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Li Yalin is really not interested in protecting Eiryou High School, but he didn’t refuse Uomi’s request.

It doesn’t mean he want to be a Saint, nor he was hit by Uomi’s honey trap. But the system suddenly issued him a task just when he was about to refuse.

Main task: Save Eiryou High School.
Task content: Use various methods to enhance the popularity of Eiryou High School within one year. Whether the task is completed or not is subject to system judgment.
Task reward: System Lottery × 3.
Task tips: Please actively trigger the side task.

A sudden main task shouldn’t exist! Obviously the previous main tasks have not been solved yet, how come another one show up?

Can the main task be done at the same time?

To be honest, his mood is quite complicated when he saw the system task. Fortunately the task given to him has a period of one year time which is plenty of time, making him sigh with relief.

But… what does it mean the task completion subject to system judgment? At least give me some hint!

Aren’t you too irresponsible?

There is also the task tips, aren’t you too perfunctory? Actively trigger the side task… at least tell me how to trigger them!

What the hell!

Although he kept tsukomi in his heart, it was useless. In the end, he still had to accept Uomi’s request.

The task has been triggered, he can’t just give up the task even if he is afraid of trouble, right?

He really want that System Lottery × 3 reward.

He can’t pass up such a good stuff!

“As expected of the one I fancy, you did not disappoint me.”

“Now that you know our plan, you should understand why yesterday’s video appeared?”

She has shown the plan book to Li Yalin, and he also has made his choice. Then Uomi felt that there’s no need to say more about the video.

She thinks Li Yalin can guess the truth.

“The conflict between volleyball club and basketball club did attracted the attention of audiences. With my activity and your assistance from behind the scene, to achieve such amount of viewers really made Eiryou High School famous in a short time.”

As Uomi thought, Li Yalin really didn’t need more explanation from her. Things have been very clear. All of this is done by this student president-sama from behind the scenes.

Although conflict between clubs is not uncommon, and it is not something new to be filmed and uploaded to the internet. Especially in this conflict with a hero-like character appearing can indeed attract the attention of the audience.


Is this really useful?

“I have read the comments on the video. Leaving aside those malicious comments. The vast majority of viewers still have a positive attitude, which is a good publicity.”

“But Uomi student president, the appeal of sports clubs has its limitations. I don’t think it’s a good idea to rely on such videos to promoted the school.”

It is undeniable that the video clip of the battle between volleyball club and basketball club are quite good and can attracts the attention of some viewers. But the effect caused by this video is limited to just that.

Even if the video has more than one million hits, so what? After a week or so, as the popularity of the video drops, the audience’s attention will move into other things. This once-hot video will be forgotten and will not cause much impact.

After all, this is not a classic work that makes people want to watch it many times.

If you really want to go this route, you must make something that shocks the audience’s mind and completely touches the audience’s heart.

Can sports club videos cause this effect?

No, that is simply impossible.

“Unfortunately, the most developed clubs in Eiryou High School are all sports clubs…”

Uomi understands what Li Yalin means, and she also wants to start from other fields. Anything is better than sports clubs, right?

The problem is that the clubs in Eiryou High School are quite one-sided. The sports clubs are developing well, but the rest of the clubs are not in a good conditions.

This is also an issues she had trouble with.

“Uomi student president, give me the informations of every clubs in Eiryou High School. I need to read the data before making any judgment.”

Seeing Uomi’s response, Li Yalin knew that the situation doesn’t look good. Since that was the case, he could only read the club’s information before making a conclusion.

After all, he received this task to save Eiryou High School. He must do his best to complete this task to get the reward.

So how to complete this rescue mission?

It’s a pity that Li Yalin can’t think of any good solution, so he didn’t think too much and directly asks Uomi help.

She want to promote Eiryou’s club via the internet? Then give me the data of every clubs in the Eiryou High School!

“No problem!”

Uomi did not expect that Li Yalin was this active after he promised to help her. From his unwillingness at first, she thought that it would be just lip-service even if he agrees. But the result completely beyond her expectations.

But for Uomi, this is also the result she most hopes to see. She find him is to get his wholehearted help. Now that her wish is fulfilled, what else she can ask for?

Eiryou High School club information?

Although it is troublesome to sort it out, she will do it if he needs them!

“Li-kun… what are you doing?”

It is simply impossible to read all the data of Eiryou High School club during the lunch break. In fact, Li Yalin used all of the two lessons this afternoon to check the materials. Not focusing on the class at all.

For this reason, Haruka next to his desk was very curious. It was very strange to see Li Yalin back with a large stack of materials when he appeared in the class. Now seeing him reading through these materials continuously and didn’t stop even after the school bells rang.

What’s going on?

“I am looking for suitable club to develop and can be promoted to serve as the face of our school. But it seems… the situation is not very optimistic.”

Haruka’s question caused Li Yalin to recover from the sea of ​​information and looked at his curious neighbor. He couldn’t help but sigh.

During these two classes, he has read all Eiryou High School clubs information, which is why it give him more headache.

The situation is even more troublesome than expected, the club that can serve as the face of Eiryou High School… he can’t find it!

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