Cafe 68

“What? Shorten the playing time! I disagree!”

Chino is a good girl. She always consider Li Yalin thought. But not everyone is as thoughtful as Chino.

No… to be more precise, those who disagree should not be considered human…

Tippy – Chino’s granpa, who transformed into angora rabbit and become the mascot of Rabbit House. After being silent for N long time, completed his first outbreak.

Clearly hadn’t spoken before, even Li Yalin almost regarded it as Chino’s head ornament. But now it suddenly bouncing around the Rabbit House.

This energy is really amazing…

Wait! Now is not the time for this!

“What’s that sound?”

“Sound like an old grandpa… that rabbit?”

Tippy’s unscrupulous outbreak attracted many eyes. It’s no wonder since the coffee shop is not the same as before. Now is the time with the most traffic. It would be strange if no one paying attention.

This is really a bad situation!

“So amazing! It’s Chino’s belly talk! How did you do that?”

Fortunately, there is Cocoa in the store who believes in belly talk. With her as an example, customers accept this as a magical setting.

No way, the old customers know that Cocoa girl is pure and simple-minded, her adoring and shining eyes will not be fake. Since she said it is a belly talk, it should be a belly talk.

So this time, they are save by Cocoa.

“Amazing, I also want to use Tippy to perform belly talk.”

Tippy almost make a mess. As the person… not right, as the rabbit involved, Tippy knows better than anyone.

So while customers accept this as a magic-like setting, he let Cocoa catch him and knead him wantonly while looking lifeless.

For Cocoa who likes furry creatures most, she had a good addiction. But when it come to Li Yalin and Cocoa, they both took a long breath.

Fortunately it didn’t become a big matter. Otherwise the news of a talking angora rabbit in Rabbit House will spread, this coffee shop would not be peaceful if that really happened.

“I’m wrong…”

After the coffee shop closed, Tippy took the initiative to admit his error in front of Li Yalin and Chino. He was indeed too impulsive, even as a grandpa, he must apologies for this.

Even if Li Yalin and Cocoa didn’t mention it.

“It’s too much. Whether Yalin-san plays is his freedom. Neither me nor grandpa is eligible to interfere in Yalin-san’s decision.”

Looking at Tippy’s still in sluggish appearance, Chino couldn’t help but sigh. She didn’t want to blame Tippy for anything, but there were some things she felt it was necessary for her grandfather to recognize.

From this point of view, Chino is more mature than Tippy.

Seeing this scene, Li Yalin also secretly sighed.

But… as an imouto identified by him, don’t be too distanced Chino!

I would be very happy if you are more spoiled or something.

“It doesn’t matter, I can understand Tippy’s mood. After all, shortening the playing time means that the store’s revenue will be reduced, but I can give an explanation about this.”

Although he hoped that Chino can be more spoiled to him, Li Yalin also knows that this is impossible, so what he need to do now is to clear things up.

“The main reason why I want to make a game this time is to participate in this.”

Since they have reconciled, Li Yalin needs to come up with an explanation and reason. Otherwise, even if Tippy apologizes for its recklessness, it will cause unnecessary estrangement.

The posters had a place to play now, and the promotional text of the third Japan district game festival also attracted the attention of Tippy and Chino.

“Yalin-san is going to participate in a game competition?”

After reading the poster, Chino understood what he meant. Since he wanted to make a game, he only had the option to participate in the student game competition.

“Yes! Although the bonus is not much, the reward is quite tempting. The game can be sold and promoted online. So we can make some money.”

Chino’s words made Li Yalin snap a finger.

It’s really my imouto, can understand very quickly.

With the system in place, Li Yalin is still somewhat confident. Even if they don’t make hundred of million from getting the first place, it can still earn them millions or even tens of millions if they are lucky.

After all, the system would not cheat him.

“Hum, be realistic young man, making money with game is just a whimsical thing!”

Li Yalin’s has given his explanation, but Tippy doesn’t seem to agree with it. Especially his snort and long sigh, it gives people a sense of familiarity.

“Say… when I first started drawing Cat Eye, you had the same attitude, right? You think my Cat Eye can’t make one hundred million.”

Touching his chin, Li Yalin looked at Tippy’s eyes full of playfulness. He did not forget that he also made an agreement with Tippy at the time.

If he can save Rabbit House, Tippy will admit that he is Chino’s onii-chan. Although he didn’t win the bet yet, the ending is already doomed as long as no accidents happen.

With Cat Eye’s popularity, let alone on hundred million, earning one billion in the future is absolutely possible! The only issue now is whether Li Yalin can earn one hundred million in three months with Cat Eye.

Then everything would be decided with tankōbon’s sell.

Although he didn’t know much about manga, but through the dialogue between the girls and Mihari conclusion, Tippy also understood that he most likely to lose.

This is a mixed result.

The good news is that once Li Yalin earns enough money, Rabbit House can be saved, and also saved the coffee shop that carries the dream of his granddaughter.

Though what worried him is when he lost the bet, it means that he will admit Chino is Li Yalin imouto. Although this is not bad thing, but he still feel very unwilling as her grandfather!

This mixed feeling troubled Tippy, but now Li Yalin even add fuel to the fire.

What does this kid mean?

Looking down on the elderly?

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