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“It turns out that Yalin-kun is a wayward person.”

Uomi naturally understood what he means, which made her shake her head slightly while a bit dazed.

Wayward person?

In fact, he is acting a little childish!

I’m really sorry for acting childish!

Li Yalin didn’t intend to respond to her. In what way I looks childish!

Okay, it’s not worth getting pissed by this.

The game installation did not take too long. After a few minutes, Suzukaze Aoba clicked the game icon on the desktop and officially played the game.

It’s just… he didn’t think this game can makes money at all…

Although this is a game created by him, he is in fact never played it himself. What he did is just mechanically follow the settings given by the system and copy everything out.

At most it is to optimize the graphics.

This is why he didn’t get his hopes high for this game. What’s certain is that this is a type of game that has not appeared in this world.

Suzukaze Aoba’s trial play was also a bystander experience for Li Yalin. When she started the game and edited the squad, and officially entered the first task process, he couldn’t help but frown.

Although he didn’t notice it during the production, the synthesized BGM sounded so strange, and sometimes the sound is too sharp. Although it is for the terror and suspense, it is obviously overdone.

And regarding the CG images, although the rendering of the characters is in place, some images aren’t very good. Especially the images of some alien monsters. Li Yalin draw it without changing anything. It looks really ugly after he sees it again.

But the key is that this quest is too complicated, right? Too many settings will confuse people! Various settings such as blood, genes and codes are too complicated and totally unsuitable for newcomers!

All in all, after the trial play of Suzukaze Aoba, Li Yalin has completely lost confidence in this game. Although he still felt that the quality can be guaranteed since it was produced by system, but he still does not like this game.

Perhaps there are too many games he had played before being transmigrated, so he didn’t like much this kind of rough game?

No, maybe his vision is too high.

“Yalin-kun… how did you make such a great game? Is it really made by you alone?”

Li Yalin has lost faith in the Generation XTH. But on the other hand Uomi student president showed an unbelievable gaze, as if she saw Mars hit the earth.

What the hell?

“This game… can only be said to be okay.”

In his heart, Li Yalin felt that Uomi’s reaction was too exaggerated.

To be honest, he felt that making Plants vs. Zombies is much better than making this kind of game. Now that he think about it. This is a waste of the ability given by the system!

Calling it amazing? You serious?

But because this is a game that he made, he didn’t want to belittle his efforts. At the very least, he can boast a little.

“What? It was a game made by one person?”

“Really? Such an amazing game made by one person?”

He doesn’t seems to realize it at all, but his conversation with Uomi seems to ignite the gunpowder inside the barrel, thereby causing Suzukaze Aoba and Sakura Nene to explodes.

These two girls are both video game enthusiast, and can be said as hardcore. Basically, they have played every excellent works on the market.

Because of this, they soon discovered the advantages of the game in front of them.

Dungeon-type games, although not unprecedented, are very simple without exception. At least for Aoba and Nene, they have not found any dungeon-type games they can’t beat.

But this game’s first quest is like the last quest in another dungeon game. This alone is enough to surprise them.

And being able to set the characters freely is also one of the factors that makes the two addicted. Even at the beginning, choosing the six-person squad caused Aoba and Nene to have a big conflict.

If it wasn’t for him to propose for one person to create three characters, they might keep arguing with each other.

In addition, the Blood code characters grab their attention the most. They will not feel tired to see the exquisite and beautiful pictures all day.

All in all, Suzukaze Aoba and Sakura Nene think this is a very good game. Although there are often some unexpected situations that scared them, it is one of the elements of this game and even girls like them can accept them.

So in the hearts of the two girls, this is completely the latest game produced by a large game company. What Li Yalin said earlier has long been subconsciously left behind.

Now with Uomi’s reminder, the two of them finally reacted. Their eyes widened because they can’t believe the scene before them.

“Do you like this game?”

Li Yalin were disappointed with this game, but their reaction made him feel puzzled. Maybe if it’s just Uomi, but Suzukaze Aoba and Sakura Nene should have no reason to lie.

Is this game get approved by the girls?

“As a gamers, how could we will not like such a well-made game?”

Suzukaze Aoba’s rhetorical question stunned him. He admitted that he put all his efforts creating this game, but to say that it was well-made… is it really up to that level?

Well, Li Yalin’s in fact, still underestimated the acceptance of the gamers in this world. And he didn’t know until much later that in Uomi’s ideas, the game he would make was at best the minesweeper level.

Minesweeper… minesweeper actually need skill to clear…

Anyway, thanks to this game, Li Yalin has indeed succeeded in attracting the interest of Suzukaze Aoba. After all, the game cycle is quite long, and a short period of trial time is not enough.

Without joining the gaming club, Suzukaze Aoba had no way to continue to play this game. So after quietly discussing with Sakura Nene, the two girls finally made a decision.

They want to (temporarily) join the gaming club!

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