Cafe 81

“So nervous…”

Sitting at their own game fest booth, Aoba’s face was full of tension. Although this was not the first time she participated in the game fest, but she came as a customer before.

Suddenly turned into the party selling games, this huge change made her a little bit at a loss on what to do.

“Don’t worry, we won’t get many customers at the beginning. Just adjust slowly.”

Unlike Aoba’s nervousness, Li Yalin is very calm. In his view, it’s just a beautiful dream to get many customers to come to patronize their remote small booth.

Even good products need time to sell, right?

Want to make Generation XTH known by many people, at least wait for the competition to start. It’s just a waste of time thinking about it now.

“Say… student president and the others, where did they go?”

After appeasing Aoba, Li Yalin was puzzled over something. Although everyone was busy cleaning up the booth just now, why are they all gone now?

Only three people Li Yalin, Aoba and Nene were left right now. The student council and Haruka’s trio led by Uomi had disappeared.

What the hell happens?

“Listen to Uomi student president, they are going to change clothes or something, I did not pay much attention.”

Sakura Nene who was sitting on the side and opening the laptop to play the game answered Li Yalin’s question. She can only play the game in the club since she had no computer at home, which was very different from Aoba who has computer at home.

Because of this she spends a fair amount of time playing games. According to her, she must create a team not inferior to Aoba!

Li Yalin really wanted to tsukomi her for this.

Are you a kid?

Competing with Aoba?

“Change clothes?”

He won’t comment on her playing games, but the fact that everyone went to change clothes still aroused his curiosity.

Why change clothes at the game fest?

The answer to this question were soon answered accompanied by a disturbance not far away.

“Look, that dress is so beautiful!”

“What’s that? Cosplay? Which company hired a cosplayer?”

“Wow, so beautiful. What kind of game setting is it?”

The unrest in the crowd succeeded in attracting Li Yalin’s eyes, looking in the direction of the crowd, he also opened his mouth subconsciously.

Is this Uomi’s plan?

Actually cosplaying the Generation XTH?

Does this work?

Yes, as Li Yalin saw, it was the characters from Generation XTH that appeared in front of him.

To be more precise, it should be the gene characters in the Generation XTH, which is what Li Yalin thinks the biggest highlight of this game.

As the authors of those drawings, Li Yalin is very familiar with these characters, of course he can tell right away.

Walking in the middle is Haruka, holding a white double spear and a large shield. She is cosplaying the female Saintess Jeanne gene in the game – the legendary Valkyrie Brynhild!

Maki next to Haruka is wearing a red traditional Japanese armor, carrying a large katana on her back, a small katana hanging on her left waist, two daggers inserted on her right waist, and a halberd on her right hand.

Maki is simply a mobile sword shelf, but even though there are many weapons on her body, it does not affect her beauty. She is cosplaying the female gene of Minamoto in the game – known as Japan’s first beauty and warrior!

As for the last cosplayer, it was Uomi student president-sama who appeared in person. She was wearing a stunning red kimono, a demon fox mask, holding a ninja scroll in one hand, and holding three kunai in the other.

This is Hanzo’s female gene in the game – Shadow Hunter Kamui!

The appearance of these three people definitely attracted the attention of the audiences in an instant. Even Li Yalin who was already familiar with various cosplayer before being transmigrated couldn’t help but dazed for a while.

Although manga and games in this world are just in the stage of development, manga readers and gamers had a great enthusiasm for their favorite works, and COSPLAY also came into being.

In fact, as early as the 1st game festival, some company resorted to cosplayed their works. For this reason, they also attracted a lot of hardcore fans. It will be no less in this third session, even large company will be prepared in this regard.

But Uomi, Haruka and Maki cosplay are definitely the most eye-catching!

It comes as no surprise. At this regular game fest, perhaps only the female characters of the ero game will be more eye-catching. But who dare to do that, it is R18+ after all. Who wants to show their body without mosaics? Do not make jokes!

Except for ero game, male-oriented bloody fighting games takes the majority part of this game fest. After all, in a world where fists and muscles are the men’s romance, women and everything else must step aside.

This is the reason why they attract many attention. Especially Haruka, that pair of white legs with black boots attracts the eyes of all men!

Uomi’s clogs and black stockings under the red kimono also stimulated all male hormones.

As for Maki’s side… she seems to be attracting women’s eyes, wearing armor and sword seems to be very popular with girls?

I mean… it’s not the time to think about this now!


Uomi seems to have a keen eyes. In the crowd, she discovered Li Yalin at a glance, and she called his name under everyone gaze.

With everyone followed Uomi’s gaze, Li Yalin can feel the sharp eyes around him.

Why he become everyone target all of a sudden?

Before Li Yalin could respond, Uomi had come to him. She inserted the kunai in her hand into her belt, and then put the ninja scroll into her chest. She then held his arms directly!

Wow! He had felt the softness of Haruka and Aoba in the car, and now it’s Uomi turn?

Is this another benefit?

Wait! Now is not the time to feel the benefit!

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