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“You want to make a game to participate in this competition and use this opportunity to promote the school?”

Li Yalin can pretty much guess Uomi’s thoughts. He would be too stupid if he can’t figure it out even after she give him the poster.

It just… this idea is too unreliable, right?

“As expected of you, you really know my thoughts.”

Uomi student president expressed great satisfaction that Li Yalin can guess her mind. Yes, her idea is as long as they can get a place in this game design competition, it will definitely further increase the school popularity!

In recent years, games have been a major factor in attracting young people. Surely, this can attract the attention of many young people.

“Good idea, but do we really have the ability to participate in this competition? As far as I know, although our school has a video game club, this club was already abandoned last year?”

“To make a game, beside the script we also need those who can do programming, art, music BGM and the like. Where to find them?”

Uomi’s idea is very good, Li Yalin also gave his consent. After all, the empire is at the stage of developing entertainment vigorously, and game naturally given a great support. As stated in the poster, this 3rd Japan District Game Festival is definitely a celebration of the Empire gaming industry.

Even the participants of this exhibition are not limited to the empire. It is said that even the United States Federation game publisher will also send people to participate in the competition.

So they need to come up with excellent works for this competition to arouse the attention of many parties, thus further evoking the name of Eiryou High School.

But the problem is… Li Yalin only agrees with this idea.

As he said, to create an excellent works, the first thing they need to do is to choose a genre. After choosing the game genre, they need to create an excellent game script and have a members with excellent programming and art music to join this project.

Even a laymen like Li Yalin can understand this, but Uomi doesn’t seems to understand this.

Eiryou High School doesn’t have the conditions to create excellent works, so how to participate? Just with perseverance?

“This… maybe we can use perseverance?”

“You really intend to give me that excuse!”

Clearly it just a tsukomi in his heart, but he never thought that Uomi would really said it, he really want to flip a table!

With perseverance?

Is this something that can be done with perseverance?

Take this more seriously!

“Actually, I think… the plot shouln’t be a problem. Don’t the current readers like game with H element? We can just ignore the plot if we put H in it!”

Uomi quickly became serious after seeing his frustration, but this seriousness was just her recovering her expressionless face. In fact, what she said had already made Li Yalin completely speechless.

Aren’t you lacking too much in moral?

As long as H… the plot doesn’t matter at all? Are you planning to make 18+ rated games?

“For the program… how about making a visual game? This does not require any advanced skills, just find an artist who can draw the lewd illustrations.”

“And we don’t have to use BGM at all. Our game doesn’t need those things!”

It takes a lot of people to work together to make a game. The few ones mentioned by Li Yalin is only the most important one.

Her answer to his questions. Other than paying attention to the artist, she didn’t put any important to the program, and not even using music at all. What is this? A stupid game that automatically turns pages?

Such a shitty game!

Li Yalin can understand what Uomi means, and it is precisely because he understands that he feels more powerless.

He really doesn’t know if he think too much or Uomi thinks too little… is it really that simple to make a game?

And the most important thing is that when it really draw attention, would they get any good reputation if they use this 18+ rated game to participate in the competition?

Are you serious?

“So let’s work hard together!”

After saying all this, Uomi raised the corner of her mouth very heartily and gave a thumbs-up towards Li Yalin. If you ignore the words that lacking in integrity she just said, she does looks quite passionate.

But it just to look passionate.

“Sorry, but I refuse.”

Li Yalin refused Uomi without hesitation, not giving her any room.


It’s unkown whether Li Yalin’s answer was really beyond Uomi’s expectations. In short, her expression is full of shock now, as if struck by lightning.

Shortly after, she cover her face with her hands and fell directly to the ground. Her sobbing look makes people pity her.

But this has no effect on Li Yalin, because just now his three views has been set to the lowest limit by her. A school girl in front of a schoolboy said without hesitation that she want to make 18+ rated games pulling out such a girly move?

Stop it, only a fool will believe it!

“Not to mention if you can find someone to draw the lewd illustrations. Let say that you really find the artist and made the game, but can you really take that kind of game to participate in the competition?”

Li Yalin didn’t help Uomi, he just stood there and asked our student president-sama this sentence, and this also directly made Uomi completely silence.

“Okay, you won. I really can’t take a game like that to participate in the competition.”

Uomi’s falling to the ground was intentional, and she didn’t keep this act after being exposed. In fact, she knew that this idea is not really practical as he said.

“But… I insist on making such a game.”

Clearly Uomi agreed that they can’t use such game for the competition, but it still surprised him that she still insists on making such game.


Li Yalin does not understand why Uomi has such obsession with 18+ rated game.

“Because I really want to play such a game! By the way, this is the script I wrote. Wanna see?”

In response to Li Yalin, she give him a bright smile. And like magic, there was an extra notebook in her hand.

You really write the script?

Should Li Yalin praise this student president-sama for her dedication?

No… Sure enough, he should tsukomi her hard!

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