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“Yes! This is Eiryou High School gaming club. Did the two of you come to join?”

Uomi’s words were not finished yet, but Li Yalin could not care anymore. Because he heard the sound from the door and saw two figures peeking at the classroom.

Uomi’s words are no longer important. Receiving new members is what he need to do as club president!

Of course he didn’t know if they really want to join the gaming club.

A few steps to the door of the classroom, Li Yalin saw clearly who is coming. Standing now outside the gaming club is a pair of very petite but also very cute girls.

From appearances, the girl with purple twintail hair is slightly taller, probably about 1.5 meters. While the other blonde girl is estimated to be one meter four, and it feels not much different from Chino.

Junior high students?

No, they must be a freshman in high school. Isn’t it a very popular setting for girls to not develop well? This disappointing height and stature… even if they are being mistaken for a primary school student, there is nothing wrong with it.

Well, this is not the time for tsukomi.


Perhaps his sudden appearance frightened the two girls. The girl with purple twintail hair looks very nervous. She subconsciously grabbed the blond girl next to her and then didn’t know what to say.

“We… we are here to visit!”

In contrast, the blond girl was more courageous, at least she can speak clearly, though it’s crystal clear that she also very nervous.

“Welcome, please come in.”

Li Yalin didn’t want the two girls to turned around and fled because of being too nervous. So he act quickly, he stepped aside and then invited the two girls into the classroom.

“Student president?”

At the invitation of Li Yalin, the two girls looked at each other and gave each other an encouraging look, followed him into the gaming club.

But as soon as they came in, the blonde girl exclaimed. Because she saw Uomi student president occupied Li Yalin seat.

The students president will appear here is really beyond their expectations.

“You are really famous, even freshmen can recognize you after just one week.”

Li Yalin couldn’t help but sigh when Uomi’s identity was exposed. Should he say that as expected of the students president? Her popularity is really high.

“You’re so rude! Nene is not a freshman!”

Li Yalin only sighed a little, but what he never expect is that he seems to provoke the blonde girl. She suddenly raised her voice, her tender and lovely face was also flushed.

Listen to her, she is not a freshman?


Her sudden outburst overwhelmed Li Yalin. Not a freshman? So they are in the same grade with him?

Regarding this question, Uomi quickly gave him the answer.

“So it was Suzukaze sempai and Sakura sempai. I didn’t expect you would be interested in gaming club.”

Suzukaze sempai?

Sakura sempai?

These two petite girls… are both sempai?

Uomi words confuse him even more.

Where do they look like sempai! What setting is this!

Speaking of sempai, it should be a tall onee-san with curvy body! What happened to these two loli-type sempai?

Okay, it’s not the right time to tsukomi.

Uomi student president knows these two girls, but obviously they are not friends. Their relationship is entirely for work. In fact, he should be able to realize this if he pay more attention.

Eiryou High School art club is one of the clubs that had his attention before. But unfortunately this club only has 3 members, including the club president.

According to the data, the club president of the art club has a weak and sicky body, and often absent for club activities because of this.

In this case, the art club is no longer recognized as an official club. Although it has not been reduced to a fan club yet, it is only a matter of time.

The two girls who came to the gaming club at the moment were the other two members of the art club – Suzukaze Aoba and Sakura Nene.

By the way, they are all third graders. Despite their petite body, in terms of settings, they are one year older than Li Yalin.

Hold on… Suzukaze Aoba and Sakura Nene…

Okay, he seems to recognize these girls.

Because this is not the first time this has happened, Li Yalin has already been mentally prepared for a long time, so he is very calm now.

Suzukaze Aoba, NEWGAME female lead. If we follows the original plot, she would work after graduating from high school, entered a game company and become a glorious game producer.

This should have happened, but now… Suzukaze Aoba has not graduated yet?

This is really an interesting point in time.

“Sakura sempai, did I offend you?”

Li Yalin is clear about the identity of the two girls in front of him. Recruiting these two girls into the gaming club would be a good choice, but wasn’t sure if they would like to join the gaming club. After all, they are still members of the art club.

But when he was thinking, Uomi also opened her mouth. Because Sakura Nene beside Suzukaze Aoba had been looking at her with a very hostile eyes since entering the classroom.

Uomi is the type who will not ignore the hostility of others. Since Sakura Nene has shown hostility, how can she be indifferent?

Straightforward, that is Uomi student president!

“I… you are a bad guy! You plan to disband our art club!”

Being seen by Uomi’s eyes, Sakura Nene immediately looked like a frightened kitten, and subconsciously hugged Suzukaze Aoba at her side. But soon after she pursed her lips, she gathered courage and raised her head, because she can’t flinch at this moment!

Yes, in the eyes of Sakura Nene, Uomi this student president is a villain! Because she is the culprit in the student council who want to disband the art club!

“Disband the art club? No, I didn’t plan to disband the art club. It’s just that there are less than five members in the art club, so it will be downgraded to fan club.”

Sakura Nene’s hostile gaze constitutes no threat to Uomi’s eyes, and Uomi has her explanation about what she done.

She is not disbanding the art club, but the club would be downgraded to fan club, which is reasonable according to the regulations.

She said nothing wrong as a student president. But for the club members who were downgraded… such as Sakura Nene, it is really difficult to accept them.

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