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“Is there anything wrong? We already a high school student. You will regret them later if you can’t even talk about love?”

Haruka, Maki and Atsuko all blushed by Hayami’s words. Although they secretly longing for romance, but it’s too shameful for them to talk about it.

At least it still too much for them.

But Hayami was disdainful looking at them like this.

“Maybe only a few schoolboy in our school is fit being a boyfriend. Either it has a personality problem or too naive. By comparison, this Yalin kouhai is definitely a scarce resource.”

“Don’t say I didn’t remind you to get him quickly, I have a hunch that you guys won’t have this oportunity later.”

Stretching her hand to touch her chin, Hayami is very focused now. Listening to her, she seems to be really optimistic about Li Yalin, which makes Haruka and Maki look at each other.

Although they must admitted that Li-kun is really amazing, and Hayami sempai din’t say anything wrong. But the problem is… how do they always feel something is wrong with Hayami sempai words?

Isn’t she too direct?

“Hayami sempai, is it a good thing for our volleyball club if I could make Li-kun my boyfriend?”

Maki usually isn’t that smart. Although not particularly clumsy, it can’t be classified as a smart person.

But today Takagi Maki-san seems to understand something, immediately said such words.

Looking at Hayami again, she nodded even without much thinking.

“That’s of course, we can win against the basketball club with Yalin kouhai’s playing skills.”

“I knew it! You have this intention Hayami sempai!”

The truth has been revealed!

With Maki’s finger pointed at Hayami’s nose, Hayami’s plan were exposed right away!

As she said, the battle between the volleyball club and the basketball club will never end. The volleyball club does has the upper hand today, but it does not mean it won’t change later.

Unless there a strong force to suppress the basketball club, otherwise, as long as the basketball club restores its vitality, the battle between the two clubs will definitely resume.

So attracting Li Yalin has become Hayami’s best choice.

It’s just… how to get Li Yalin?

After thinking about it, the most easy way is to use honey trap. Although they are not a top beauty, but the three girls Haruka, Maki and Atsuko has a good face. It can definitely bring Li Yalin’s heart toward volleyball club side once one of them can date him.

Have to say that Hayami’s plan is very good, but it was exposed immediately by Maki.

“So it’s like that…”

The conversation between Maki and Hayami made both Haruka and Atsuko to sigh. Although Hayami’s non-stop promotion of Li Yalin did make them feel not right, but they did not realize her intention immediately.

Unexpectedly, Maki responded so quickly.

“Cough… I’m doing it for volleyball club too. Besides, Yalin kouhai is indeed a good boyfriend material. Can you deny this?”

It also make her somewhat awkward her little plan was exposed. After all, she did not expect that she even blurted out her ideas.

But she can’t just take back her words, right? So she need to make some points now!

“You aren’t wrong…”

Hayami’s argument made everyone speechless. They all had a good impression toward Li Yalin even though it wasn’t that long to get to know him, it is impossible for them to deny their conscience.

It’s just… can they just accept her words?

“Does Haruka like that pianist? Will he become our brother-in-law in the future?”

The conversation between Hayami and Haruka was heard by Kana, but she didn’t understand anything. She didn’t even know what’s going on.

But what she could understand is that her sister Haruka did not deny that volleyball club senpai. Although she listening in daze, one thing was certain.

Her own elder sister is very fond of the schoolboy who plays the piano. So that means… the elder sister of the Minami family would have a boyfriend?

“What? Haruka onee-sama want to have a boyfriend? That guy who plays the piano?”

As soon as Kana’s speak out, Chiaki on the side was shocked. She is just like Kana, didn’t know what they are talking about and had no idea what’s going on.

Even so, she knew very well that she must never let her Haruka onee-sama be robbed by other men, even the schoolboy who can play the piano nicely!

“You two… what are you thinking about? Although Li-kun is really good, but I don’t plan to date anyone now…”

Haruka feel headache from her two imouto reaction. Originally listening to Hayami sempai’s words made her very shy. Now her two imouto adding more chaos. How can she eat calmly later?

She pressed her temple very silently. Haruka felt that she should show her attitude, otherwise she would be misunderstood which would makes her very upset.

“I thought Yalin kouhai broke Haruka’s barriers, what a let down.”

Haruka’s explanation made Chiaki relieved and she won’t care as long as her Haruka onee-sama is not taken away, but her explanation could not satisfy Hayami at all.

A schoolboy who can walk so close to Haruka, Li Yalin is definitely the first person in the world. She originally expected something will happen between the two, but now it seems…

Something may happen in the future, but nothing will happen between them in a short time!

This made Hayami very disappointed. After all in her view, the girl with the charm of capturing Li Yalin is definitely Haruka. If she is reluctant, don’t expect anything from Maki and Atsuko.

“I just think… Li-kun is a very good friend and he makes me feels like my father. Although his appearance is completely different, but his temperament is surprisingly similar. It’s normal for me to want to have more contact with him.”

Haruka has no words to say against Hayami disappointment. But she knew that she must give an explanation, otherwise this topic will definitely continue.

So… he’s similar to her father’s temperament, why should she date him?

“Haruka, are you a father-con?”

Haruka didn’t think too much when she said this. It was enough to find a reason. But what she got is Hayami tsukomi instead.

“Of course not…”

Responding very weakly, Haruka felt helplessness. Why she suddenly become a father-con?

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