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“You are late Yalin-kun. The student council door should be knocked five minutes ago if you come immediately after lunch break.”

It’s a shame not having a lunch with Haruka, but the student council’s line is the focus here. What makes Li Yalin miss tsukomi is that Uomi told him this when he just knocked on the door of student council.

“You think I will run right after class?”

There were several black lines on his forehead. While Li Yalin tsukomi Uomi, he casually pulled a chair and sat on it.

Only Uomi in this student council anyway, there is no need to be polite with her.

“Then Uomi student president, can you explain that video to me?”

With a slight cough, Li Yalin went straight to the topic. Lunch break time is very valuable after all. He won’t have time to eat if it is wasted on nonsense.

“You are really impatient Yalin-kun.”

Unlike Li Yalin, Uomi’s reaction is very calm. She didn’t make him guess, but stood up from the chair after saying this.

“Since Yalin-kun are so interested, take a look at this first.”

Before coming to Li Yalin, Uomi also holding a document. Uomi’s meaning was already very obvious when she handed this document to him.

The answers he wants are all on this document.

“District high school revival plan?”

The large characters on the document are very clear. Li Yalin can sees this clearly, but it also makes him more puzzled.

What the hell is this?

Despite his doubts, he opened the first page of the district high school revival plan and began to carefully examine the contents.

This is not a small project. He spent a full 20 minutes reading the plan.

“So… this is your purpose? All this just to recruit new students?”

Closing the plan book, Li Yalin took a deep breath and turned his eyes to Uomi with a complicated expression.

He did not expect that there were so many reasons.

Where to begin?

Sure enough, let’s first talk about the problem of declining birthrate…

Although the empire is vigorously developing the Japan district, the pressure on the district is actually very great due to war.

Especially for the old generation at the ages of thirty to forty have all experienced war firsthand, naturally feels exponential pressure in this period of peace.

Not only that, a series of problems such as society and family life have also increased. All this aspects has led to a very serious declining birthrate in the Japan district. The number of new students enrolled in schools has declined over the years, while it getting lower every year.

Many schools are under tremendous stress because of this. School will not be able to open without students. This will lead to many schools closed down if it continues.

In order to avoid the collapse of schools, the district high school revival plan came into being which is the book in front of Li Yalin.

In this regard, at least thirteen schools have joined the plan. The thirteen schools alliance that executes the plan is called the Eastern Schools Alliance.

Eiryou High School is a member of this alliance!

So how to save the schools?

The plan is also very simple, in a nutshell: Promote the school!

Whether creating a school idol or vigorously develop a club, all can be done as long as it can promote the school!

The creator of this plan believes that as long as the school’s fame is raised, it will attract more new students to keep the school going.

Of course it’s not that simple to succeed. This is a protracted battle, and it will take at least a few years of accumulation to succeed.

And be aware that not every school can become a winner. Many schools might have fall half-way to reach that success.

All we can do now is to protect our school until the end of victory can be seen.

If that end really exist…

Okay, putting aside the emotional stuff since it didn’t feel real to him.

What he is more concerned about now is the plan in this plan book.

To be honest, many of these programs are quite interesting. For example, the school idol training program fits his appetite. Unfortunately, this program still in its infancy and no school has started it.

The development of clubs is now the hope of many schools. After all, high school clubs are also a major feature of Japan district. Although the schools in other empire districts are not without clubs, but it can’t reach the level of Japan district.

Indeed it’s a good idea to recruit new students with interesting high school clubs.

So it can be explained why volleyball club and basketball club are so valued.

After all, for two sports clubs able to divide the gymnasium is quite an incredible matter.

“Eiryou High School’s freshman enrollment rate this year is 20% less than last year. This result is still good within the Eastern Schools Alliance. But we will not last long if this continues, the alliance will become history and Eiryou High School will cease to exist.”

“I don’t want to go back to my alma mater after graduation only to stare at an abandoned ruins. That’s why, I will do everything I can to protect this school during my two years as a student president.”

“Yalin-kun, I hope you can help me to protect Eiryou High School… please!”

Her change of attitude is too sudden, she become so serious that even Li Yalin would be somewhat at a loss.

Why so exaggerated?

Do you have to bow and plead like this to protect the school?

After all have been said, is there any way for him to refuse?

What a pain in the ass!

To be fair, her sincere words moved him, but it also makes him feel troublesome.

He had many things to do now. Not only he have to finish his manga work, but he also have to plays piano in Rabbit House every day. Where can he spend time with Uomi to protect Eiryou High School?

He need to earn one hundread million in three months!

The most important thing is, will he spend less time with his imouto if he wasted all his time here?

Isn’t this a waste of youth because of school?

Sure enough it’s a no-no!

So… should he reject her?

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