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“Minami-san? Takagi-san and Ono-san ? You guys…”

Originally, Li Yalin still complaining that the entire staff of student council were late, but who would have thought that after a few minutes later three figures he was very familiar with appeared in front of him.

Haruka, Maki and Atsuko? Why they come to school at this time?

Today is Friday and the school has class as usual. Li Yalin is a special case here, Uomi has already take care of it in advance, helped him, Aoba and Nene to ask for leave.

But they are a special case, Haruka and others should have gone to school as usual, they also don’t need to come early in the morning for club activities, unless…

“Good morning Li-kun, we are invited by Uomi student president to help you.”

Seeing Li Yalin, Haruka greeted him with a smile, and because of this he also aware of what was happening.

The so-called foreign aid is Haruka’s trio… this is really unexpected.

“I see, then I’ll trouble you guys this time. But still, is this really okay Minami-san? The game fest will take longer than expected, and Takagi-san and Ono-san club also… “

Uomi’s ability to draw Haruka’s trio as foreign aid is definitely an unexpected surprise, but Li Yalin is also wondering if they really have that much time.

Participate in this event requires leave, not to mention they might have to return home late. Haruka’s family situation doesn’t allow this, and whether the volleyball club would let Maki and Atsuko go, this is puzzled him.

“Don’t worry, Uomi student president gave enough benefits, Hayami sempai sold us.”

Speaking about the club, Maki’s face immediately showed an indignant look, she didn’t say much but Li Yalin understood what was happening.

Was it sold?

So Uomi had a secret deal with Hayami sempai…

“As for Haruka, Uomi student president must have promised her something. Although she wanted to help you before, she can’t refuse it now.”

The situation of Maki and Atsuko is already very clear, but Haruka haven’t spoken up yet. In fact, she doesn’t need to say anything, Maki has taken over the conversation.

It’s just that what she said made Haruka’s face flush instantly.

A promise that Haruka can’t refuse? What exactly is that?

Seriously, even though he knew Haruka won’t say it, Li Yalin was still very curious about it!

“Everyone is here already, get in the car everyone!”

It’s a pity that before Li Yalin can clarified the truth, the sound of car’s horn suddenly came from a short distance. It turned out that Uomi had already been prepared for a long time, she even rented a car and a driver in advance. After seeing them there, she directed the driver to drive the car over.

Looking at Uomi sitting in the co-pilot’s position waving towards them at the school gate, the tsukomi soul in Li Yalin’s heart was ignited again.

Since you have arrived long ago, can’t you get off the car first and meet us?

Well, it’s not good for health to tsukomi early in the morning. Extreme irritability can cause blood pressure to rise, it is better not to fuss about these with her.

Get in the car!

It really surprise him that Uomi was able to get the transportation in advance. After all, Li Yalin thought that she was going to take everyone to the subway to the venue.

It’s really great not to catch the subway in the morning.

Although he thought so in his heart, he actually found that even though Uomi rented a commercial car, it was not an easy task to squeeze so many people.

Uomi sitting in the co-pilot position is okay, but the people sitting behind did not have much room.

In the two rows of seats, there are eight people. That is to say, there are at least four people in one row of seats. Although everyone’s body is not fat, it still takes a lot of effort to get into the car.

Is this a benefit given by Uomi?

Sitting in the last row of the commercial car, with Aoba on the left and Haruka on the right, Li Yalin felt that his arms were tightly oppressed.

No, the issue now is not about getting benefit.

This car is obviously overcrowded!

“Can you at least rent two cars?”

It was hard to get to the meeting place. Li Yalin was full of complaints after getting off the car. Although he enjoyed the warmth on the journey, and he might be the only schoolboy to sit so close to Haruka.

But he still need to protest to her, at least Uomi has done too much!

Fortunately they did not meet the traffic police along the way, otherwise they might get detained and may not be able to attend today’s competition?

“Funds are limited, we must be as economical as possible at a critical time.”

She answer his complaint like this.

Limited funds… I see, nothing we can do then…

You really think I would say that dammit!

Clearly has produced thousands of game discs, and you telling me now you have no funds? It’s enough to rent a car out of the money from making game discs!

Forget it… it will have no effect on Uomi even if he said it, Li Yalin knows it well.

So after pressing his temple, he very decisively took out two boxes full of game discs from the trunk of the commercial vehicle.

Rather than wasting his time retorting to her, it is better to concentrate on works.

Today’s going to be a busy day!

With Li Yalin taking the lead, the rest of the girls also started to take action. The game fest officially began at 8 AM. Before that, everyone needs to make every effort to prepare their own booth.

For a formal game fest like this, companies must have already finished their convention booths early. It is impossible for this kind of situation to happen before the opening of the convention.

But nonetheless, Li Yalin is just a group of high school students, they simply don’t have time to prepare in advance. Not to mention that they rented a very small booth, not like the booths of those big companies. The square meter convention area looks very high-end.

The booth they are renting is actually for the small game companies with no money.

A few tables plus a few benches, a layer of tablecloth and a few posters. Now matter how they set it up, it still looks very simple.

But even the most simple booth took a lot of time to set up. After everyone hung up the posters, took the game disc out of the box and placed it neatly on the table, the time is almost half past seven.

In less than twenty minutes, the game fest will officially begin.

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