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As Uomi student president said before, the sports club in Eiryou High School is pretty good. The three major clubs of volleyball club, basketball club and baseball club have achieved excellent results at the district conference which also attracted new students.

But the effect is limited. Not many students really into sports and like to participate in the club, and the competition in sports clubs also very fierce. Only a few students actively involved in sports clubs.

The information in front of Li Yalin proves this.

Other than sports clubs, the situation of other clubs in Eiryou High School is not really ideal, and there are too many ghost clubs!

Cooking club, ikebana club, tea art club, light music club, calligraphy club… all out!

What is ghost club?

Quite simple, those clubs with club name but no club activity at all are called ghost clubs. Clubs mentioned above are all ghost club!

Li Yalin wants to choose a suitable club to develop is more difficult than expected.

“Our school’s club situation… is really complicated.”

Listening to Li Yalin words, Haruka is also somewhat helpless. She has been studying at Eiryou for a year, naturally she understands the situation of this school. She is quite clear what the condition of Eiryou’s club is like.

“You want to develop a club? Do you still need to think about it? Just pick our volleyball club!”

The conversation between Li Yalin and Haruka is not loud but also not too small. It is not surprising that Maki can hear it, she took a step forward without much unfamiliarity to tap on Li Yalin’s shoulder while saying this in a natural manner.

Obviously only know each other for two days, but she seems quite friendly to him. Did she acknowledge him?

“Sorry, the sports club is not within the scope of development. After all, the sports club is already very strong, especially the volleyball club.”

Maki express such closeness didn’t make Li Yalin feel annoyed. It is better to say that he likes this way of getting along, it’s more natural and close.

But he can only apologize to her, since volleyball club is not within his consideration at all.

“What the heck, you doesn’t plan to develop a sports club.”

Maki immediately take her hands back after hearing his words, losing interest in this topic.

Her reaction made Li Yalin very speechless.

“If Li-kun feels that the existing club is not suitable… then why not create the club yourself?”

Aside from Maki’s reaction, Atsuko’s words attracted Li Yalin’s attention.

“Create my own club?”

Atsuko’s words made Li Yalin’s eyes lit up. She is right! He can also use this option!

No clubs in this school fit his purpose, so why not just create a club that suits his needs?

“You are right Ono-san! Makes my own club! That’s it!”

With Atsuko’s reminder, Li Yalin finally found a solution. Make them yourself if no suitable club, this can be done in a minutes!

This is awesome!

In excitement, Li Yalin grabbed Atsuko’s hands directly. He might be troubled by this for a long while without her reminder. This is all her credit!

However, while Li Yalin grabbed Atsuko’s hands, the system prompt interface suddenly popped up right in front of him. The system issued him a task again right at this moment!

Rescue Eiryou High School side task: Create a club.
Task content: Successfully set up a club.
Task reward: Game ‘Generation Xth: Code Hazard’.
Task tips: You will get the game development ability within a limited time after taking the task. The ability will be removed after the game development is completed. Please unlock game development option to get permanent access to this ability.

Why side task appear so fast?

Before tsukomied the system being irresponsible, is this a FLAG being raised?

Well, let’s not nitpick on every details. Better read this task carefully.

Obviously, this task successfully being triggered after bringing up the matter of club creation. This task also very easy to complete, he just need to establish the club.

But this task reward somewhat arouse his interest. Generation XTH? Game? What kind of reward is this?

As a former self-proclaimed otaku, Li Yalin have played many games but never heard this Generation XTH!

What the hell?

What can he do with this reward?

And looking at the hint, he still need to research and develop it himself after taking the reward? And the ability are not permanent, and will be taken back after the task ended?

He feel like being cheated!

Honestly, Li Yalin was disappointed seeing the reward from the system. After all, this reward didn’t seems that great. If he could, he hoped to get rewards like the piano or basketball ability.

Otherwise, just give him the classic work like Cat Eye.

What can he do with a game he never heard?

But the tasks has been issued and it also can be done easily, there is no reason not to take it. It also given by system, it shouldn’t be that bad even if he feel cheated, right?

Yes… let’s complete the task first, get the reward and then study it.

“Umm… Li-kun… can you let go of me?”

This sudden system task makes Li Yalin both sad and happy, but he completely ignored one thing.

He just grabbed Atsuko’s hand when the task suddenly popped up. It also means that his hand has been holding Atsuko hand tightly without releasing it while he look at the task.

Though the class is over, the students in the classroom didn’t leave yet. It should be said that most of the students are still in the classroom. Now what would everyone think if he grasp Atsuko’s hands?


What’s going on here?

He want to confess?

In an instant, countless sights locked on Li Yalin and Atsuko, but Li Yalin still immersed in the task and didn’t react yet, leaving Atsuko stood in place not knowing what to do.

Not good…

Li Yalin finally understood his situation after he recover, and a drop of cold sweat trickled down his forehead because of this.

“You know… I am just too excited. Don’t get me wrong…”

Would everyone believe this explanation?

Well, it should be okay!

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