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Not right, something is wrong!

Beside this video appears too abruptly, the video quality is too clear, okay?

Moreover, Li Yalin didn’t see any cameras around during the game yesterday. It can be seen from the editing of this video that there definitely several cameras at the time.

That is to say, the video of this game was taken in an organized manner and uploaded after being edited. Combined with the skyrocketing views in just one night, Li Yalin won’t believe that no one behind all this!

So who will be the one behind all this?

The first person Li Yalin can think of is Uomi.

“Oh? Why does Yalin-kun think this is the video I uploaded?”

Li Yalin locked his target on Uomi, because in his perception only Uomi would do such a thing.

This girl like dirty jokes, but her ability is very strong. She can achieve this effortlessly.

But looking at Uomi again, she neither admitted nor denied. But instead looked at Li Yalin with a smile and asked him back.

What is this? Being vague to him? But still…

“Can take videos and edit them in an organized manner, then publicize and promote this video on a large scale. Ordinary people or even ordinary clubs wouln’t be able to do this, unless someone behind supports it.”

Frowning a little, Li Yalin didn’t know what Uomi meant. But as the party who appeared in the video, he explained his thought under normal situation.

Of course there is still room for what he said, he didn’t say it outright to see Uomi’s response.

So… what would her reaction be?

“It’s worthy of Li uncle’s son, your observation is indeed very keen. Ordinary people will only find this video interesting but won’t find so many details.”

Facing Li Yalin’s gaze, Uomi didn’t dodge at all. On the contrary, her smile grow stronger.

What is this?

Did she admit it?

Li Yalin’s tsukomied in his heart while looking at her. What is worthy of being Li uncle’s son? It just the dad that the system arranged for me…

“Uomi student president you…”

“Passed! Congratulations Yalin-san, you have passed!”

Li Yalin has much more to say to her, but he was interrupted again.


What he passed for?

At this moment, Uomi words confused Li Yalin.

What the hell he is passing for?

Did he go through any tests?

“I know you must be confused now. Come to student council at noon, I will tell you everything.”

Hey hey! What’s with this scenario full of tsukomi? This is not the beginning of an adventurous novel!

He have many complaints in his heart. But there’s too many people around, just keeping a smile has consumed all his energy.

As Uomi said, he had to wait until noon to know the truth.

“Li-kun… are you okay? You seems exhausted.”

Standing and being watched thorough the morning, Li Yalin completely paralyzed on his table when he return to the class. Seeing him like this, Haruka at the adjacent table suddenly showed concern.

“Don’t mind me, just a little tired…”

Haruka concerned expression really healed people. But unfortunately, Li Yalin’s spirit is still in a state of weakness, and it is impossible to recover immediately. He can only stretch out his hand and say he is OK.

It’s just… he does not seems okay at all.

“You can take a rest in the school infirmary if you feel unwell. I will tell sensei you asked for a leave.”

Although Li Yalin stated that he was okay, his situation seemed quite serious in Haruka’s view.

She believes that it is better to go to school infirmary for rest.

School infirmary?

When he thought of school infirmary, Li Yalin’s mind immediately emerges with various AVI video plots. Usually in an anime plot, there should be a big breasted glasses onee-san in the school infirmary.

It’s a pity that this is a reality, and the onee-san sensei that you are looking forward to won’t appear. There is nothing special about going to the school infirmary except being able to lie in bed and rest.

He just mentally exhausted, but not to the point of lying in the bed.

“You become so famous! Three-point ace shooter outstanding come back. This title is very appropriate.”

Just as Li Yalin wanted to shake his head, Maki’s voice suddenly appeared between him and Haruka. Looking up, not only Maki came, but Atsuko also followed her. The most important thing is that Maki is holding a mobile phone in her hand.

On the phone screen, the page that Li Yalin had seen before was displayed!

Again! The title with full of shame!

Do people in Japan district like to use such exaggerated titles?

Have you considered the parties’ feelings?

“What’s that?”

Seeing the title on Maki’s phone screen, Li Yalin feels so ashamed, but Haruka seemed to know nothing about it. Seeing Maki appeared, she immediately showed a curious expression.

“You didn’t know Haruka? Your game yesterday was filmed and uploaded to the internet. You and Li-kun are on this video.”

“Web video?”

“Right, Haruka rarely go online. Come see it, it’s your match yesterday. There also comments below.”

Haruka did not know anything about this matter. Maki clearly saw this and immediately played the video on her phone. Not only that, she also showed the comment below the video to Haruka.

“Amazing, the comments all praised Li-kun.”

“After all, he led the volleyball club to defeat the basketball club. But besides Li-kun, there also many comments who appreciated Haruka. You looks like a heroic girl, it’s really interesting.”

“I am not really…”

“By the way, there is also an introduction about Li-kun. According to rumors… Li Yalin-kun is about to take up the post of Eiryou High School student council vice president? Is this true? Didn’t you just joined student council?”

“Student council vice president?.. Li-kun? Is this rumor true?”

Listening to the conversation between Haruka and Maki, Li Yalin can’t really say any words. He now has only one thought – perhaps he should take Haruka’s proposal.

It seems he really need to go to school infirmary for a break…

What the hell is this!

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