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Too much demand?


What does she mean by making Li Yalin too exhausted?

A group of boys and girls in adolescent is at the age of having many fanciful thought. Uomi’s ambiguous words just now makes people got the wrong ideas.

Even Haruka’s face was flushed, and it was obvious that she had thought of something she shouldn’t think about.

What the hell!

What is this? Openly telling dirty jokes in a class?

You are doing this on purpose!

“So… Yalin-kun, take a good rest first. I’ll see you after school.”


Rest well? Does this mean to store up enough energy?

See you after school? That means… to continue today?

Uomi-san and Li-kun?

Students president × vice student president?

It is estimated that at this moment, more than 70% of the students in the class filled out a harmonious picture in their minds. It is for this reason that the girls’ faces in the classroom are now blushing, and the schoolboy is envious and jealous.

“I say…”

Although he was just awake and his brain doesn’t work properly. But even so, Li Yalin could understand the atmosphere around him.

Not only did this misunderstanding was said in front of the whole class, but she even turned around and leave without giving any explanation. Uomi student president… why you put me in this situation!

Such a pain in the ass…

Looking at Uomi’s back, and the scorching eyes around him, Li Yalin couldn’t help but give a long sigh.

He had long known that it would be troublesome to be in contact with Uomi, now it seems his prediction is correct.

“I really underestimate you… obviously just transferred school, can actually date students president.”

It is a matter of course that the relationship between Li Yalin and Uomi was misunderstood. Looking at Maki’s expression at the moment, he knew that she must be one of them because of her sentence just now.

Not only that, her expression is quite weird.

“Dating… you think too much, how can I date Uomi student president.”

Li Yalin right now has no mood to speculate on Maki’s thoughts. He pats his head very helplessly. His head really hurts now. After such a disturbance, how can he keep a low profile in the future?

Although… He already had no low-key opportunities.

“Not dating yet… you student council really know how to have fun…”

Maki was slightly taken aback seeing him completely denied his dating with Uomi. But beyond her surprise, her expression changed again, and her thinking was obviously taken away by Li Yalin’s explanation.

Know how to have fun?

Fuck… what are you on about?

“What Uomi student president just said, it’s just the work she arranged for me! Don’t you notice it! The club I formed yesterday will make a game to participate in this competition. I just didn’t sleep because of this!”

Li Yalin usually didn’t really care if it just a misunderstandings. It’s nothing but rumors. He has become famous in the school anyway. There is nothing wrong with multiple rumors.

But he didn’t want to be played by Uomi like this.

Going out with Uomi student president? Although it sounds very good, it is a pity that I am not willing!

So… you guys listen to my explanation!

Taking out the poster of the game exhibition, Li Yalin explained to Maki word by word. Of course, although it is for Maki, he actually explained it to the class.

After all, he now attracts the eyes of almost all his classmates.

“Student game competition? Li-kun are you going to participate in this contest?”

Although the video game industry is an emerging industry in this world, it can attract the attention and love of a large number of young people. Especially computer games, it is quite popular with everyone.

It is a pity that although the computer has become more popular, the development of computer games is not satisfactory. After all, computer games are not produced in one or two days. Even if there is strong support and development of the empire, it can really get everyone’s attention. The number of computer games is still limited.

Under such circumstances, the upcoming 3rd Japan district game festival has become a point of great interest to everyone. You must know that many of the works exhibited in the previous two conventions sell like hot cakes. Game makers are looking forward to this day to promote their games, and there are also many gamers looking forward to play their favorite works.

Although Haruka is not keen on games, she has heard of the rumors about this exhibition. After all, this is one of the several development directions promoted by the district. Every exhibition is very popular.

It is for this reason that she was very surprised. Student game competition, is this a game competition for high school students? Li-kun said he wanted to participate, that means he wanted to make a computer game?

This is too amazing, right?

Video games are very attractive to young people but the number is still limited. Adding two points together will give people a very mysterious feeling.

Haruka’s idea is that this kind of game can’t be made by anyone. Those who can make video games must be very amazing.

So, what kind of mood will Haruka feel when she knows that her next table classmate will make an indie game to participate in this very high-level competition?

It should be both admiration and amazement.

“What? You want to make a game? A computer games?”

Before Li Yalin could reply to Haruka words, Maki also took the poster from the side and showed a very surprised look.

In fact, not only her, but most of the classmates in the class who heard the news had a surprise look on their faces.

“It have been decided and I can’t really refuse, so I can only do my best.”

Looking at the current situation, Li Yalin knows that he has done the right thing, everyone’s attention has been successfully diverted. Although he exposed the game production, it is better than the rumors with Uomi continues.

This matter eventually will be known to everyone sooner or later. Once it got some results, Uomi will definitely not miss the opportunity, and will definitely do her most to put it to the headlines.

Li Yalin is ready regrarding this so he can say this very calmly.

“You really can do anything…”

Seeing Li Yalin was helpless, he nodded and admitted that Maki couldn’t help but amazed.

Can play piano very nicely. Playing basketball can complete with basketball club. Now he can make games?

What is the origin of this guy?

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