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“Allow me to decline!”

Honestly, Li Yalin is actually very curious about what kind of script Uomi would write, but his three views might get lowered again after reading the notebook. So while doing his best to hold his impulse, he reject her notebook.

This… we can discuss this later, now is not the right time.

While making this decision, Li Yalin mind also come up with another idea. That is, he can’t let his lolis to be in contact with Uomi student president, absolutely not allowed!

Otherwise, his lolis will definitely be polluted by Uomi!


To protect his lolis, he didn’t mind getting dirtied by her!

“What a pity.”

Li Yalin rejected her script makes her a little disappointed. But she didn’t insist, she put the notebook aside and left it alone.

“So back to the topic, do you think we have no chance in this competition?”

Is this face-changing is Uomi student president unique skill? Obviously there was no lower limit in her lack of moral, but she can revert back to her student president mode instantly.

Not planning to give up yet?

You are changing your face too fast! I can’t adapt!

Facing Uomi’s question, Li Yalin couldn’t help but sigh. He always feels that he would lose if he tsukomied her, so… it’s better to solve this matter as soon as possible.

“We have no chance at all under normal circumstances, but… I can do a little bit of game programming and barely able to draw characters model. I can somewhat do the soundtrack, and also happen to have a script. So I might be able to make a game for this competition.”

“Though I am not sure how far this game will get in the competition.”

The sudden game festival, coupled with the student game competition and combined with the rewards he just received, he will be too dumb if he still can’t understand the situation.

This is clearly the system assisting him. He would be really stupid if he didn’t use Generation XTH for this.

It’s just… can this game really win the competition? He obviously never heard of this game before. Maybe it’s a niche game that can make a difference in the competition?

Li Yalin didn’t feel confident at all, so he also made a room for himself when he talked.

He can make the game for the competition, but he can’t guaranteed the ranking. This should be okay, right?

“Really? You can make a game?”

In fact, the questions that Li Yalin asked before have made Uomi understand that her ideas are indeed under-considered. Using perseverance is just a joke, and the game is not something that can be made casually.

But now Li Yalin actually said that he can do the programming, can design the art, can make music, and finally there is a game script.

What is this?

A pie falling from the sky?

No, no, this must be a hero descend from the sky!

Although she isn’t entirely sure whether Li Yalin can really make a game, but what he said now is enough to excite Uomi!

Uomi is actually a calm and quiet girl and rarely express her emotion. If she really show her expression, either she is being mischievous or she reveal her true feelings.

Generally speaking, she most likely ready to make a prank when she show an expression.

No, maybe the chance of her doing prank is very high.

But Uomi really has no intention of making a prank now. She is really excited. You know, this is a rare opportunity, and this can be regarded as a major opportunity for Eiryou High School!

She may be able to realize her idea if they can get a good result in this competition!

“Don’t get too excited Uomi student president. Although I can make the game, I also have my own requirements.”

Unlike the excited Uomi’s, Li Yalin is now very calm. Because at this moment, he is not talking to Uomi as Eiryou High School student council vice president.


Li Yalin’s words made Uomi slightly stunned. She was really excited at the moment, but it does not mean that she lost her mind. Li Yalin will make a request now means that he didn’t intends to take the game out so easily.

“No H’s request! Although I really like you, but we can’t do any H before we are dating!”

Now a scene that made Li Yalin dumbfounded appeared. There must be something wrong with her thought since she immediately thought of H request when she heard that there was a request.

What the hell?

And how can you be so skilled at the act of covering chest unconsciously?

“Okay then, let’s pretend this never happened.”

Li Yalin doesn’t mind playing with her if she want to play this kind of game. You say it’s not allowed? Then let’s pretend this never happened, alright?

Li Yalin got up and wanted to walked away. But the moment he got up, Uomi stepped forward and hug him regardless of physical contact between the sexes.

“I promise! I promise you no matter what you ask! Even if you want me…”

“Stop! STOP! Can we stop here? It’s my lose okay?”

Well, Li Yalin really can’t play with Uomi. For the record, the student council’s sound insulation isn’t that good, and Uomi’s voice is not small. Li Yalin will be stunned beyond tears if gossip appear when someone heard them.

He doesn’t want to keep playing with her, so… can’t we stop here?

He can’t match her lower limit!

“Cih, is it only this level? I thought Yalin-kun could cope with me.”

Seeing Li Yalin stop playing after a few exchanges, Uomi’s face immediately showed a disappointed look, it seems she really intends to continue playing…

“Ordinary person can’t cope with this kind of thing!”

At this moment, Li Yalin only wanted to tsukomi her so badly. He always felt that when he was with this student president-sama, he would always become a tsukomi servant. He feel really uncomfortable not to tsukomi her.

Not good! Will he become the role of a dirty joke student council tsukomi vice president in the future?

This may… have a high chance to happen…

This is really a problematic issues, but he can’t put too much thought on this now, it is better to put it aside for the time being.

Back to the topic, it is also time to explain his own requirements. After all, what he want to talk about is really important!

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