Cafe 69

“You kid…”

Although it turned into a rabbit, Tippy still feels that he should give this kid a lesson. At least let him understand what it means to respect the old and love the young!

But Tippy didn’t finish his sentence, he then saw Li Yalin’s mouth raised showing a bright smile.

“Shall we make a bet?”


This is the expression!

Seeing Li Yalin’s smile, and then hearing his words. Tippy who was still full of energy, suddenly languished.


Still want to bet?

To hell with your bet!

Who wants to bet with you!

As an old man, Tippy is completely had no clue of new things like manga and games. Especially games, he can’t understand the appeal of this thing, and how it can be sold.

This is why he subconsciously believed that Li Yalin is wasting his time. Instead of making a game, it is better to play the piano honestly in the store. After all, the recent revenue in the store has actually improved.

Now Li Yalin propose a bet made the rabbit hairs of Tippy whole body stand upright.

The last bet was enough to make him feel uncomfortable, what’s now?

The rabbit’s heart is very small, can’t stand that kind of stimulation!

Don’t bet on this kid!

“How is it Tippy, wanna give it a try?”

Seeing that Tippy was silent, Li Yalin also wanted to use aggressive methods. After all, it was quite interesting to tease this grandpa who turned into a rabbit.

It’s a pity that Tippy is not fooled at all, it just keep lying in the corner of the room without moving, making him lost interest.

“Yalin-san… what do you want to bet?”

Chino didn’t know the bet between Li Yalin and Tippy at all. Especially Tippy reacted like this made her feel strange.

Why did Tippy stop talking as soon as Yalin-san said about betting?

“Nothing, just a casual talk.”

Although he don’t want to lie to Chino, Li Yalin really has no way to tell Chino about the bet. So it’s better to be perfunctory.

Now the explanations are all finished, let’s make the game as soon as possible!

Generation XTH is a very typical turn-based dungeon crawlers RPG game. It is not difficult to operate. In general, there are no highlights and can also be said as a very common game.

At least in Li Yalin’s opinion, this game really belongs to the type of playable or non-playable, and there is nothing noteworthy except for the Bloods class system.

Can such games really win prizes?

Probably… should be okay. The entertainment industry in this world has just begun to develop, and the game industry is still in an exploration state. Making such a game as a high school student should attract some interest.

All in all… he can’t do much about it now, let’s prepare the early stage first!

In Li Yalin’s view, the most important part of this game is the programming part. As long as the program is written, he can then insert the asset and BGM. It is a game given by the system after all, there should be no BUG. There is no need for any testing.

So he planned to do the most important programming work.

Regarding the character design of this game, the main characters controlled by the player can be created by himself. Anyway, it just a graphic design. He only needs to draw out all the necessary face, hairstyles as well as various weapons and items.

Since the concept already in his mind, Li Yalin did not waste time when drawing these images. It was done in one go, using the night time to draw all the images, and successfully scanned them onto the computer.

As for BGM, it is even simpler. There is music editor software on the computer, which is completely effortless to produce.

In other words, in just one night, he completed all the images and BGM productions of a game.

This sounds incredible but not impossible. After all, Li Yalin is just copying, plus with his manga ability level of proficiency, his drawing speed is simply non-human. Overnight feat is also acceptable.

It’s just… he feel too tired after doing all nighter…

He experience this hollowness feeling when grinding for the manga.

“Li-kun, are you… okay?”

Because he is overdoing it, Li Yalin fell asleep after he went to school the next day. Throughout the morning, he was immersed in his sleep.

If not because the classroom during the lunch break was too noisy, he might have sleep until afternoon, which is why his abnormality caught Haruka’s attention.

After all, it was a classmate at the next table, and a friend Haruka thought it was worth dating. Li Yalin abnormality caught her attention.

“Don’t mind me, I’m working till late yesterday.”

Although he woke up, Li Yalin was still lying on the table and didn’t want to move. He waved gently, indicating that he was okay.

“Working overnight?”

Li Yalin responded subconsciously to Haruka, but his answer really surprised Haruka. She knew he was playing piano in a coffee shop, but to the extent that he was tired of working part-time, isn’t this counterproductive?

Why pushing yourself so hard?

“So this is my fault.”


Even before Haruka can say anything, a sudden voice immediately let Li Yalin lying on the table straightened.

No way, he is too familiar with this voice.

“I said Uomi student president… can you not appear so suddenly like this?”

Very helplessly, he turned his eyes to the direction where the sound came. Li Yalin’s face was full of speechless expressions. She really give him a fright just now!

“Uomi student president?”

Yes, Uomi really appeared, and she is now standing behind Li Yalin. With her sudden word, not only Li Yalin is frightened, it also surprised Haruka.

Although she knew that Li Yalin had become the vice president of the student council, so he and Uomi should know each other. But for Uomi student president to keep coming for Li Yalin at noon, didn’t she come too often?

And… it’s all Uomi student president’s fault?

She just said something that makes people really care.

“Seeing you didn’t come to student council, I thought something was wrong, but I never expect… it seems my request yesterday was too much. We should take it slowly if it makes you this exhausted… well, we need to be more careful today.”

Okay, Uomi’s next sentence is more than just makes people caring!

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