Cafe 73

Showing his game design to Mihari is Li Yalin’s whim, but he did not expect these pictures to attract her deeply, and she did not intend to leave even after seeing it.

In this case, he could not drive her away. After all, she was his editor.

Forget it, let her stay in the room if she want to stay, it didn’t really matter anyway.

After getting so familiar with her, Li Yalin had nothing to hide from her. He pulled the keyboard and started typing the code.

The workload of creating a game is very large. Even if Li Yalin has a cheat, it is also necessary to type out the code word by word. This is a very laborious work.

The most important thing is that this is still a very boring job. At least in Li Yalin’s opinion, it feels really boring to type with keyboard. Just like turning yourself into a robot, you might not be able to hold on for a long time if you lack perseverance.

In his heart, Li Yalin tsukomied about his job, know that this is just the beginning and he still has to suffers in the future.

But in Mihari’s eyes, this scene was very incredible and she even could not believe her eyes!

My goodness… what did I see?

Mihari is completely a layman on how to make a games. Although she has been in contact with the game industry, she did not understand how the games were made. The reason why she thought that Li Yalin can make games is entirely because of her blind worship, nothing more.

But when she saw Li Yalin sitting in front of the computer, hitting the keyboard at a speed she could not imagine and with characters she could not understand keep flashing on the computer screen, her mood is really difficult to express in words.

Yalin sensei’s talent is not limited to manga and piano…

Is this what people call… an all-round genius?

Typing the keyboard is a very labor intensive work. Even if there is a system cheat, he can’t do an all nighter with his physical strength. After all, drawing manga and moving the mouse is a completely different thing.

In the middle of the night, he couldn’t take it anymore when the clock pointing at 2 AM. He is not mentally stressed, but his body began to call the alarm.

His current situation can be described as back cramps and hand cramps.

Sure enough, he can’t do this in one night? But finishing almost one third is good enough.

There is no need to continue if he couldn’t bear it. After saving the written program code, Li Yalin stretched out his lazy waist and crack his neck again and again. As he thought, his body needs to do more exercise, otherwise his body may not be able to take it.

But exercise is not a problem that can be solved in a day or two, so it is better to take a rest first.

After getting up from the computer desk, Li Yalin was going to take a brief shower and go to sleep. But after he got up, he was surprised to find that he was not alone in this room.


Why hasn’t she left yet?

He was engrossed in typing on the keyboard, Li Yalin didn’t pay much attention to her. He thought that since he’s too focused, he reckon that Mihari would leave quietly when she felt bored.

Contrary to what he imagined, Mihari did not disturb him but also did not leave this room. He did not know since when she fell asleep in the bedside!

Yes, that’s right!

Otosuna Mihari… this new editor, she fell asleep in a man’s room!

What is this?

Did she feel safe with him?

Looking at her lying beside the bed and made a lovely snoring sound because of the incorrect sleeping position, Li Yalin couldn’t help being speechless for a while.

Although he looks harmless now, he was once a man in his thirties! Staying in a room with such a man, do you think about the consequences of doing so?

Well, the consequence is that Li Yalin’s bed is occupied, and nothing else.

Even though Mihari has graduated from high school and entered the society, is considered edible. But in his eyes, she is still too young.

He feel that he is nothing but beast if he do something to her!

It’s better to be a beast than to be worse than a beast.

Shaking his head and sighing again, Li Yalin finally took Mihari to the bed and also helped her cover the quilt. He didn’t know how big her courage is to sleep so well in an unfamiliar environment. Li Yalin made so many actions, only in exchange for her soft whisper.

“Yalin sensei…”

Is she… dreaming about me?

Holding Mihari to the bed and hearing his name being called from her mouth, Li Yalin feel a little funny.

What kind of image he would have in her dream? This is really an interesting question.

I hope it will be a positive image…

His bed was occupied by her. The only place in this room that could be used as his bed is his office chair. If he know this would happens, he should have buy a sofa and put it in the room.

But if he buy a sofa, Tippy might nag him again about saving money.

While his thoughts drift off, Li Yalin soon couldn’t resist the sleepiness, and gradually fell into a dream. He was really tired. Even if the chair was not comfortable, he couldn’t stop the sleepiness.

He don’t know how long time has passed. He was rudely awaken by a scream that rang through the entire Rabbit House.

“What happened?”

Li Yalin who suddenly awakened, stood up subconsciously. Although he felt backache right after, he quickly fixed his eyes on the direction of the sound.

That scream… was it from Mihari?

In his sight, Mihari sat up from the bed with dazed face. And then her face flushed from embarassment.

As Li Yalin thought, yesterday she actually was going to leave quietly without disturbing sensei’s work.

But she became more fascinated when she looked at Li Yalin’s seriously typing, and finally forgot to leave and even fall asleep without knowing it.

When she opened her eyes, she saw an unfamiliar ceiling while covered with unfamiliar quilts, she instinctively scream before she was fully awake.

But after the scream, she reacted.

What has she done? Falling asleep in Yalin sensei’s room, such a shameful scene was seen by sensei?

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