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“You are right, it can’t be helped then…”

Otosuna Mihari was slightly disappointed after being rejected by Li Yalin. As the editor and a loyal fan of Cat’s Eye, she actually wanted to see this work turned into game, and she also firmly believed that this work will definitely have novel and even its own anime in the future.

She was full of expectations.

She is a bit disappointed since her wish didn’t come true.

“So… Yalin sensei, what kind of game are you going to make?”

Although Cat Eye could not be made into a game, but she still interested in Li Yalin’s work. She wanted to know what kind of work Yalin sensei going to create next.

Even if game had nothing in common with manga, Mihari still has enough confidence in Li Yalin. In her view, Yalin sensei is a genius. His manga is so good, his game will certainly not be bad!

In other words… this is a blind worship.

“It’s a battle between teenagers and monsters in an imaginary world.”

“Eh? Is it the mainstream plot?”

Li Yalin’s answer is actually completely beyond her expectations. In this world’s manga industry, the main trend are hot blood, funny and ero. Among them, the most popular themes in the bloody plot is a battle between teenagers and monster.

Cat Eye’s plot on the other hand is like a fresh air. Mainstream is just to put it nicely. But to put it harsly, it’s a boring plot which undoubtedly disappointed Otosuna Mihari.

A bloody fighting type game?

As a girl, this kind of game didn’t pique her interests…

“The mainstream plot… Actually, this game didn’t put the storyline as important at all.”

Generation XTH is a dungeon crawler RPG game. The main focus for this kind of games is puzzle solving and leveling, while the plot is secondary. At least for Li Yalin, his game will be focusing in solving puzzles and leveling.

He didn’t really pay much attention to the plot and believed that most players are like this.

“The plot is not important?”

Li Yalin’s statement, but makes Mihari girl’s face blank. Although she is an editor of the manga industry, but she also has some understanding of the game. After all, she usually comes into contact with industry insiders.

In today’s game industry, the plot is generally highly valued. The large game companies are focusing on polishing the plot of their game. Although most of these have not escaped the framework of bloody fighting, at least their works had some highlights.

But now Li Yalin actually said something that subvert the game industry, what does this mean?

“You will know when the game is ready.”

Regarding this issue, he had no way to explain it to her. After all, different people have different views. He will not pay attention to the plot does not mean that some gamers didn’t care. Some people like watching the game plot, just like watching a movie.

What’s more, although Generation XTH is not focused on the plot, the content of the plot must not be bad. At least it must not become a cliché in this world.

It’s just that he can’t really explain it to her before the game is completed.

So… seeing is beliving, wait until the game is out.

“Yalin sensei… these drawings are…”

Although Li Yalin said that she will knew it after the game was completed, Mihari was still a little disappointed, but the sketch in Li Yalin’s room attracted her attention.

These exquisite and beautiful full-body standing drawing attracted her eyes right away, making her not able to take away her eyes.

This is definitely not a Cat’s Eye draft!

New manga’s artwork?


“It’s called Blood code characters in the game and there also some of the main character settings. Do you want to see the colored version?”

What attracted Mihari’s attention was the pictures that Li Yalin drew yesterday, but these pictures is black and white drawings, and not colored.

Because hand drawing is too time-consuming, Li Yalin will do a quick fix. Scan these images to the computer, and then use software to color it. Anyway, there is a cheat system, he can do it quickly without making any mistakes, one picture can be solved in a few minutes.

There are not many characters in this game, and the many characters can also be set by the player. So as long as he draw the most important Blood codes characters and solve the front cover, the game is basically done.

Otherwise, he can’t draw so many pictures in just one night.

Although he draw it very fast, Li Yalin still put in details. Especially these Blood codes characters is his most thoughtful works, which are more delicate and beautiful than the original version.

Otherwise, it is impossible to attract Mihari.

“Yalin sensei is going to use these pictures… in the game? Blood codes? What is this setting? Please be sure to show me the colored version!”

Although Li Yalin didn’t say much, she still want to digest them but it was not so easy. This is the first time she heard about Blood codes, and these images would be used in the game? It is too beautiful!

This is only black and white pictures, if it’s a colored version…

Mihari cannot wait… to see them.

Now that she is interested, Li Yalin is of course very happy to let her see the works he rushed out yesterday. Compared with the black and white drawings, these colored pictures are more vivid and beautiful, and even amazed Otosuna Mihari.

Even if she didn’t play much game, Mihari is very clear that even those large game production companies, their illustrators can never reach this level.

Putting aside the quality of the game made by Li Yalin, just these Blood codes can attract many people!

What kind of game is Yalin sensei going to make?

Mihari who was still somewhat disappointed, inexplicably began to look forward to the game after looking at the character images.

She always feel that the game made by Yalin sensei is completely different from the games she have played before…

With such thought in mind, Mihari continued to stay in Li Yalin’s room. She did not intend to leave at all even when he started working. But because of this, a scene that made her dumbfounded appears.

This is … too incredible!

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