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The fact that Li Yalin made computer games did arouse the curiosity of many students, but they didn’t makes a fuss about it.

It’s just a game made by high school students after all. Even if it’s good, it’s limited. In everyone’s impression, at most it can only be compared with those simple and rough games, that’s all.

Yes, in this period when the empire is vigorously developing the entertainment industry, games have become an industry that has attracted the attention of capitalists. A large amount of capital has poured in, and many game companies have appeared.

Among them, there are large well-made companies, and naturally there are also small workshops with crudely made works.

Generally speaking, the goal of large companies is to strive for perfection, so that the games produced are more acceptable to consumers. But for this reason, the number of games produced by large companies is quite scarce, basically one or two a year is already considered highly productive.

Looking at those small game production companies on the other hand, it is completely different from the big companies.

So what is short and fast?

Short game progress!

Flat story content!

Fast production cycle!

That is to say, many small companies are blending in a water-testing manner. Possibly want to make a gambit, can win a fortune and won’t lose much when lose. In this case, considerable part of the game market is occupied by many crude games.

And if a game made by a high school student is comparable to that produced by such a small company, it is enough to represent a strength. In fact, this student games competition is basically in that level if Li Yalin is not involved.

Since buying a computer, Li Yalin can better understand the information through the internet and this give him more confident in his game.

Although switching to his original world, Generation XTH can only be said to be a niche game that is known to few people. But when changed to this world… it may become the inventor of dungeon crawler RPG!

So… this upcoming game contest, let’s look forward to it a little bit.

After the lunch break, Li Yalin didn’t sleep again in the two afternoon classes. But even so, he was still recuperating.

He had spent a whole night drawing the images and producing the BGM. Today he will finally start making the game program. Since this is a big project, it will take at least three nights to complete it.

Typing on the keyboard is more tiring than drawing pictures, and it’s totally impossible not to take a good rest now.

After taking a rest in the school, he went to the student council to met Uomi after saying goodbye to Haruka group.

Uomi is very interested in the game that Li Yalin is making, and even said that she would like to see how Li Yalin makes the game.

It’s a pity that Uomi’s idea was categorically rejected by Li Yalin. Although he didn’t mind letting Uomi look at the semi-finished product, but if he really agreed to her, it would mean that he would take this student president-sama home together.

Think about the girls at home, and then look at the Uomi student president who is lacking in integrity.

Sure enough, still have to refuse decisively.

“Yalin sensei… are you going to participate in that student game competition?”

After returning home from school, Li Yalin played for a while in the store as usual, and then carried the schoolbag upstairs and turned on the computer to prepare the code.

It was at this time that his editor Mihari girl come in with face full of surprise.

“You heard that from Cocoa? Well, it’s true that I’ll participate in that competition.”

Regarding the fact that Li Yalin wants to make a game, Cocoa knew it last night. With Cocoa knew it, it’s means that everyone will know. At this point, Li Yalin expressed absolute confidence in Cocoa.

Because of this, he understood immediately when the editor girl came.

But… why Mihari had a bigger reaction?

“Could it be that my cooperation with the magazine has limitations in this regard?”

Unconsciously, he raised his eyebrows. Li Yalin felt that her reaction was too great. There must be something wrong with this.

As the signing mangaka of Weekly Young GONGON, he certainly has some restrictions. He has read the terms before signing the contract, but the above restrictions are very loose, and there is no other industry involved.

But now… did he get cheated by the loli chief editor?

“No, you misunderstood Yalin sensei, we certainly will not limit the freedom of sensei. I am just curious what type of game are you going to make? Is it about Cat’s Eye? If it is, Minano chief editor want to cooperate with sensei.”

After listening to Li Yalin’s question, Mihari immediately waved her hands again and again. She didn’t come to restrict him, but wanted to cooperates instead.

Although Weekly Young GONGON is a manga magazine, it also undertakes various businesses and had a deep connection with the game industry.

In fact, regarding the game adaptation of Cat’s Eye, it’s more than once that game companies approaches the magazines. It’s just that Li Yalin didn’t release the game copyright, even Minano Matome as the chief editor can’t make decision.

Regarding this issue, Minano Matome mentioned it many times during the company meeting. Otosuna Mihari as Li Yalin editor naturally keeps this in mind.

Li Yalin did not mention it before, and Mihari will not take the initiative. But now he began to make games. As an editor, Mihari had to report it quickly.

After learning the news, Minano Matome made a very decisive decision. In any case, they must continue to cooperate with Yalin sensei. If he needs it, the magazine can immediately mobilized gaming professionals to help him completed the game to participate in the game competition.

From this point, the loli chief editor Minano Matome is full of sincerity. According to her, with Cat’s Eye popularity now. If they take advantage now to launch a game, it can definitely further stir up the IP!

But Li Yalin didn’t intend to make Cat Eye game, so he could only disappoint her.

“I didn’t plan to make a Cat Eye game. Even if I want to make a Cat Eye game, there is too little time, it is impossible to complete.”

Regarding Minano Matome’s ideas, Li Yalin refused without much thinking. Although the loli chief editor’s sincerity was sufficient, and she was right. While the Cat Eye is the most popular, many readers will definitely buy it if the game come out.

But the time is too tight. Even if there is a professional team, it is impossible to finish the game in just a few days.

After all, not everyone like Li Yalin who carried a cheat.

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