Cafe 6

Was rejected.

Looking at Chino’s ruddy face from feeling guilty, Li Yalin couldn’t help but sigh slightly. Although he had expected this a long time ago, he still felt a little helpless.

What a simple and stubborn child.

But… if you think I will give up so easily, you are wrong!

“Chino, as I am only child in my family I have never experienced what is called as siblings. When I saw you for the first time, I felt like you were the imouto I imagined.”

“Speaking of which, based on my father’s relationship with uncle Takahiro, I can call you imouto. We should be considered family since I live here now.”

“Between family we should not think too much. But I also understand your concerns, so how about making an agreement.”

“In the next period of time, I will make every effort to earn money. If I make a profit of one hundred million yen, I will pay the debts and buy Rabbit House. What do you think?”

After telling the truth, Li Yalin was ready to speak. Despite not good at arguing with long words, but he can be unexpectedly reliable in critical time. He keep saying words without much breathing.

“This is our little agreement. Not to mention one hundred million Japan currency is not so easy to earn, I might fail to earn them. What do you think Chino?”

When Li Yalin said a couple of words, Chino was already a little dizzy, and his words sounded very reasonable.

It’s just an agreement they didn’t know whether it success or failure. It didn’t matter even if she agree.

“Okay then… “

Chino was a little hesitant when answering. She didn’t know how to respond. But she didn’t seem to have any reason to refuse after all have been said.

“Then that settled it.”

Li Yalin did not expect that he actually fooled Chino. You know, as a self-proclaimed otaku who has not had a girlfriend for nearly thirty years, dealing with women has always been his weakness.

He can’t deal with girls, it is difficult for him to take the initiative to talk to girls. This is the main reason why he has no girlfriend. But he didn’t feel nervous in front of Chino.

No way, Chino is very cute and must be a beauty when she grows up in the future, but she is too young now.

When facing Chino, Li Yalin couldn’t treat her as a woman. At best it was an imouto that made him pitiful and loving, nothing more.

Perhaps this is the main reason why he can talk with Chino so calmly.

Before transmigrated, Li Yalin’s friends is only a child four or five years younger than Chino.

This is really a sad story.

Li Yalin succeeded in fooling Chino with just a few words. With this opportunity, he can definitely get closer to this lovely loli.

Looking at Chino’s dizzy appearance, Li Yalin couldn’t help but a bit tempted.

“Since Chino have agreed, how about calling me onii-chan?”

Li Yalin didn’t tell lies. If he can, he wished to have such a lovely imouto like Chino.

Then the opportunity is right in front of him, it is really a pity to miss them.

“Onii… I… “

Perhaps she hasn’t recovered from her confused state. After hearing Li Yalin’s words, Chino subconsciously wanted to respond. But she only said half of onii-chan word, she suddenly recovered.

She almost called Yalin-san onii-chan?

Chino’s face suddenly turned red when she thought of this.

To tell the truth, she didn’t have the slightest resistant calling him onii-chan, and even said that she felt happy and a bit moved. She even produced a thought – It would be great to have an onii-chan.

But she can’t really call him onii-chan.

It’s not that Chino hates Li Yalin, but it’s too shameful for her to suddenly call him onii-chan.

Chino subconsciously turned around and fled. She really couldn’t stay in this room, even Tippy was forgotten.

Witnessing Chiino’s cute appearance, what else can Li Yalin say?

One day, he must let Chino call him onii-chan!

So he as to work hard for this goal!

“Boy, although I don’t know what you’re so passionate about, but do you really think that you can save Rabbit House with your manga?”

Chino was shy and ran away. Li Yalin stood on the spot with his blood boiling, but this scene was all seen by Tippy on the side.

Although it has the appearance of a rabbit, Tippy’s soul is Chino’s grandfather. As an elder, his vision is much wider and sharper than that of Chino.

He can see that Li Yalin really wants to help Chino and believes his words. But the question is, can he really save Rabbit House with just one manga?

No this is unrealistic, and this is why Tippy feels it necessary to remind this young man to not have too much ambition. Otherwise when the great hope disintegrated into unimaginable despair, it’s not something a young people like him can bear.

“To be honest, I am not very clear. I can only guarantee that I will do my best.”

Tippy’s suddenly speaking shocked Li Yalin. Even if he heard Tippy’s words, he still felt uncomfortable in the face of a rabbit’s reminder.

After being dazed for a bit, Li Yalin shook his head gently. There were some words he couldn’t say in front of Chino. But he would not hesitate to say it if it just Tippy.

“Young man, it is a good thing to have ideals. But if they are too illusory, you will suffer a big losses.”

Li Yalin’s answer was a bit beyond Tippy’s expectations. Originally looking at his confident, he thought that he would be more blinded.

Never thought he was more calmer than he expected.

Even so, Tippy felt that it was necessary to remind him that hard work is a good thing, and ideal is a good thing. But when everything becomes fantasy, it is not a good thing.

“Is it fantasy? I don’t think so, Mr. Kafuu… how about making a bet. If I can earn one hundred million Japan currency in three months and save the Rabbit House, help me convince Chino to let her become my imouto? “


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