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In all senses, Li Yalin become famous. Whether his feat in the basketball game yesterday, or when he just entered Eiryou High School and became a student council vice student president. It pushed his name to the peak of discussion.

At least 80% of the students in the school are discussing Li Yalin in secret, and many people have expressed considerable interest in this second grade transfer student who just transferred to Eiryou High School.

After all to be able to join the student council and also able to defeat basketball club schoolboy in basketball can’t be an ordinary person, right?

It is for this reason that Li Yalin felt stressed this morning. Not only did the students in the same class cast a curious look on him, even students from other class often appeared near the classroom entrance and most of them were girls.

Looks like the girls in this school really like to gossip…

For this matter, Li Yalin really had to thank Haruka-san. Fortunately she is with him plus Maki and Atsuko also helped shield them, so that no outsiders could approach them easily. Otherwise, his desk might be surrounded by curious people in an instant.

“Li-kun really go through hardships.”

Through the entire morning, even Haruka couldn’t help but sighed softly. She was under a lot of eyes as Li Yalin’s neighboring table so she could understand Li Yalin’s feeling.

Being stared by so many people is really uncomfortable.

“Thanks to you and Takagi-san, otherwise I won’t get through that easily.”

The ringing of the lunch break sounded, and Li Yalin was also relieved. During the rest of this morning, he basically gathered together with Haruka group as if forming a small group. Making people can’t easily get close.

This is the blessing of these girls.

“Hum, you must be grateful to us. We have take some of the attention from you.”

Just now Maki and Atsuko also came to the two. After hearing the conversation between Li Yalin and Haruka, Maki snorted immediately.

Although she said this, but her expression now looks a little smug, as if she has accomplished something extraordinary.

Clearly just helped shielded him.

“That’s natural, good work Takagi-san.”

Li Yalin can clearly see her little pride, he didn’t refute Maki but instead followed her words.

“Recently we are researching new recipes in our shop. If you have time, would you like to come to our shop? You can taste new recipes for free.”

“A new recipe? That’s great! We must go!”

Li Yalin is still very grateful for their help in shielding him. In return, he does not mind treating them a little.

Hearing there are new recipes to try immediately excited Maki. Looking at her full of interest, would she go to Rabbit House tonight?

“Li-kun, wanna have lunch together today?”

During the lunch break, Haruka had already brought out her bento box. She failed to have lunch with Li Yalin yesterday because of Uomi student president, so today’s invitation can be regarded as a small make up.


“Sorry, I can’t have lunch with you guys today. Uomi student president asked me to go to her at noon this morning. I guess it’s about student council.”

Li Yalin of course very happy to get Haruka’s invitation again, but he really can’t have lunch with them right now.

Don’t forget, Uomi said in the morning that she will tell Li Yalin everything at noon.

What she meant he passed and how she recorded the match yesterday, he felt that he should know the truth.

So he can only say sorry to Haruka.

“I see, then it cant be helped. How about tomorrow?”

Inviting Li Yalin twice for lunch was unsuccessful. He may not be given a third chance at all if it was an ordinary girl. After all, it was forgivable once but it would be too much when declined for the second time.

But Haruka is different, she doesn’t have so many thoughts at all and just treats Li Yalin as a friend. Since the friend doesn’t have time now, then they can makes an appointment for later, that’s all.

So Haruka naturally make an appointment with Li Yalin for tomorrow.

“Of course no problem! Let’s have lunch together tomorrow.”

Haruka didn’t think too much, and Li Yalin also the same. Anyway, today is out of the question so better makes an appointment tomorrow, simple as that.

Li Yalin’s mind is not that complicated as a schoolboy. But for a school girl like Haruka to be so inattentive makes Maki very speechless.

“I always feel that Li-kun and Haruka are a good match in a certain sense. They are both very dull in some ways.”

Leaning in Atsuko’s ear, Maki whispered such a words. Although she is not a smart girl, but at least she can understand the atmosphere. So many eyes around staring here, but Li Yalin and Haruka didn’t even notice.

Don’t you feel it? What a fascinating conversation between them!

Think about it, Haruka-san took the initiative to invite schoolboy to have meal together but was rejected. Not only that, Haruka-san even delayed the time for that schoolboy. What does this indicate?

Today is just the second day after Li Yalin transfers. This can be achieved in just two days. Can this be a simple classmate?

No no no, that’s simply impossible!

For Maki’s statement, Atsuko nodded silently. She was not very talkative type, but she also able to read the atmosphere.


Maki thinks too much, obviously everyone is just curious about the relationship between Haruka and Li-kun.

This sentence was hidden by Atsuko in her heart, because she can also see that there are not many people who really talk about Li Yalin and Haruka in the class.

After all, Li Yalin just an ordinary transfer student yesterday who become the protagonist of the popular video overnight and became a well-known celebrity throughout the school.

It would be strange if they are not curious about such classmate, but everyone’s curiosity is over-interpreted by Maki and thinks they are gossiping.

There is a big difference between gossip and curiosity. Maki-san, do you really understand this?

It’s a pity that Atsuko didn’t mean to say this at all, and Maki would only continue to misunderstood.

Although this doesn’t really matter.

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