Cafe 54

“Damn it! I also want Ono kouhai to send me towels and softly say senpai you worked hard!”

“Um… I want Minami-san to give me towels…”

“No matter who… just give me a towel! Damn it!”

Did he really gained the favor of volleyball club? Why does he feel like his favorability dropped?

Wiping the sweat from his forehead while feeling the scorching eyes of the schoolboys in volleyball club, Li Yalin feel a great pressure.

Although he experienced the feeling of girls giving towels to wipe his sweat. But sure enough, it is better to leave early.

“I am very happy to fight with everyone. It’s quite late already, so I will take my leave.”

Everyone is a comrade-in-arms after all. He has to say goodbye to everyone first even if he wants to leave. Otherwise it would be too cold of him if he just turn and left right away.

Nodded towards Haruka and Maki, Li Yalin went to the dressing room to change clothes alone. His piano performance will be postponed because of today’s game. Although he has already called Chino in advance. It’s better to rush back as soon as possible.

“So handsome!”

“You know that schoolboy Atsuko? Is he a first grade kouhai? Why is he so amazing?”

“I want a boyfriend like him!”

It’s hard to say whether Li Yalin has gained favorability in the men’s group, but the favorability he has gained on the women’s side is absolutely overwhelming.

Just after he left, the girls of the volleyball club women’s group immediately surrounded Ono Atsuko and asked her vigorously.

Such a schoolboy can stand up at a critical moment to help volleyball club to turn the tide and finally leave so dashingly, it can definitely arouse the girls’ favor.

But Atsuko being surrounded was completely at a loss now. She still can’t reacted yet. What is going on?

It is a pity that Li Yalin who has just left can’t save her. He has changed his clothes and left the gymnasium, directly leave the school and back to the coffee shop.

Looking at the time, he wasn’t as late as he thought. He is half an hour late, the guests should be able to understand.


“Yalin sensei!”

“Yalin senpai.”

“I am back.”

Back to Rabbit House, Li Yalin found that he was the last one to return. Chino, Cocoa and Rize were all busy in the store.

Because of this, he greeted everyone with a smile, and then quickly walked to his seat.

Yes, he has already felt that since entering the Rabbit House, the customers’ eyes have been focused on him. The look of expectation made him understand what he should do now.

Without much talking, he just need to present the best music to everyone.

With the melodious piano sound, the customers of the coffee shop gradually immersed in the ocean of music. This moment is dedicated to Li Yalin performance and also belongs to a unique scenery in the Rabbit House.

“Is this coffee shop? It looks nothing special.”

As the sound of the piano resonated through the coffee shop. Outside the coffee shop, a few girls were standing in front of the door observing the store.

Among them is a black-haired twintail girls looked up and down and finally came to the conclusion that this is just an ordinary coffee shop.

“You stupid idiot, are you questioning Haruka onee-sama’s choice?”

The black-haired twintail girl just spoke. A girl about ten years old immediately tsukomi, no… more accurately, this should be a poisonous tongue.

After all, she directly called others idiot.

“Only stupid people will call others stupid!”

“Okay, this time we came out for dinner. While on the way to give our thanks to Li-kun. You guys can’t be too rude.”

Being called stupid immediately angered the black-haired twintail girl. But just as she was about to fight back, another voice sounded again.

If Li Yalin is standing in front of the store, he can easily recognize the owner of this voice. Because he has just fought side by side with the owner of this voice.

She is Li Yalin’s classmate – Minami Haruka!

“Yes, Haruka onee-sama.”

“Cih! Chiaki provoke me first!”

The quarrel between the two girls in front of the coffee shop was stopped by Haruka even before it begin. Under Haruka, the ten-year-old loli immediately shut up while the twintail girl were displeased.

“Okay, okay, this time we are going to thank Yalin kouhai but I am more interested in Yalin kouhai’s piano performance. It would be quite interesting if his performance is really as magical as Atsuko said.”

Right now, it’s not just the three of them in front of the coffee shop. On their side, there are Maki, Atsuko and Hayami sempai of the volleyball club.

Well, Hayami’s face now is full of interest. Obviously, she heard some things about Li Yalin from Atsuko, making her more interested.

“Anyway, let’s go in first.”

Just as Hayami’s speak, Maki’s hand already resting on the door handle of the coffee shop. With a light push, a clear doorbell rang.

When the door of the coffee shop is pushed open, the piano sound in the store is passed into everyone’s ears. The sound insulation effect of Rabbit House is quite good, obviously can’t hear anything when standing at the door. But when the door pushed open, another world was presented in front of the girls.


When Maki pushed open the door and heard the wonderful piano sound, she couldn’t help but stand still. Although she had long been prepared, she still couldn’t react after hearing the piano sound.

Fortunately, Cocoa appear when she heard the bell ringing. She has long been familiar with Li Yalin’s piano. Although she really likes it, she can’t slack off because of it.

When a customer arrives, she needs to welcome the customer into the store and serve them.

“Ah… yes…”

With Cocoa’s reminder, Maki finally react and stepped into the Rabbit House. After subconsciously looking around, she immediately locked her eyes to the bar counter side.

Li Yalin who hadn’t had time to change his school uniform was playing the piano intently there and it was only then that Maki really understood Atsuko’s feelings.

No wonder Atsuko was so dazed when she saw him… such a nice piano performance really being played by a high school student.

The most amazing thing is that this high school student is their own classmate!

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