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Well, I am in a good condition.

Li Yalin’s piano performance is not to play songs in a row. Basically, after each song is played, he will takes a few minutes to rest before continuing to play the next song.

At the end of the song, Li Yalin stopped his vigorous fingers and sat still in front of the piano to relive the performance just now.

Although this is the ability given to him by the system, but he will also produce a kind of understanding as the playing time increases and the proficiency improves, further improving his performance.

Today’s situation is very good, he always feel like he is going to the next level. He don’t know what he can achieve when he reach expert level.

But it still makes him excited.

After feeling the realization in his heart, Li Yalin habitually turned back to look around the coffee shop. He will continue to play again if there is nothing unexpected.

It was also this habit that made him unexpectedly see a few familiar figures.

That’s… Haruka and Atsuko?

How could they appear in Rabbit House?

In addition to Haruka, the girl with twintail who looks familiar and loli with ahoge on her head. Perhaps they are Minami-ke other two main characters, Haruka’s imouto – Kana and Chiaki?

He is not a hundred percent sure but more than 90% certain.

Li Yalin didn’t know why Haruka is coming. But since he saw them all, he certainly couldn’t ignore them, right?

Standing up and leaving his seat, Li Yalin came to Haruka’s seat. His action also attracted the attention of most customers in the coffee shop.

No way, he is now a celebrity in Rabbit House, and his every action will be noticed by everyone.

“Minami-san, Takagi-san, Ono-san and Hayami sempai.”

When he came to Haruka and others, Li Yalin smiled and greeted everyone. Only then did the surrounding customers realize that they are his acquaintance.

“You are amazing Yalin kouhai. I didn’t expect you to play basketball so well and even play piano quite well.”

Before Haruka and the others able to speak a word, Hayami is the first one to praise him, but hearing her praise makes him feel weird.

No way, in his impressions, this Hayami sempai’s character is quite cunning, haraguro and also likes pranks. The disgusting ikemen who is in the same class as her is often teased by her.

Although the disgusting ikemen’s being simple-minded is one of the reason, it also illustrates Hayami’s bad personality.

In order to avoid being the target of her pranks, Li Yalin feels that he need to have less contact with her.

“Yeah! You are really amazing. Although Atsuko have said it for a while now. But it still shocked me after hearing your performance.”

Fortunately, after Hayami’s speak, Maki also join in the conversation. After listening to a song played by Li Yalin, she was thoroughly convinced. Before, she still felt that Atsuko’s words were exaggerated, but now she really not boasting even for a bit.

It’s so pleasant to hear!

“Li-kun is really amazing.”

Maki’s words are well recognized by everyone, even Haruka can’t help but nod her head. Although she rarely listens to piano performances, she can still produce an admiration from the bottom of her heart after listening to Li Yalin’s piano.

This is an unprecedented experience she rarely get.

“You will make me full of myself if you praise me so much.”

Although Atsuko didn’t say anything, her eyes had betrayed her. Among the few girls, she was the first to hear Li Yalin’s piano and was the first person to like it. So she is more happy than anyone else.

In this case, Li Yalin who has always been calm could only scratches his head.

Although it feels good to be praised, but it also too shameful – especially with so many eyes around.

“They are your friend Yalin senpai?”

Li Yalin came to see the acquaintances. Of course, the surrounding customers can’t ask casually. But as the store’s companion, Cocoa’s curiosity soared instantly.

When she received Haruka and the others, these girls left a very deep impression on her. Especially Haruka full of sisterhood even dazzled her that she couldn’t open her eyes for a moment.

Such a beautiful and mature girl turned out to be Yalin senpai acquaintance. Is she specifically come for Yalin senpai? Or was it an unexpected encounter?

Her soul of gossip is about to brust out.

“Well, this is my classmate and sempai, and the other two are…”

Li Yalin didn’t know Cocoa’s thoughts. He quickly introduced them to her when she asked him.

However, turning his eyes to Kana and Chiaki, Li Yalin puased for a moment. Although he guessed their identities, but they really have not introduced themselves yet.

“This is my imouto Kana and Chiaki.”

Seeing Li Yalin pause, Haruka also understood the situation. She briefly introduce the name of her own imouto, so that Li Yalin awkwardness can also be avoided.

“So they are Yalin-senpai classmate. That’s mean… Today is Yalin senpai first day in school? Did you make so many friends just after the start of school? It’s really amazing!”

The identity of Haruka and the girls was quickly understood by Cocoa. And because of this, she immediately showed a worship look.

Meeting several beautiful girls on the first day of school, even let these girls take the initiative to visit his home in the evening. Yalin senpai’s communication skills are too strong, right?

In contrast, Cocoa felt she is too weak. Except for Chiya whom she had already known, she failed to make other friends in the first day of school.

“I am…”

Nothing wrong with what Cocoa said but Li Yalin didn’t think it sound right. He even felt the need to explain this to the girl, otherwise he will be misunderstood.

“Okay, I won’t bother Yalin senpai anymore. Everyone’s coffee is ready. I hope everyone will like it.”

Well, before Li Yalin explains, Cocoa has a big smile on his side. She even gave Li Yalin a thumbs up just before she leave.

What the hell?

It is a pity that Cocoa quickly went to the customer at another table and started to serve the customer. In this case, Li Yalin could not bother her.

He can only turn his eyes back to Haruka and the others, he is quite curious about their arrival.

“So… Minami-san shouldn’t you be at home? Why come to Rabbit House with Takagi-san and Ono-san?”

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