Cafe 7

After listening to Li Yalin, Tippy, the whole person… no, the whole rabbit feel bad. He never thought that his own preaching to this young man resulted in this response.


The bet is to let Chino call him onii-chan?

Even if you are a young man, don’t you need to play like this?

You think we are playing games?

“Are you serious young man?”

After taking a deep breaths, Tippy found that he could not understand the young man in front of him. He obviously couldn’t see any merit in him except for the face that was a little bit good-looking, but where he get this confidence?

Yes, at this time Li Yalin’s performance can be described to be in high spirit. His confident look is as if he has already earned the one hundred million.

“Of course I am serious. Mr. Kafuu, are you willing to accept this bet?”

Smiled slightly to Tippy, Li Yalin was of course very confident, because his confidence stems from his golden finger. If he fails this even with system assisting him, it will bring shame to the transmigrators.

The most important thing is that he need to be self-confidence in front of Tippy. Otherwise it is still a trivial matter to be underestimate. But if he makes Tippy unhappy and he makes thing hard for him in front of Chino, it’s not a good thing.

After Kafuu Takahiro’s disappearance, Tippy has become Chino’s only relative. In this case, befriend Tippy is definitely Li Yalin’s best choice.

“Call me Tippy in the future, and… if you can really save Rabbit House, I don’t mind Chino having an onii-chan.”

After hearing Li Yalin’s answer, Tippy stared at him for a long time, finally he shook his body up and down.

Although it sounds like a child’s play, but Tippy feels like this young man will succeed.

But whether it is successful or not, we still have to speak with facts. He don’t mind agreeing with the promise beforehand.

In this way, Li Yalin successfully made an agreement with Tippy, and then he devoted himself wholeheartedly in grinding.

Although she has long known that he is preparing for the next manga creation. Chino still felt worried seeing him so desperate working at the desk day and night.

Perhaps because of their last exchange, the relationship between Li Yalin and Chino has been getting closer. And because of this, Chino has been nagging Li Yalin in recent days.

Seriously, this is a miracle for Chino, who has never spoke much.

Chino’s concern makes Li Yalin very happy. This warm feeling is very comfortable for him, but he is really has no time to rest now.

At least not slacking until his goal is achieved!

Grind! Grind! Grind!

To enter adept from proficient, a total of 400 points of proficiency are required.

Calculated with a proficiency of 1 point in ten minutes, he must spend at least sixty hours grinding without sleep and rest, which is almost three days.

Overworking like this, not to mention Li Yalin a self-proclaimed otaku, even Iron Man can’t endure this, it’s just a suicide.

But even so, he finally successfully improved his proficiency to adept level at noon on the fourth day. When he completed this challenge, his whole body feel so uncomfortable.

However, the leveling process is painful, but the joy of harvest is very satisfying. After at least a period of rest and recovery, Li Yalin is very excited.

Yes, he is very excited now.

As the system suggested, when his proficiency reached adept level, he did get an unexpected surprise!

In addition to entry, proficient and adept, the proficiency level of this system continues to have two levels of expert and master. To upgrade from proficient to expert, Li Yalin needs to increase his proficiency to more than 2000 points while master is a hopeless 5000 points of proficiency.

Although master level is not an unattainable goal as long as he is willing, it is a pity that Li Yalin does not have much time right now, and the adept level is completely sufficient. After reaching the adept level of the manga option, the system also gave him a hidden reward.

That’s right! It’s a hidden reward!

After careful research, he found that all the options he unlocked, he would get hidden reward as long as it reached the adept level, the same for expert level and master level.

He could not reach the expert and master level now, he still doesn’t know what the more advanced reward is, so he can only talk about this adept level reward.

According to the settings given by the system, as long as the option he opened reaches the adept level, it will automatically get the exclusive special bonus of the option. For example, Li Yalin’s current manga option has reached the adept level, and he has gained manga works attractiveness +3 as special rewards.

In other words, as long as it’s the manga works he draws, it will increase the attractiveness by +3 to the readers. Although he don’t know the specific effect of this attractiveness and what does the number +3 represent. But it seems that this is some kind of passive effect.

At least Li Yalin feels that his work will definitely be more attractive.

This made him looking forward to the rewards of expert and master level, but unfortunately he can only take it slowly.

Once the leveling was finished, his whole body was hurts. Although his body was much younger after transmigrated, even the face value was optimized for several levels, but unfortunately, the system did not give him any more benefit. His physical qualities have not been improved at all. His body would not be able endure such leveling many times.

So, it is better to level up slowly.

After talking about hidden reward, the benefits of adept level must be mentioned next. Just like when the entry level is increased to proficient level, Li Yalin immediately gets more manga skills in his mind after reaching the adept level. The pictures he draw will be more alive.

In addition, his drawing speed has also improved a lot. He is confident that he can complete a manga manuscript in half an hour if he put all his efforts. This is definitely a great advantage that no mangaka can match!

Yes, because the script and the drawing are in Li Yalin’s mind, he doesn’t need to make any storyboard scripts, and he doesn’t even need to draw the manuscript. The adept level can guarantee that he will not make any mistakes in the drawing process.

In this case, Li Yalin can draw a forty-page finished product within two days with a little effort. Although he can finish it in one day if he work harder, but sure enough… it’s better not to overdo it.

To be safe, he will finish it within two days.

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