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Cat Eye is a 1980s works in his original world can be regarded as a manga of old antique level, but putting it into this world is definitely a refreshing and innovative work.

The seeting of a beautiful thief had never appeared in any manga works.

This is also inevitable, the manga industry in this world has just started to develop, mangaka still lacking in creativity, and the plot is relatively simple and boring. Either a manga with realistic drawing based on bloody fight or a rough and simple drawing style funny manga, or a book with ero as the selling point. These three types of manga form the main trend in today’s manga world.

In this case, the appearance of Cat Eye is definitely a fresh air, which can be seen from Chino’s reaction.

His manga drawing is up to standard, and the script is also in his mind. Of course, Li Yalin will not waste time. Draw Cat Eye chapter 1 at the fastest speed with Chino being his first reader.

“So good! This is Yalin-san manga?”

Although she saw Li Yalin’s manuscript and also knew that he was working on manga. Chino was still surprised after seeing the actual finished product.

No, it should be more accurately described as amazing.

Chino had read some manga, but she didn’t like the ‘bloody violent’ manga, it is impossible for her to read such book. All she can read is naturally a funny manga.

This picture is exquisite and beautiful, and it is also very attractive manga, so that she was deeply attracted when she saw the first page. Especially when female lead Hitomi Kisugi was almost caught by male lead Toshi Utsumi in one scene, her heart almost stopped.

After seeing the end, when she knew that Hitomi Kisugi had deliberately failed for her boyfriend, thereby giving her boyfriend confidence, she felt the sweetness again.

Overall, this is really an interesting story, very interesting!

“How was it, is it good enough?”

Li Yalin also likes the finished product of Cat Eye chapter 1 he draw. This is not only the chapter 1 after improving the style of drawing but also the time background in the story has been refined making it much closer to the real world and also makes the plot of chapter 1 more fuller.

He believe that anyone who has read chapter 1 will be attracted to this work and can’t wait to see chapter 2.

“Humph! Why the name of the coffee shop is Cat’s Eye instead of Rabbit House? This name is too ugly!”

Because of Chino’s admiring glance, Li Yalin couldn’t help but feel proud. But it’s a pity that before he become more proud, a person… I mean, a rabbit splash him with a cold water.

After Chino read the manuscript, Tippy on the side quickly scanned the manuscript. Although it was silent for a moment after reading it, it quickly made a disdainful voice.

To be more precise, it should feel quite uncomfortable.

As for the reason for Tippy’s discomfort, Li Yalin was speechless. It turned out he was against the Cat’s Eye name. What kind of argument is this?

“Because the name of this work is called Cat’s Eye, not Rabbit House!”

Pressing his temple very helplessly, Li Yalin really didn’t want to tsukomi Tippy, because it was a waste of saliva!

This work original name is Cat Eye so it should be Cat’s Eye, and Li Yalin did not intend to change the name.

It can be said that Tippy actually intentionally look for flaws, what is this? In order to advertise Rabbit House?

That’s too much!

“I think Cat’s Eye is good, it would be great if our Rabbit House could look like this, it’s a pity… “

Li Yalin didn’t have any reason to argue with Tippy. At best, it was just a few words of tsukomi in his heart. Whoever thought, Chino’s sudden sentence gave Tippy a 100% crit and let it thoroughly fell to the ground.

What did Chino just say?

What if Rabbit House could be like Cat’s Eye?

Just like Cat’s Eye?


“I’m so sorry being a poor barista. I can’t afford to open a coffee shop like Cat’s Eye. This world… this world should just disappear!”

The Cat’s Eye drawed by Li Yalin in the manga is indeed a modern coffee shop with a beautiful and elegant decoration style. It is not surprising that Chino would like it, but it is also because of this Tippy is hit hard now. Look at his listless looks, it’s impossible to recover for a while.

After all, there is no harm if it wasn’t compared.

Looking at Chino, she showed a puzzled expression and didn’t understand exactly what happened.

“What’s wrong Tippy?”

Although she has always been with Tippy all the time, Chino still does not know her sentence give Tippy huge blow. She subconsciously looked at Li Yalin who is looking at Tippy. If this is a manga, Chino’s head would have countless question marks.

“Ignore it, it may have been too hard for him to digest.”

Clearly said Tippy receive a blow, but Li Yalin didn’t intent to speak for it. Whoever made Tippy always against him, especially after his identity is exposed, it becomes even more unscrupulous.

This time it is rare to let it deflate, Li Yalin had a chance to make fun of him. How can he help explain it?

“So it is, then Yalin-san, are you going to send the manga to the publisher?”

Hearing Li Yalin’s statement, Chino didn’t care too much. After all, her attention has now been attracted to manga. Compared to Tippy’s loss, she cares more about the manga in her hand.

Although there is only one chapter, the charm of this work deeply attracted her and she can’t wait to see the contents of chapter 2.

Of course the most importang thing is Chino wants to know how Li Yalin is going to publish his work. Although she doesn’t know much about it, she has also heard of manga’s release method. The best option is definitely to choose a publisher for serialization.

Once the work is accepted by readers, there will be a chance to release tankōbon or even be adapted into anime or game.

Of course, the number of mangaka that can really do this is very rare. It can be described as hard road. If you can’t stand at the top of the pyramid, the bottom mangaka can basically be described as underdog.

So what is Li Yalin’s choice?

Go to the publisher and recommend himself?

Choose a magazine to serialize?

In fact, he has already decided on this issue!

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