Cafe 74

Having such incident early in the morning not only makes Mihari very awkward, but it also made Li Yalin feel very awkward. Especially when Chino and Cocoa came and heard that they were sleeping in the same room, it’s makes them even more awkward.

Fortunately, Chino and Cocoa is a very pure girls. They didn’t think too much on this, and didn’t misunderstand whether Li Yalin and Mihari had an improper relationship. Just give a little bit of explanation and they immediately believe them.

And this made Li Yalin take a long breath.

Fortunately, it can be explained easily. Otherwise, this awkwardness and misunderstanding will keep on going.

But after clearing up the misunderstandings, Mihari still too embarrassed to look directly at Li Yalin. Even if nothing happened, they still slept in the same room last night. For a pure girl like Mihari, she is in her limit already.

At least this incident will made her flushed when she recall them. So after having breakfast under Chino’s persuasion, she left Rabbit House as if she were running away, it made Chino feel very strange.

“Is Mihari-san’s so busy?”

“Well… editor’s work is very hard.”

Li Yalin can only answer it like this.

Yes, it’s hard being an editor.

The episode between Li Yalin and Mihari ends here. For the next few days, all of his energy is devoted on making game. Because of this, he has been sleeping in class every day and has become the typical bad student.

But the students in the class knows his situation. After all, he is making game for the honor of the school, so no one criticize him.

Even though… except for Haruka, Maki, and Atsuko, Li Yalin didn’t really interact with other students.

He didn’t even know the name of his classmates.

Of course, his hard work this past few days finally bears fruit. Under his continuous work, Generation XTH finished very quickly. With the system in place, he doesn’t even need to test it since it will have no BUG.

And compared to the original game, this version made by Li Yalin has been optimized. With the support of manga adept level ability, the game visual is more perfect and it will add more luster to the game.

At least Li Yalin’s very satisfied with this work. Even if it can’t be compared to the best-selling masterpiece of his world, but putting it in this world is definitely an excellent work that can satisfied the gamers.

“Has the game been made so quickly?”

Li Yalin recently did not show his face to the student council due to focusing on the game. Today he finally completed the game, so he must go to Uomi after a long time to report.

Uomi student president showed a surprised look after hearing Li Yalin actually completed the game in just a few days.

“I had no choice but to finish it in three days. How could we do the following promotion work if I didn’t finish it as soon as possible?”

Uomi’s surprise made him very helpless. Although there are still a few days before the competition, it take time to do the game’s promotion and follow-up work, right? If he didn’t finish it quickly, does this mean they will go unprepared when the competition really start?

Should he tsukomied her about this?

“As you said, competing… it seems that it also needs people, huh?”

He didn’t know whether she really mean it. Anyway, her expression now showed a surprised look, it stir up his tsukomi soul.

But tsukomi her now always felt like a waste of energy and he did not intend to serve as her straight man, so he finally suppressed it.

He can’t tsukomi her, absolutely can’t!

“Our student council should keep up with the whole process of participating in such a big event. But unfortunately the student council still has important work to do on the competition day, and had not enough manpower.”

Just when he suppressed his tsukomi soul, Uomi student president suddenly showed an embarrassed look. Now this is a thought-provoking stuff.

Student council have important work on the day of the game fest?

Can’t pull the manpower?

What does this mean?

The number of student council members is very small, including Uomi as the student presidents and Li Yalin the vice president, it only had four members. But what kind of important work that all student council member needs to be deployed?

He always feel that Uomi is going to do something again.

“Oh right, your club has been established, but no members have joined yet, right? How about taking this opportunity to recruit a few new members to join the club to participate in this competition?”

Uomi just show a troubled look, but then she clapped her hands, seems to have come up with ideas. This made him want to tsukomi her really bad.

You have thought about this line already, right?

This is definitely what you decided before, right?

Her intention is to recruit by force! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

What the hell!

“Can I opt out of this unreliable student council?”

Li Yalin said this sentence word by word while looking at her expressionlessly. He always felt that he would really play the role of straight man if this continued.

“You can’t~!”

Li Yalin’s question was answered in the same way by Uomi. It’s really powerless to have such a student president.

“I am having a bit of difficulty here you know? By the way, I can give you the greatest power in recruiting new members. In my capacity as a student president, you can forcibly recruit members even if they originally belong to a club!”

Uomi also knows that her own denial cannot appease Li Yalin, so she will also give him a consolation. After all, she can’t really throw all the mess to Li Yalin.

It’s just that…

This is abuse of power, okay!

Forcibly recruit member with the capacity of students president? Are you some kind of tyrant!

Is it really okay to have a student president like you?

Don’t you know doing things with force won’t work?

Not saved, our students president can’t be saved anymore. For the sake of the future, our hope can’t be placed on her!

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