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It’s a good thing that Suzukaze Aoba and Sakura Nene are willing to join the gaming club. But why it called temporary is because they have not given up their former club yet.

They want to rebuild the art club when they had the opportunity, at least they don’t want their memories with the club disappear.

Of course he respects their intention.

Especially at this time the gaming club also lacking in people. And after participating in the game competition, he also didn’t care even if the club get disbanded.

Initially the reason he wanted to make this club was just to complete the task. Now that the game is finished, there is no more reason to continue this club.

Either way, Li Yalin now has two small followers. Although Suzukaze Aoba and Sakura Nene are sempai in the third grade. They have became his fans after knowing that Generation XTH was made by him.

Especially Suzukaze Aoba, she seems to really like the game. She also has an extraordinary passion for making games and even admires people who can make games.

She become very respectful whenever she faced Li Yalin, as if kouhai’s attitude towards senpai, turning the relationship between the two completely reversed.

But from the outside they seems to have a harmonious relationship. After all, Aoba looks like a middle school student so it really easy to treat her as kouhai.

“This amount… isn’t it too much? Let’s just go to the competition, why do we have to sell games at the booth all of a sudden!”

Ordinarily, with the addition of two new members, the gaming club’s next activities should be very simple, to start to prepare for the game competition.

What Li Yalin didn’t expect was that after seeing the quality of Generation XTH, Uomi directly intervened to produce a thousand game discs. According to her, she wanted to make a cameo once for game commercial. That is to say, she will officially sell Generation XTH at the game convention!

This simply made Li Yalin had no power to tsukomi her. What makes him more dumbfounded is that on the day before the start of the game fest, five large boxes filled with game discs were neatly placed in front of him.

Looking at the cover, the production is quite sophisticated. It is definitely not some kind of crude products. How much did Uomi spends?

“Of course to make money! Rest assured Yalin-kun, we will split the profits of this sale in half. This is bound to sell like hot cakes!”

He don’t know where Uomi’s faith came from, as well as her seriousness of making money, but Li Yalin was speechless.

Why do you believe that this will be sold out? What if you lose money?

The production cost of this thousand game discs is at least hundreds of thousands of Japanese currency. You will be losing money if it didn’t get sold at all.

Generation XTH is just a little-known game after all. In the eyes of outsiders, this game made by high school club may not be playable at all.

The most important thing is, my God, you even priced it at three thousand Japan currency? Can this really be sold?

He has research beforehand the price of the game in this world. Large companies and big producers generally sell their game between eight thousand to five thousand Japanese currency while small workshop sell their game around a thousand to three thousand Japanese currency.

Theoretically, the price of a game made by a high school club is about five hundred Japanese currencies.

Although the quality of this game is quite good, but other people does not necessarily know this. Pricing it at three thousand Japan currency is already the limit of a small game company.

Would anyone really buy such overpriced game?

“What? Yalin-kun, you don’t feel fair with the distribution? How about six-four share?”

Seeing Li Yalin’s looking speechless, Uomi blinked and didn’t know if she said it on purpose. Anyway, it made him even more helpless.

“It’s not about money, okay… forget it. You have decided anyway, just do as you wish.”

Originally Li Yalin wanted to tsukomi, but when he look at the game boxes at the side. The deal is done, can this still be returned?

He doesn’t even care about money. In fact, even if all these 1,000 games disc are sold, how much money he can get? Not to mention whether it was sold or not, so just let her do as she please.

“This game fest is very important to us. Not only does the gaming club and student council need to be mobilized, I also need to transfer some foreign aid.”

My goodness, Uomi seems to be really serious. Expect gaming club and student council, she even plan to transfer foreign aid.


Wait! Uomi said before that student council has other important things to do, so he had to recruit new members? Why she have them mobilized now?

Can you explain this to me student president-sama?

And foreign aid… could you please introduce them in advance?

“Good morning club president.”

On the day of the 3rd Japan district festival, at 4 am in the morning, Li Yalin stood yawning at the school gate, waiting for the team to gather.

It didn’t take long for Suzukaze Aoba while also yawning to arrive, she seems to not having enough sleep. It must be very hard for her to get up so early in the morning.

“Morning Aoba.”

Suzukaze Aoba hasn’t been in the gaming club for long, and Li Yalin has only met her for a few days. But being the club president and club members, it can quickly narrow the distance between each other.

The most important thing is that she is the type of girl who is easy to talk to after knowing each other. It really easy to get along with her.

Now Li Yalin has already begun to call Aoba’s name, not only Aoba but Nene also the same.

But they still call him club president. Perhaps in their view, this is also a manifestation of intimacy.

“Wah Aoba and club president, you guys come so early, I am the last one!”

Li Yalin and Aoba had just greeted each other, and Nene appeared immediately. But when she saw that both had stood at the school gate, her small face crumpled immediately.

“No, you actually the third early. Apart from the three of us, everyone else haven’t come yet.”

Although Nene didn’t come earlier than Li Yalin and Aoba, she was definitely not too late. Because only three people from the gaming club at the school gate, the student council side… has not arrive yet.

Didn’t you say to gather at four?

What does it mean for student council to be late?

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