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As said before, Li Yalin’s physical strength is not that good, at least there still some gaps compared with the members of these sports clubs.

The most important thing is that he spent a lot of energy when he completed the task. Although he drank the sports drink given by Maki, it was impossible to recover completely in a short time.

The lack of physical strength and the desperate marking of the opponent caused Li Yalin to be restricted on the court which makes him feel uncomfortable.

Damn… I really should find time to exercise.

With such thoughts in mind, Li Yalin’s hands and feet did not stop. He couldn’t be distracted in the game field. Even if he is caught and marked, it does not mean that he really has no strength to fight back.

After all, this is a five-person sport!

“Minami-san… I am counting on you!”

Against opponents encirclement, it will be difficult for Li Yalin to shoot comfortably. Seeing their main force under siege, Hayami standing in the player area of ​​the volleyball club can’t help but curse them being shameless.

But as the one under the siege, Li Yalin did not panic. Playing basketball is not just about shooting.

What I can’t do, my teammates can help me do it!

When Li Yalin is surrounded by many, Haruka’s cover naturally loosened. So what he need to do now is to control the whole game with his dribble and assist Haruka to score.

Facts have proved that his choice is correct. Although he can’t make a three-pointer, Haruka’s shooting percentage is extremely high. With her mutual assistance with Li Yalin, in the next few minutes, volleyball club not only narrowed the score gap but even take the lead!

“Keep an eye on Minami Haruka!”

They surrounded Li Yalin but Haruka keep scoring, the basketball club president began to panic.

Clearly this is their home ground, why they lose to a bunch of volleyball club novice?

How can they raise their head in the future if they lose this?

That is not allowed!

Minami Haruka must be marked!

The club president of the basketball club is really losing his mind. Marking anyone that score is undoubtedly the most stupid decision.

Yes, Haruka was indeed marked by them but at the price of letting Li Yalin free. With the lack of pressure around him, even with his lack of physical strength, running to the shooting position was no problem.

By finding a gap for another accurate three-pointer. Li Yalin led volleyball club to completely tear the basketball team’s defense.

With the sound of basketball entering the net, the basketball club’s lose their belief.

Can’t keep marking and it also difficult to score. Tried every effort to score a goal but then the enemy pulled a three-pointer in a row. How can they win this game?

They can’t win…

Along with the final whistle of the second quarter, the basketball team and the volleyball club scoreboard is 32:43. In just ten minutes, Li Yalin and Haruka scored 31 points together.

This huge difference not only led the volleyball club to victory but also hit the basketball club completely. Being beaten by a bunch of volleyball novice on basketball field. The five basketball club members on the court were already in a trance!

Even the club president of the basketball club has an absentminded expression, no one know what he was thinking.

“Great! We win!”

Unlike the depressed basketball club, the volleyball club as the winner is filled with joy and laughter. Especially Maki who witnessed the whole winning process rushed directly to the court to hug Haruka tightly.

This is really a hard-won victory. As a member of the volleyball club, she is really excited and proud!

“It’s really hard for you, Yalin kouhai.”

When Maki hugged Haruka, Hayami came to Li Yalin, squinted towards Li Yalin with face full of smiles.

The way she called Li Yalin now is quite intimacy and even called his name directly. But it also made Li Yalin feel a little nervous.

He always feel that this is not a good sign.

“It’s not worth mentioning, Hayami sempai is too polite.”

With a wave of his hand, Li Yalin reached out and wiped the sweat on his forehead. His thought right now is quite simple. The task has been completed so nothing more to do here. It is better to leave as soon as possible.

Otherwise, it feel like he’s gonna get in trouble.

“If you don’t mind… Li-kun can use this.”

After being perfunctory, before Li Yalin could think of a reason to leave immediately, he immediately saw a white handkerchief handed to him.

What’s going on?

Seeing the white towel in front of him makes Li Yalin slightly stunned. After taking a closer look at the one handed him the towel, it turned out to be Ono Atsuko in the Haruka’s trio.

She was not in the player area just now but she still watched the whole game. So did she give him a towels when she see him need one?

What a kind-hearted girl.

“Thanks Ono-san.”

He can’t waste her kindness, right? He take the handkerchief and continuing to wipe the sweat on his forehead, it is always more convenient than wiping with hand.


Maybe it just his imagination. After Li Yalin took Atsuko’s towel, he vaguely felt the surrounding eyes is scorching hot.

Schoolboy’s eyes seem to be envious and jealous, and the girls are curious and gossip… what the hell?

After a little glance with the corners of his eyes, Li Yalin immediately noticed that something was wrong and finally realize it after he think about it a little.

So that’s what happened!

Did he just enjoy the treatment that all the schoolboys in the sports club have longed for?

Yes, won the match and got the white towel given by the kouhai girls to wipe the sweat. This is a scene that all the schoolboys in sports clubs have longed for. He originally thought it was only in fantasy and would not appear in reality. But Li Yalin and Atsuko gave a lesson to everyone!

“Well, Atsuko is unexpectedly bold.”

Li Yalin is somewhat self-confident in his observations. Although he can’t guessed the girl’s mind, he is very aware of the atmosphere.

He could figure out what was going on, but as the initiator of this incident, Ono Atsuko didn’t even know what happened.

She even looked confused when Hayami patted her shoulder with interest and somewhat teasing.

The reason Atsuko handed the towels to Li Yalin is actually very simple.

First, the volleyball club won because of him. Atsuko feel like she should do something as a classmate.

Secondly, Atsuko really likes Li Yalin’s piano performance. She subconsciously wants to express closeness, that’s all.

These two reasons contributed to Atsuko’s actions. But it is precisely because of this the schoolboys in the volleyball club men’s group, one after another thumped their chests with unwilling expression.

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