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He had known her breast size for a long time. Although it can’t be seen at ordinary times, he could still see it when she put the scroll into her chest. Uomi student president’s chest isn’t small.

In fact, the warm touch on his arm officially announced this fact to him.

But now is not the time to experience the benefit. The surrounding eyes are getting more glaring. He must find a way to solve the current situation!

Calm down… he must calm down!

“So student president doing Kamui’s cosplay? It really suit you.”

He feel frustrated and keep complaining in his heart, but he still looks calm on the surface, and he doesn’t even intend to withdraw his hand from Uomi’s arms.

“Sorry for troubling you Minami-san and Takagi-san, it must be very hard to wear these two sets of cosplay.”

Li Yalin’s eyes soon turned to Haruka and Maki. He knows that he must perform well at this time, so he need to keep calm.

“I-It’s okay… I don’t mind if it can help Li-kun…”

Today is Haruka’s first cosplay. She didn’t even know what cosplay before. Suddenly pulled to the toilet and asked to put on this very shameful outfit, it’s definitely a huge challenge for her.

But she still put on this dress. According to Uomi, their appearance can increase the popularity of their game. Secondly, she also needs Uomi to help her.

These two things made her unable to refuse.

However… even though the surrounding eyes make her very uncomfortable, if she stand beside Li-kun…

She can still bear it…

The most important thing is she can help him.

“Even though it’s fake but it’s still heavy, okay? Can you find me a seat to rest?”

Among the three cosplay, the hardest must be Maki who has to wear armor and sword. It does looks cool, but it’s also really heavy. Even if Maki from volleyball club, she can’t stand such physical exertion.

So before Li Yalin and Haruka can finish their conversation, her complaint has reached their ears.

“You are right.”

Hearing Maki’s complaint made Haruka smile. Although it still a bit shameful, but she is fine now.


“Ten minutes before visitors enter the venue, please finish all your preparations in the convention hall!”

Along with the broadcoast sound, all booths began their final preparations, Li Yalin side also the same.

The first battle is the most crucial time. Whether it is a large game company or a small game company, they are doing their best to attract customers who walk through their booth.

Each booth has done their best to makes a good first impression. But unfortunately, no one can imagine that a game produced by a high school club will become the biggest winner of this game convention!

“Customers who want to buy games please line up here, here is the very end!”

“Not good! We have to merge the lines. One line is too long and has affected the booths around!”

“The game is not enough, open another box quickly!”

“Sorry, we are not a game company so we didn’t make a collector’s edition. Yes, only editions currently sold are available.

“Each customer is limited to one game, please don’t go back in line to buy more!”

At the beginning, Li Yalin thought that they had a lof of staff for the game convention. Originally, the gaming club had three people included him. Three people on the student council side and with Haruka trio, nine people in total. It should be enough for this booth.

But he is too naive, even these nine people are not enough at all!

Maybe because of the gorgeous posters or Uomi’s and others eye-catching cosplay, this place is obviously the remote corner of the game fest but it attracted the most visitors.

It’s a good thing if their are just a spectator, but Nene playing the demo at the booth greatly attracted the attention of those visitors.

That girl is playing the game sold by this booth? It looks very interesting.

Never tried this kind of game before, how about giving it a try?

Is the character on the poster from this game? If it is, then let’s buy one and tried it at home, the price is quite cheap too.

Gamer visitors have different mindsets, but have the same goals. They came to this game fest to buy games. After one person tries, the others will also follows.

This is why more and more customers come to Li Yalin’s booth.

It’s human nature to like to gather. More crowded places are more likely to attract a crowd. This is like the domino effect. Rumors about a high-quality game made by a high school club soon spread throughout the game convention.

Because of this, Li Yalin and the others become really tired.

Haruka, Maki and Uomi as cosplayer, their task is to stand aside for people to see. So then the one in charge of receiving customers falls into the hand of the other two student council members – Mori Nozomi-san And Aoba Toori-san’s work.

As for the other two girls, Suzukaze Aoba and Sakura Nene, they are responsible for explaining various details and precautions of the game Generation XTH to customers. As a veteran gamers, they are the most knowledgeable about games.

As for Li Yalin, he is reorganizing the line in front of the booth with Atsuko. He is responsible for the absence of queues and chaos in the line. Atsuko needs to stand at the end line to hold a sign to indicate the location for the new customer.

Although it seems reasonably clear division of labor, in fact, they are really tired.

Thanks to their hard work, the five-box game disc was sold very quickly. Except for the few samples that were not taken out of the clubroom, nothing was left.

“Is it finally over… I always feel like it’s been a long, long time…”

After the sold-out sign was placed on the booth table, Maki couldn’t help but collapsed to the ground. There was no way, her dress is the most heavier.

“In fact, this is just over two hours.”

Unlike Maki, Uomi wearing a kimono is the most at ease. Because of this, she can smile now and it also attract everyone’s attention at the next moment.

Yes, at the next moment, everyone’s eyes are focused on the box in Uomi’s hand.

Oh my God!

How much money in there?

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