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Although he left the stadium early, Li Yalin knew that Haruka and others could not come to Rabbit House as agreed today. After all, Haruka still had to do housework in the evening, and have to makes dinners for her two imouto.

But now not only Haruka but also her two imouto come with her, he can’t figured out what is going on.

“Well, there is a sudden blackout in our house…”

Faced with Li Yalin’s doubts, Haruka can’t help but bitter smile. Just like Li Yalin thought, she would not appear in Rabbit House under normal circumstances.

After the game, Maki, Atsuko and Hayami went to her home as agreed to help with the housework. But no one expected that they would encountered a power outage in the apartment.

How to make dinner without water and electricity? Just settled with a bowl of instant noodles?

When Kana and Chiaki came home, they gathered around to discuss and decided to go out for dinner tonight. Decisively throw the instant noodles aside!

However, as everyone continued to discuss where to go to eat, Maki suddenly mentioned that Rabbit House music performance should not be over yet. How about taking a look before eating? After all, it was agreed before, right?

Haruka is very interested in Maki’s proposal. After fighting side by side, she still has a high opinion of Li Yalin. It is undoubtedly the best option if she can fulfill the agreement today.

With Maki’s proposal and Haruka’s heart moved, Atsuko certainly didn’t have any objections. Not to mention Kana and Chiaki. One is full of curiosity and the other one always obeying her onee-sama command, certainly won’t have any opinion.

In this way, everyone reach an agreement to go to Rabbit House. This is not just to listen to Li Yalin’s piano performance. But more importantly, according to Hayami’s words, he is a big help to volleyball club. This is also to show their appreciation to him.

“I didn’t actually do much. Right, since everyone is here, please try our signature bread. This is the proud product of our family Cocoa. It’s my treat.”

Li Yalin is not very good at responding to the gratitude of others. Especially in this situation, it will make him at a loss.

So thanks to Hayami’s lead, he waved his hands repeatedly and quickly changed the subject to end this topic.

As Li Yalin said, Rabbit House is currently researching new recipes. After all, they can’t really make much money with just selling coffee. Adding more snacks such as small pastries not only meet the needs of more customers but also increase the store’s revenue, why not do it?

As the initiator of this proposal, Cocoa took the initiative to take this responsibility. Perhaps her family opened a bakery. Cocoa has absolute confidence in the matter of bread.

So Rabbit House has recently launched some bread as snacks and won the customers praise. Especially the butter toast has become their signature bread.

Even Li Yalin thought the bread was delicious. Haruka and others happen to came so he brought some food for them to try.

“So… I’m going back to play first.”

He can entrust Haruka and others to Cocoa and Rize. Li Yalin has been here for a while. Don’t forget that there are still many customers in this store waiting for his music performance.

Seeing that the time was almost up, Li Yalin say goodbye to the girls and immediately turned back to sit in front of the piano.

Next, it is his music time!

“Hoo… The bread in this shop is really delicious. I really want to eat a few more, we can treat this as dinner.”

Haruka group did not stay in the Rabbit House for too long. After all, they had to eat dinner. After listening to a few more songs, they said farewell to Li Yalin and then left.

Out of Rabbit House, Kana ranked second among the 3 sisters of the Minami family stretch out her lazy waist. She is not very interested in music. Li Yalin’s performance was just good for her, nothing special.

But she like the mellow butter toast. She really wanted to eat a few more.

“It’s a fool who doesn’t understand anything at all.”

Kana’s just spoke, and Chiaki immediately tsukomi aside. Although her eyes were half-open and half-closed, but her eyes clearly filled with a deep contempt.

Clearly has such nice music but always engrossed in food. It really looks like an animal.

“What are you talking about? You obviously just keep eating!”

Kana and Chiaki often quarreled with each other everyday. There was no change when leaving home. Although they were on the street, Kana didn’t have a low-key idea at all.

Her loud voice immediately attracted a lot of eyes around.

“The two of you… today’s dinner plan will be cancelled if you keep quarreling!”

The dispute between Kana and Chiaki made Haruka helplessly pressed her temple. Hearing the beautiful music and eating delicious bread, how could her two imouto destroy the atmosphere?

Can’t you take a moment to relieve it?

The consequences would be serious if they makes their eldest sister angry. Both Kana and Chiaki realized this, and immediately stopped.

They don’t want to ruin their dinner. Although they just had butter toast, it can’t replace dinner!

So it is better not to say a word now.

“That Yalin kouhai really surprises me. Not only handsome but also athletic and even good at playing piano. The most important thing is that he has a good temperament.”

“So there would be many girls who will like Yalin kouhai in the future. If some of you are interested in him, you should act quickly. Otherwise you will regret it later.”

Kana and Chiaki had just stop talking, Hayami suddenly spoke with deep meaning and her words made them blush instantly.

“Act… quickly? Hayami sempai what are you talking about?”

As Hayami said, Li Yalin really gave them a very good impression and would be very happy to interact with him further.

But it just a good impression and not reach to the level of like yet, so Hayami words has a big impact on everyone.

Especially Haruka who is not good with this is blushing right away. Fortunately, no outsiders around. Otherwise, she would run away immediately.

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