welcome ghosts, in fact I’d be happy to have someone stay at Haunted Hot Springs, but… I’m just the manager of Haunted Hot Springs, not really the owner, so…”

Seeing Li Yalin’s frown, the manager girl also hurriedly waved her hand to explain. From her mouth, Li Yalin also gradually understood a general situation.

As this manager girl said, her identity in Haunted Hot Springs is manager, responsible for the management of the entire Haunted Hot Springs. But the problem is, manager is not owner, this Haunted Hot Springs is also not her and she doesn’t have any say in many things.

The real owner of Haunted Hot Springs was originally the owner of the hot spring hotel, but the business failed, so the hotel had to be closed and transformed into a rental.

Since the rental, it is to make money, but unfortunately, the ghost rumors year-round make Haunted Hot Springs can not accommodate any ordinary residents. Even if some bold residents come to rent, but often are scare away by ghosts in less than two days.

As for who is responsible for scaring away the tenants, needless to say, it is the ghost girl undoubtedly.

Of course, according to the ghost girl’s argument is that she did not mean to scare people, but some accidents she could not control, she also very innocent.

However, because of such a ghost event, Haunted Hot Springs simply can no longer do business, but also let the real owner of Haunted Hot Springs had a great headache.

According to the manager girl, Haunted Hot Springs has Yuuna alone as a ghost is enough to make people headache. If a few more come, the place will really turn into a paranormal hotel, and then it will be even more difficult to rent.

Especially important is that she is afraid that if more ghosts move in, it will touch the bottom line of the real owner of Haunted Hot Springs. In case people get angry and find a few Psychic to get rid of the ghosts, then it will not only be as simple as the ghosts being expelled, but that all the residents of Haunted Hot Springs will be affected.

So it’s not that she doesn’t want to, but there’s really no way.

“I see, then according to you, letting my friends stay here will indeed bring you trouble.”

After learning this information from the manager girl, Li Yalin spoke thoughtfully while stroking his chin.

“I’m really sorry!”

Faced with Li Yalin, the manager girl also bowed guiltily. Haunted Hot Springs real owner’s thought is understandable, she is actually just a temporary resident here, in many aspects, things can not be shifted by her will.

The only thing she can do now is to apologize.

“It’s okay, you also have your own difficulties after all. By the way… Miss manager, I wonder if you can help me contact the real owner of Haunted Hot Springs?”

Li Yalin could understand the manager girl’ thoughts, so he didn’t intend to make things difficult for her. After all, he had come here uninvited, and it would only add to her troubles to move in.

However, it was not his character to just leave after coming here, so after a moment of silence, he made a request to the manager girl again.

“Well? May I ask if you are…”

Li Yalin’s statement made the manager girl a bit incomprehensible, was he reluctant and planning to talk to the real owner of Haunted Hot Springs? Or did he have some other plans?

“I just want to ask if the other party has any intention of selling Haunted Hot Springs.”

Seeing the Manager girls in front of him, Li Yalin’s face showed a smile.

Yes, since they can’t rent this place, then just buy it! Anyway, as far as Li Yalin is concerned, he is not short of money at all. With his current assets, it would not be a problem to buy this haunted Haunted Hot Springs, even if it was once a popular hot spring hotel!

Anyway, making money is used to spend it. Not to mention that this Haunted Hot Springs looks really nice, so it’s not bad to use it as a place to relax in the future.

So just say how much does this place cost!


The purchase of Haunted Hot Springs was not a big deal to Li Yalin, but in the eyes of the manager girl, it was a different story.

Such a big Haunted Hot Springs, is it possible to buy it just like that? And this person in front of her… How should she put it, he didn’t even blink, as if buying Haunted Hot Springs was as simple as buying a toy for him.

He… Is he that rich?

The manager who was always worried about the management of Haunted Hot Springs was really shocked this time.

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