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“Okay Nene, the club president have told us to accept this fact. Even if the art club is disbanded, we will always be the member of the art club!”

Clearly compared to Uomi’s momentum, Sakura Nene is weak like a hamster. But she still has the courage to argue.

However, when Sakura Nene wanted to argue more against Uomi, Suzukaze Aoba beside her suddenly pulled her arm and shook her head gently.

Apparently they already knew the ending of the art club, and were all ready to accept this fact. But they suddenly saw Uomi and Sakura Nene’s psychology could not accept it.

This is also understandable. Downgraded into fan club is just to put it nicely, but as a fan club, they will lose their classroom for club’s activities, and the school will also not provide any club funds. Moreover, they can’t use the club name to participate in activities.

So what is different between degrading and disbanding?

“I’m very sorry for Uomi student president. It has caused you trouble.”

Although she was very tense at first, but now Suzukaze Aoba turned out to be the most calm.

It was her who pulled Sakura Nene and even expressed her apology to Uomi. After all, it was Sakura Nene who caused trouble.

“It’s okay, I can understand Sakura sempai mood. So Suzukaze sempai, are you and Sakura sempai coming to join the gaming club?”

In the face of Suzukaze Aoba’s apology, Uomi shook her head a bit. Her face did not show any expression, this is her normal state when against outsiders.

But… isn’t she taking away his role? Obviously she was just an outsider, why she snatch his lines?

After he realized this, a few black lines appeared on Li Yalin’s forehead.

“That… we are a little curious…”

“Aoba is only a little interested in the picture on that poster and wants to check it out, we didn’t intend to join the club!”

Although she was caught by her friend, Sakura Nene still didn’t like Uomi. Suzukaze Aoba’s words weren’t finished, she took the lead in denying them joining the club.

Because of this, Li Yalin’s forhead had more black lines.

My student president-sama, did you come here to attract hatred?

“You mean this poster?”

Li Yalin can see that Sakura Nene didn’t like Uomi. The situation will get worse if he let them continued on this conversation. So before Uomi can even speak, he need to turn the conversation to his favor.

The posters posted all over the school before were just photocopies, and the originals were still in his hands. Since he found the solution, he certainly won’t waste it.

“This poster… was it drawn by a professional?”

Suzukaze Aoba’s eyes lit up after seeing Li Yalin took out the original poster.

Generally, the drawing in this world is more into realistic and crude style, Li Yalin’s work is definitely something fresh. Even though the drawing style of Generation XTH is more inclined to a realistic style and with an uncomplicated plot. But in contrast, this is definitely a fine work.

At least the average manga artist can’t draw such a work, it is no wonder that it will attract Suzukaze Aoba’s attention.

“Suzukaze sempai, do you know that the 3rd district game festival will be held in a few days? Our gaming club specially created a game to participate in the students game competition, and the girl in the poster is the main character of this game.”

From Suzukaze Aoba’s eyes, Li Yalin can see how much she likes this poster. And he is also very clear that this girl should also have a considerable interest in game.

He didn’t know if the setting has been altered when changed into this world, but he still decided to use Generation XTH to lure the girls!

“District game festival? Eh? Is the gaming club going to participate in that game contest?”

Suzukaze Aoba was obviously stunned after hearing his words, she then showed a surprised expression, it really shocked her.

She certainly knows about the upcoming district game festival. After all, this is a grand event in Japan district and a great news for all gamers. As a gamer, she will definitely not miss this convention.

She had heard this game competition in the convention. It is reported that the schools club participating in this competition has the support of game companies behind them. That is to say, the clubs that can participate in this competition have considerable strength.

But now her own school gaming club has just been established, and even still recruiting new members but wanted to participate in the competition, of course she will be surprised.

“Wanna try it?”

Now that Suzukaze Aoba knows about this game festival, it will be even easier to handle. Li Yalin took his schoolbag and pulled out a CD from it. The bait for the girls is here, next is to get her hooked!

After finishing the game yesterday, Li Yalin burned it into a disc. He originally intended to show it to Uomi, but she was so unreliable in the morning that he shelved the idea.

Now that he met Suzukaze Aoba, this game now can come into play. This girl is very suitable for being the first demo player of this game.

“May I?”

“No problem at all!”

Li Yalin took out the game disc aroused the interest of Suzukaze Aoba. In fact, not only Suzukaze Aoba, but Sakura Nene beside her also showed curiosity.

Although she is not interested in drawing, the reason why she joined the art club is also because of her friend Aoba. But Sakura Nene is an out-and-out game enthusiast, and her passion for games is not under her friend at all.

It really surprise her that the gaming club was preparing to participate in a game competition. Now she has another game to try, of course she don’t want to miss it.

“Yalin-kun, why didn’t you tell me this morning you have brought the finished game?”

As a gaming club, having several computers is a matter of course. It is estimated that this is also considered by Uomi, so there are ready-made computers in the activity classroom.

But when Li Yalin turn on the computer to load the disc and installed the game, our Uomi student president face clearly showed some displeasure.

Listening to her, she complained that he didn’t show her the game right away.

“Because Uomi student president told me this morning to find the members myself to participate in the contest!”

Regarding her displeasure, Li Yalin did not change his face. You did it first so I would do the same. Sound fair, right?

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