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“Let’s talk about my first requirements. The first and most important point is that I will take this game to participate in the competition, but the prize money and subsequent benefits will belong to me personally!”

Li Yalin first request is definitely the profit issue.

Although the prize money in this contest is not large and whether the online promotion and sales can make a profit also still unkown, but Li Yalin’s attitude has always been to be a villain before a gentleman when it come to money. He will take it if it’s his money!

This can’t be helped since he need to earn one hundred million in three months. His demand for money is not high and having a little money to spend is enough for him, but he had no choice if it’s for the task.

After all, a fly feet also meat, right?

“No problem, I can promise this at my sole discretion.”

Li Yalin’s sudden mention of money issue is indeed somewhat beyond Uomi’s expectations. After all, a normal high school students will pay more attention to whether their work will be accepted or can win the prize.

Isn’t it too early to think about money now?

Of course, this is not a problem for Uomi at all. Now that Li Yalin has proposed it, she can immediately make the decision.

The game was originally created by Li Yalin, and he is fully qualified to receive all the benefits generated by the game.

“Okay, since we have come to an arrangement, the next step is simple. I am going to create a new club. The future games will also be submitted under the name of this club. This should be ok, right?”

The problem of money is solved, the next thing is pretty obvious. Li Yalin premise is creating a club as incentive. As a student council vice president, submitting a club application to the student president is simply an easy task.

“You want to create a new club? This is no problem, but the condition for creating a club is that you must have more than five members, otherwise it will be downgraded to fan club…”

“Although I really want to help Yalin-kun, as students president, I really can’t use my power for personal gain. So Yalin-kun, your next task is to find four companions and then submit the application to me, I can only help you with this…”

“I understand, forget everything I have said about making the game. I’ll say my goodbye now.”

Creating a club is indeed very simple. Uomi just need to stamp the document. But she act in a haughty manner when Li Yalin proposed to create a new club.

She can’t use her power as students president to seek personal gain?

The one who want to use school resources to make 18+ rated games… really qualified to say that?

Also I need to find four companions first?

You are the one who want me to make the fucking game!

It just feel too tiring to tsukomied her now, so Li Yalin stands up very decisively.

Since it is so troublesome, shall we give up?

“I’m wrong! I can approve Yalin-kun to create a club for the time being. It should be okay as long as there are five club member in the next month, this is a compromise, okay?”

Li Yalin had just stood up, and Uomi immediately grabbed his arm very quickly, making him completely unable to move.

Looking at Uomi who said these words without changing her face, Li Yalin was completely speechless.

Sure enough, this student president-sama has no lower limit at all…

Although various things have happened, Li Yalin’s club is still established after all — Eiryou High School gaming club, while he serves as student council vice president, he will also take the post of this new club president.

Of course, as a brand new club, the gaming club has only Li Yalin as the member. After stamping the document, Uomi student president also said that she can join the gaming club and help him get the head count, but was sternly rejected by him.

Student president-sama should just do her job as student president, my club… it would be for the better if you are not involved.

Yes, Li Yalin doesn’t want Uomi to join his own club. Leaving aside her lack of integrity, it just like a walk out. You as the student president-sama is but our face, be more conscious!

All in all, the task of creating a club is very simple. As for the problem of new members, it is better to put them aside for now.

Still plenty of time anyway, he need to focus his energy on game production.

Yes, that’s right. Looking at the poster promotion, there are only ten days left until the beginning of the exhibition. This is where Li Yalin wanted to tsukomi before.

He need to finish making a game within ten days to participate in the exhibition. Student president-sama how can you make such a brainless decision!

In fact, he would not agrees with such outrageous things if not for the system reward.

Fortunately, he possess an almighty system!

“Yalin-san, this is…”

In the Rabbit House, Chino’s eyes were full of doubts looking at Li Yalin with a big bag in his hand.

Not a surprise since Li Yalin suddenly bought a brand-new laptops, image scanning and audio recording devices which all things Chino rarely encounters. What on earth did he want to do?

Used for drawing manga?

Although she have long heard that computers can be used to draw manga, in Chino’s impression, manga is still the kind that needs to be drawn by hand.

“The student president assigned me a job and I need to hurry to get the game done. Sorry Chino, the playing time in the afternoon will be shortened.”

The first thing he do after leaving school is to ran to the electric town. After all, the worker must first sharpen his tool to do his best. A computer with superior performance is really very important for making games. Other professional gadget is also essential.

Since the club was established successfully and he accepted the system rewards, Li Yalin understands what he really lacks, so these professional equipments are not a lost at all.

It’s just that even with the help of the system, the time is too tight and the task is heavy. So he need to shorten the playing time in the store.

At this point, Li Yalin must say sorry to Chino in advance.

“Does Yalin-san want to make a game? It doesn’t matter. You can stop playing piano if you don’t have time.”

Chino were surprised after hearing Li Yalin’s apology, but she shook her head gently afterwards.

For Chino, Li Yalin’s performance is an important factor for Rabbit House to attract customers. But his performance is only sentiment, not an obligation. He can stop playing at any time if he does no want to play, not to mention shortening the time.

This is enough, and she can’t be too demanding.

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