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It doesn’t sound quite right to forcibly recruiting club members, yes, it didn’t strike him as very fair!

So what he need to do now is to look for it in person!

Today is the second monday after the start of school. Li Yalin was at home all day last weekend from making the game. He didn’t even go when Cocoa’s friend Chiya invited everyone to play at Ama Usa An, it really saddened him.

Since he sacrificing so much for the game, he had to take it seriously!

“Li-kun, you are…”

Because the game finished yesterday, Li Yalin can slept well last night and finally didn’t sleep in class. Though the students in the class was not used to this.

What surprise them even more is that Li Yalin did not sleep, but also picked up a pen to write something on a piece of paper.

Haruka next to his table feel worried seeing him like this.

“I got cheated by Uomi student president. I may not have enough manpower for the competition if I didn’t recruit club members as soon as possible.”

Hearing her worried voice, Li Yalin also looked up. His words is full of resentment towards Uomi. He had prepared everything, but still got screwed up at the critical moment.

If this didn’t work then he might have no choice but to do as uomi said, forcefully recruit several people to help him.

“I see, is this the poster you drew to recruit new members? It’s beautiful.”

After listening to Li Yalin’s explanation, it hit her after seeing the poster design on his table.

So he was drawing a poster.

But this poster… is too pretty right?

It was blocked by Li Yalin’s body before so she couldn’t see it clearly, but she can now see the poster on the table more clearly after he raised his head.

Li Yalin did not make the posters too complicated. He just wrote the Eiryou High School gaming club recruiting new member in artistic fonts and in large characters, and then drawed the standing picture of Generation XTH main character, Alice Mifune.

But this poster still surprised Haruka. After all, Li Yalin’s school bag was filled with colored pencil. Incidentally, the poster was colored. With the support of professional drawing skills, using this poster as CG picture is no problem at all.

A club with this kind of poster to recruit new members, even if someone had done this before, it’s still a big thing right?

“I hope this poster can help me to get new members, otherwise I will have a headache.”

This poster looks very pretty to Haruka, but it was nothing special in his eyes. He is more worried whether a new members will join the club. After all, it has been a week since the admission of new students. Some have already joined a club, and the others who have not joined a club are probably not interested in this club.

This is what troubled him.

“If that happens… I can give you a helping hand.”

Seeing Li Yalin’s troubled look, Haruka’s face showed some hesitation. But her hesitation did not last long, and she quickly made a decision.

As Li Yalin’s classmate and friend, Haruka felt that she should lend a helping hand when the other party needed it.

“Really? That would really help me!”

Haruka will take the initiative to help somewhat beyond Li Yalin’s expectations, but it also makes him very excited.

Haruka would be a great help to him. He can be more at easy with her helping him.

In fact, it would be great if she can join his club, but he also knows Haruka’s family circumtances, it basically impossible for her to join a club.

Forget it, it’s useless to think too much about this now. What he should care right now is whether a new members will join the club!

After drawing the poster, Li Yalin makes a few copy of it and then posted it to the most prominent places such as the school corridor and bulletin board. Normally this does not meet the regulations, but who made him the student council vice president.

There also Uomi student president as his backing. Even if someone sees him doing something that does not meet the regulations, no one will point it out, even the sensei will not care.

In this case, a lot of students should see this new poster. What he need to do next is to go to the clubroom of the gaming club after school and wait for the new members to join.

Seriously, this kind of waiting is really a pain.

The clubroom of gaming club’s arranged by Uomi, not far from the student council. Although Li Yalin is the only member now, the room is unexpectedly large, and it is also very clean and tidy. This must be the result of Uomi’s abusing her power.

It’s just that with such big clubroom, no one has come yet…

Sitting in the club president seat that Uomi arranged for himself, Li Yalin’s expression was a bit melancholy. It has been twenty minutes since the school ended but no one come to knock the door.

How about return today?

Wait another fifteen minutes. Then give up if no one came after fifteen minutes!

He knows that it would be hard to recruit new members now, but reality is too cruel. Li Yalin knows that he is just wasting his time, and decided to just give up quickly.

Yes… Sure enough let’s give up…

“Excuse me…”

The classroom door was opened suddenly when he just decided to give up, and a sentence of “excuse me” instantly pulled him from the abyss to heaven.

Someone come to the club?

Honestly, Li Yalin didn’t intend to focus his energy to this gaming club, but he still feel a little touched now. It’s just too embarrassing if no one really comes.


Li Yalin who has just risen to heaven was discouraged again after seeing the one who comes. The one who opened the door of gaming club is none other than students president Uomi!

“What? Yalin-kun doesn’t welcome me?”

Seeing Li Yalin’s helpless face, Uomi knew what’s going on after looking around the classroom.

So he failed to get a new members… but this didn’t come as surprise to her.

It seems that he still need my help?

Uomi smiled while having such a thought.

“Aren’t you busy? Is it really okay for you to come over?”

Li Yalin’s quite speechless looking at the smiling Uomi. What’s now? Come to laugh at him? Or… Uomi had expected this to happen?

“The student council works should be no problem with Mori-san presence, and…”

“Excuse me… is this gaming club?”

Yes, Uomi did anticipate this situation, but an accidents that she had not expected appeared, such as the weak voice that sounded outside the door right now.

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