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What Haruka and others talked about after leaving Rabbit House, Li Yalin definitely doesn’t know. After today’s performance, he had dinner with everyone and immediately engaged in manga work.

Although there are still many manuscripts left and he can start drawing after the tankōbon were published. But sure enough, he should save some manuscripts in case something unexpected happens.

After all, it can also improve his proficiency, why not?

Of course he can’t draw manga all night. And Chino won’t allow him even if he want to.

And it wasn’t just Chino staring at him, with Cocoa, the two little girls watched him together – You can draw manga, but you must go to bed after 10 pm, sleep early and wake up earlier for healthy body!

Beeing looked after by such a cute imoutos, can Li Yalin say no to them?

Of course he can’t!

Then take it slowly step by step!

“Good morning Yalin-kun.”

The next day after eating breakfast, Li Yalin went straight to the school after separated from Chino and Cocoa. Although he was not fully adapted to his identity as a student, he didn’t plan to become a bad student. At least he must not miss classes.

After all, the high school in Japan district is quite relaxed. Time will fly fast as long as he is patient.

With such thought in mind, Li Yalin’s mood can also be a lot easier. But his mood can only be maintained until the school gate.

“Uomi student president… good morning…”

Right in front of the school gate, students president Uomi was standing there, smiling while she greeted Li Yalin. Although student council’s routine patrols at the school gate are purely normal behavior, but Li Yalin always had the feeling that Uomi is here for him.

After all, other students took the initiative to say hello to her and she respond to them with expressionless expression. When it’s his turn, Uomi not only took the initiative to speak, but also smiled to him.

This alone makes Li Yalin feel a lot of burning eyes. What a disaster… he may become public enemies!

With those stinging eyes, Li Yalin greeted Uomi with a smile. He had only one idea in his mind now – leave quickly!

That’s right, let’s leave this place as quickly as possible, otherwise something bad might happen.

“Wait a minute, Yalin-kun!”

After saying hello, Li Yalin passed over Uomi, ready to enter the school. But he was immediately grabbed by Uomi when his forefoot just entered the school gate.

When Uomi caught Li Yalin’s wrist, the eyes around him were even more harsh!

“Uomi student president… do you have anything else?”

Under these eyes, Li Yalin wanted to forcibly shake off Uomi is completely unrealistic. So he could only stop and see what Uomi student president wanted to say.

“Yalin-kun about to become a member of student council, do you mind standing on the same shift with me?”

While looking at Li Yalin with a smile, Uomi also pulled out the student council armband from her pocket. She seems to be prepared, and has been waiting for him here early in the morning.

Can Li Yalin refuse?

Although he wanted to but he can’t really refuse her!

“Since it’s Uomi student president wish…”

After sighing, Li Yalin took over the armband from Uomi’s hand. Just live with it since he can’t resist anyway.

In any case, it just standing in front of the school gate. He can just hypnotize himself as a pillar until class started.

This is what Li Yalin thought. And normally, this should be the case.

But the situation is really beyond his expectations.

“It’s him?”

“Yes, yes! It’s him! Isn’t he handsome?”

“He’s not from volleyball club? How did he join the student council?”

“It seems he come to help the volleyball club just like Minami-san.”

“A transfer students?”

“A second-grade transfer student. His table seems to be next to Minami-san.”

“So handsome! Wanna confess to him?”

“Will he accept our confession?”

“You won’t know if you don’t try…”

So… what the hell happen?

Although Li Yalin wanted to hypnotize himself into a pillar, the whispers and curious gaze around him really made him unable to ignore it.

If before, he would bear the burning eyes because of Uomi student president. But those looking at him now, more than 80% are girls.

Somehow he become famous overnight. Whether a senior or a junior, everyone knows him… even if someone doesn’t know will understand his identity under the explanation of their companion.

“Good morning Li kouhai.”

“Good morning Li senpai.”

“Good morning Yalin-kun.”

“Morning Yalin kouhai.”

Look, most of the girls who enter the school will greet him actively, and some will shyly greet him with his surname. He also encounter an easy-going girls, calling him directly with him name.

So Li Yalin didn’t know what to do except a confused response.

What exactly is going on?

Who can explain this to me?

“Don’t you know? You are famous now.”

Perhaps she found his doubts, Uomi took out her phone and pressed a few buttons. She opened a web page, and then handed the phone to Li Yalin.

The top of the page is marked with a striking title – Century decisive battle – Volleyball club VS basketball club! Three-point ace shooter outstanding come back, the godly transfer student Li Yalin!

Under this headline, details about the battle between the volleyball club and the basketball club yesterday, and a video link to that basketball game is attached at the bottom.

The video recorded the entire process of the two clubs’ games. Of course, there is no lack of Li Yalin’s active figure. Take a closer look at the viewer number. Li Yalin can only say fuck!

240,000 views? What the hell?

This clearly just a match of a high school club, why it had such a high amount of views overnight?

This is totally unscientific!

“Uomi student president… is this video uploaded by you?”

The views of this video is quite unscientific, and the comments under the video are naturally not few. After reading those comments, Li Yalin finally knows why he is so famous.

All the above comments regarded himself as the savior of volleyball club, it will be strange if he was not famous.

It’s just… leaving aside the shameful title and the many comments, Li Yalin’s mind suddenly came up with a thought.

He always feels something strange about this video.

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