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Luckily, he found an excuse on why he grabbed her hand, so it should be fine. Whether they believe it or not is not his concern.

But he must apologize to Atsuko. After all, he’s holding the hands of a girl for so long, it was too rude not matter how you put it.

So Li Yalin invite her to eat ice cream after school to make up for it.

This is actually quite normal.

It just…

“Tell me… you want to chase Atsuko?”

Atsuko’s face turned red instantly from his invitation. But despite all this, she finally agreed so as to not make thing awkward for him.

Li Yalin also feel relieved that Atsuko didn’t blame him. It is really great he can solve this with an ice cream, by taking advantage the other party is a girl.

But Maki suddenly approached him when he feel relaxed, she gently poked his arm with her elbow and whispered this to him.

What she meant by this?

“Chasing Ono-san? Me? Why?”

Li Yalin is bewildered by her question, why would he chase Atsuko? Why she suddenly asked this?

“You don’t chase Atsuko… then why take her to a date?”

His response made Maki dumbfounded. In her view, Li Yalin had just sent a date invitation to Atsuko, and Atsuko did not refuse. But why the situation is different when she ask him?

“Date? Why should I take Ono-san to a date?”

Li Yalin was even more confused when she suddenly talk about a date, why it become a date? Didn’t he just owe her an apology?

Why his invitation interpret in a different way?

“Honestly… you are really dull…”

Maki was completely speechless with his reaction. She pressed her temple very helplessly. What can she say in this situation?

“Yalin-kun! Come with me quickly!”

Li Yalin know Maki must have misunderstood something. And he also lamenting her imaginative brain. It was obviously the most common invitation. She need to consider more thing even if she associate this as a date.

But when he was going to makes thing clear to Maki, and then invite her and Haruka to eat ice cream together to ease the atmosphere, a whirlwind suddenly burst into the classroom.

This is…

Uomi student president?

Yes, everyone is very clear. The person who rushed into the classroom like a whirlwind is indeed their student president-sama. But the problem is that Uomi student president has been known to always keep her calm. When everyone saw her face, her face always deadpan.

What happen today? The student president Uomi would actually run into the classroom without even taking into account the eyes of others to grab Li Yalin’s hand and drag him out of the classroom.

Is this really Uomi student president they know?

What exactly is going on?

“What’s going on Uomi student president? So many people around, can you let go my hand first?”

Not to mention the crowds watching this scene, it even shocked him!

Unwittingly pulled out of the classroom by Uomi. He can feel the surrounding gaze while walking through the school building hallway, making him feel quite uncomfortable.

Although he don’t know what happen, can you at least release our hands?

What are you thinking of holding hands under this big crowd?

“Don’t mind them! Something serious happened!”

Although Li Yalin wanted Uomi to let him go, but students president had no intention of letting him go. On the contrary, she drag him more urgently.

And listen to what she said… did anything happen?

Is it really that serious that even our student president can’t solve it?

Li Yalin also can’t escape from this. After all, he has already become the vice student president of Eiryou student council. Now that he has taken up this position, he must assume this responsibility.

So… what happened?

“Uomi student president… you mean this?”

In the student council office, Li Yalin’s brows twitch uncontrollably while holding a poster in his hand.

She frantically ran into his classroom to drag him to the student council in a very intimate way in front of everyone’s eyes just for this?

What the hell are you doing!

Li Yalin frustration is not without reason. Because after being dragged to the student council office by Uomi, the first thing she did is to give him this poster with a title written in large letters ‘3rd Japan District Game Festival’.

Game Festival?

Is this what she called as something serious?

Are you kidding me?

He feel really stupid for taking his job seriously!

“Who told you this is not a serious matter? Look at the introduction!”

Li Yalin feel dumbfounded while holding the poster, and felt that he was being played by Uomi. But Uomi student president still look serious.

She take back the poster and pointed to the introduction.

This is the one that Li Yalin just ignored.

Student Game Competition?

He finally figure it out after carefully reading the introduction. She was talking about this.

This student game competition can be regarded as a decorative at the Japan district game festival. The content is very simple, it is to evaluate the games created by high school students.

Since it just for show, the awards won’t be that exaggerated. The first place only rewarded with 500,000 Japanese currency in cash.

Although this is not a small number, it is definitely not too much for Li Yalin. After all, he is a person who wants to earn one hundred million in three months.

But in addition to cash prize, the first place in this competition will also be eligible to be in the Empire’s largest online game site SLEEP, plus a free one-week promotion.

This point is quite interesting. For a world without piracy, buying a games can only through online purchase or offline physical store purchase. Without the means of selling offline, selling it online is undoubtedly the best choice.

In addition to the free promotion, this first prize is quite good.


Even if the prize of this competition is good, what can Uomi student president do?

Does she want to participate in this competition?

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